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  1. I know a guy with a blaze, I have never used it, so this is second hand info. He tells me the outside gets real hot. Idk, never used it.
  2. I would recomend a spatchy on the first try. It is easy. And everybody loves it. Again...easy, everybody loves it. Once more....easy, everybody loves it.
  3. I know nothing bout the sloroller, nada, zero. I do know I have had folks praise my spatchy turkeys. Give a spatchy a chance.
  4. Man, each Sammie was about twenty five bucks! Maybe even a bit more than that. There is only 1size, and that size is giamungous! 1 sammich is easily enough for 2 people. 2 large people.
  5. I went to NYC for the first time a couple weeks ago. Wife wanted to see some broadway shows. I agreed if she promised we could try Katz at least once. Got a pastrami and a CB Ruben. Best pastrami I ever had. Ruben was ok. But ohhhhh, that pastrami did not disappoint. Was the size of my head too.
  6. Live by this. The dead cow don’t care what time you put him on the grill. He is in no rush.
  7. it's just because a display is displaced by snow throwers
  8. If you want to get creative with the meats, I have several groundhogs you can try in a stew. I won’t charge you a thing. Just stop by and take them as a gift.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I will try it. Love hot sauce. Hate those extreme capsaicin extract sauces. Little heat, lots o flavor=nice sauce. A nice mild hot sauce I use sometimes is Ed’s Red Xx Hot. The xxhot is still kind of mild. The regular is tasty sauce, but no heat. For more heat I also like Chelsea fire wicked sauce. Hot and tasty.
  10. cowboy is not my fave. but I use it quite often as it is economical and accessable. The dead animal on the grill dont know what brand you are using. as JS said, the lump dosent make or break a cook.
  11. Good Lord SK! That is genius! I’m predicting a big win for you!
  12. You living my dream. My prayers are with you.
  13. Ahhhhh, there is a little arrow I needed to hit.
  14. I’m probably just going to embarrass myself, but, is there still an intro section? I can’t find it anymore.
  15. People who eat food know you are correct and snobs are blowing smoke uo folks backsides. There is little in this world better than fall off the bone ribs. Nuff said. Amen Brotha!
  16. @Bgosnell151 @freddyjbbq @Ben S @bostoncoffeeparty @Stinga If you folks know somebody who may be interested let em know.
  17. There is an unused, open box, display KJ classic II for sale at the big home improvement store in Woburn. They have several in box units that are not marked down, but the display is displaced and the manager is selling it for $841. Has the manual so you have the serial number for warranty. Some minor wear and tear as it was a display. There are some scratches on the top vent...maybe somebody droppped it, but looks and works fine. The gasket is peeling up, will need some adhesive if you want to secure it back down. The latch has a small crack on it, seems to work fine, but will probably need to be replaces in the near future. You can PM me for more info. First come first serve. Only the display is clearanced. No additional coupons or discounts can be stacked on a manager special...so the price is the price. Discount pricing was approved by manager R.J. and I am P Rowe. I am well aware I didn’t name the retailer. PM me if you want more specifics.
  18. Freddy , I expect you to prepare a Detroit style pizza on that treager prior to every pats game this year. Perhaps two pies before playoff games. Nice work.
  19. What temp do you folks get the treaters up to? Autocorrect jacking me up. You get my point I assume.
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