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  1. I have no slo roller. So maybe I'm not someone who should throw an opinion out there, but why do you want a black finish on a chunk of metal that sits on top of a fire?
  2. Dude, the only th9ng prettier than those knives is what they are slicing Keep an eye out, if you blink I may jump your fence and take off with some piggy and some blades. Nice work. Post more. Keep on Rockin In the free world
  3. Someone posted on this site that the keg forum had disappeared. It was a few years ago. Try searching this section.
  4. These are my two faves. I like wicked good as well,
  5. All lump has the right to be judged by a jury of its peers.
  6. Yeah, since covid hit I have been leaning more on tumbleweeds. The 91% alcohol balls may be more of an option in the future than the present unless you have some stored up.
  7. The 2 above listed options are my faves. I love the tumbleweed, but 91% alcohol soaked cotton balls are good too and you cant beat the price
  8. I have no clue what an ol smokey cheapsnake is, but unless its filling your fire bowl up to the top I would recommend killing that snake. There are a lot of great posts on here bout chuckie. Search em out. I do them somewhat often. I have done them several different ways. They are always great. I dont use a smokey cheapsnake. I feel like that is the issue here, as I can fudge up about anything but a chuckie. Try again. Use a more traditional method. Dont I use any method that is either cheap or involves snakes. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  9. Huh, you mentioned a PK. I have always found those intriguing. I think you cant go wrong with that. A regular kettle would prob solve your issues and save some dough. The performer, as T-on stated, is a sweet upgrade to a kettle. A BK keg would be a nice lightweight decent sized yet portable companion. An Akorn would be another option. Or another classic. If portability is ever going to be an issue look at the Keg and PK. That weber summit is so sweet too. Or a Treager. Sorry. Guess I didn't help. Let me know what u decide. Or just get em all. That would be kool.
  10. The new home for the KJ and Col. Flat top looks mint!
  11. This is my go to method. I also add garlic and a bit of woosta-shire. I generally find 195 to be a bit lower than where I find probe tenderness on a chuckie. Usually north of 200. Maybe even about 210. Iirc usually takes a little over 3 hrs, but not much. Baby carrots also turn delish when added to this. This is one of my favorite meals. Always a hit. If you are pulling for sammies use a bread that will hold up to the juices. I like chibatta, wonder bread would turn to mush.
  12. I made a couple bbq bacon blue paninis last night. They never live up to the originals made by Herb. RIP Herb. You are missed. Here is a link to the menu of what was the best sammie shop I have ever been to. MenuLizard - Hungry Herbs https://www.menulizard.com/menus/printer-friendly/316/
  13. Skip the wood chunks/chips. Just skip it. You will still get subtle smoke from the charcoal.
  14. Bro, everyone is telling you to try chuck. I am here to agree with all of em. Easy. Tasty. Still love brisket...but chucky is a cant fail.
  15. Been there. Done that. It turns out just fine. Simple as that. Wrap. Throw it in the oven. Eat. Enjoy.
  16. Be sure to post some pix when you get it
  17. A bunch of new englanders on here. @Bgosnell151 and @freddyjbbq are a couple locals as well. Keep an eye on their cooks, they are outstanding.
  18. Born in Cambridge. Raised 10 min north of boston. And I have never mastered the art form of Boston driving. If you are heading north you wind up south. If you are heading east you end up west in a traffic jam. I hate driving into that city. Thank God for the T and uber. Welcome from Billerica. Boston Strong!
  19. 225, 240. Same thing. You are right there.
  20. Melted cheese makes everything better
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