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  1. I doubt it was grease from a burgie that caused such a spike by itself. Did you have the lid up for an extended period possibly?
  2. That big blue home improvement place often drops the price to 999.00 in my experience, but I have no first hand knowledge of anything upcomming. That said, the roadshow price is even better iirc. Check the costco roadshow schedule, maybe you get lucky and one is in your neck of the woods
  3. I have had some bad campfire tasting meat off my kamado before as well. It was always due to too much wood chunks. Now I rarely add wood chunks and when I do its minimal.
  4. The first thing i would recommend is set it up for your first cook.
  5. This was an amazing recipe done by @DerHusker I have done similar variations many times. give it a look and give DH a thank you.
  6. there is a little popup thing that says 25% off entire site. if you add a product to your shopping cart you will see the discount in the shopping cart.
  7. I do. most of us do. like Mto said, once ya got it settled ya wont need to worry. still looks charcoal worthy to me if you are gentle. pour some in. spark her up. eat.
  8. IMHO CK is correct, focus on the hands...ya know, so I dont have to look at that Penguins swearshirt.
  9. when I first met my mother in law we were talking about food, and I mentioned I hate lamb. she replied that she would make sure she was serving lamb the next time I came to visit. she was not kidding.
  10. dude, keep it low if u wish, but for a kind of short term issue I dont think there is any reason for u to be cautious bout temp. I mean worst is the crack gets worse, and u got another on the way. dont even think bout it.
  11. dont let that firebox deter cooking. it's fine right now. keep cooking. And load up on TP.
  12. I know nothing bout the 3. however when folks have asked me about the diff between the classic 1 and classic 2 being worth the price I generally tell them it is worth the price diff if you use it often. if you are only sparking it up 3 or 4 times on summer holidays save the dough. 3 or more times a week invest the extra dough, you will appreciate it in the long run no doubt. As you said, RIP. a great loss to us all. Good luck man.
  13. Got my big Joe at the NH location that is still open. If you live in New England I highly recomend stopping in. Great kitchen products, great outdoor cooking section, rubs and sauces, and great customer service. Oh, and the variety of charcoal is like nothing I have seen anywhere else.
  14. dang, man, another kitchen's and co bites the dust. got one up here in NE. Newingtinton NH . Freaking awesome place. seems they are like the dinosaurs.
  15. Holy crap, for all these years I thought I was too old or too dumb to understand. At least I’m not alone.
  16. I commend you for all the harrowing work you put in!
  17. if you feel you need to roll a kamado around often I would suggest looking at a BK Keg, not a 1200 dollar 300 lb top heavy ceramic on tiny casters. just my .02 . I prefer my KJ to my keg for everyday use, but the keg is light, steel and has monster truck tires.
  18. That is a good reminder that there is a support KG link. For those who are able, and feel they get great info from this site this is a good way to help keep it going. I think you need a paypal acct to contribute, but signing up for one is real easy.
  19. When I was in college, surviving on ramen noodles and spam, I went to visit my dad. Now my dad is a single guy who has never cooked. (Never cooked for himself, I will say on a very few occasions he has cooked for me and my bro, and he did a pretty good job ) He Eats out 3 meals a day. I noticed some Omaha steaks in his trash. I inquired about why the steaks were in the trash. He told me that for years his dad, my grampa, has given him some kind of subscription to Omaha steaks where he gets a shipment every week or maybe every month. And since he don’t cook, he throws them out. I didn’t know what to say. Still don’t. Ramen and spam build character. Oh, I kind of spun off topic, if ya don’t want to eat it at least let the pups try it. If they scoff send it my way. I have still never had an Omaha steak product, so I don’t know if it’s any good, but I bet I can find a poor struggling college student who would love to have a day of no spam and ramen.
  20. make it 31. what time should I plan to arrive?
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