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  1. Silicon Sam

    New thermapen IR

    I picked up one of these at a pawn shop here in Austin. I think I paid around $29 for it They didn't know the worth of it. Yes, dual contact and non-contact. Same principal. Plus I like Fluke quality.... https://www.amazon.com/Fluke-FoodPro-Thermometer-Display-Temperature/dp/B000VRECPQ
  2. Silicon Sam

    Big Joe Can't Install Handle

    Right. Grab the nut with a pair of vise-grips or pliers, and turn while pulling outward.
  3. Saw this on a local Austin Reddit page... https://www.texasmonthly.com/bbq/fire-look-inside-franklin-barbecue/
  4. Silicon Sam

    Vacuum Sealers

    Only $3 each. http://www.foodsaver.com/accessories-and-parts/replacement-parts/foodsaver-replacement-parts-for-v3200-series/v3200series-parts.html#start=17
  5. Silicon Sam

    Vacuum Sealers

    I have a favorite Foodsaver, the V2865 and yes, the new seals made it vacuum out and hold a vacuum 10 times better. And the new seals are quite cheap. I usually find my Foodsavers off Craigslist and the like, but the last spare I bought was from a pawn shop.
  6. Silicon Sam

    Thermoworks Smoke - open box sale

    $76 Smoke offer is gone now. Got mine, looks new!
  7. Silicon Sam

    Thermoworks Smoke - open box sale

    Thanks! I ordered one. Been waiting for some sort of discount.
  8. Silicon Sam

    Broken Joe

    When I bought my 2 KJ's from Costco, I was there and the sales guy was telling me that an older couple had brought back their black Classic to Costco because it was damaged, like yours. It was destroyed. The wife sheepishly admitted after they got a new Classic from Costco that her husband tried to unload it by himself, and dropped it. But that was not the story he told Costco...
  9. Silicon Sam

    Blackstone Pizza Oven Dirt Cheap

    I already peeled my stickers off, but now it's time to get out the Goo Gone to remove the glue that was left behind. The side table stickers came off with no problem. Now if the cover would drop it's price....
  10. Silicon Sam

    Blackstone Pizza Oven Dirt Cheap

    Congrats! I did receive mine, assembled it, but have yet to cook on it. Nothing came broken or bent, it is packed pretty well.
  11. Silicon Sam

    Blackstone Pizza Oven Dirt Cheap

    Price is back up to $287 at Walmart, showing not available from Amazon any longer. The past few days they had two in the Warehouse Deals, one was Used, and one Like New. Both are gone apparently too. Mine still is being shown as "Shipping Soon". Will let y'all know if I get it or not. They have charged my credit card however....
  12. Silicon Sam

    Blackstone Pizza Oven Dirt Cheap

    Gone down to $222, so I went ahead and bit the bullet. I will get rid of my GE gasser now, I haven't used it in well over a year now, since I got my two KJ's.
  13. Silicon Sam

    Kick ash basket

    By SS, I assume you mean Simply Steel. According to their site, there is no Stainless Steel version. Yet.
  14. Silicon Sam

    New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    Yeah... On my Jr, the gasket is nearly all gone now. Scorched it twice. But it still does the job. No smoke leakage that I have seen. Will replace it someday. But I only grill on the Jr, the low and slows occur on the big guy.
  15. Saw this on my cell phone earlier today.... http://dining.blog.austin360.com/2017/05/16/aaron-franklin-to-create-and-sell-franklin-barbecue-pits-for-at-home-cooks/ Not that I am buying one, I had my fun with a smoker, but I only use my KJ's now.