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  1. I use R.O. and Jealous Devil with no problems. I did have problems B&B competition it had a smell and I got rid of it. Happy Birthday!!
  2. I have a Flame Boss 400, it works perfect. Set and forget it!!
  3. Mine is under my patio, it has never been a issue.
  4. Delacroix had 8 - 10 ft of water very little wind damage, mostly Docks and Storage building!!
  5. It's been a long 7 days to say the least! Hurricane Ida has kicked my Butt. I finally got power back so I decided to cook Wings, the wife is making Pigs in a blanket and finger sandwiches and were going to surprise my S.O.D. Team tomorrow!!!!
  6. For Roast Beef I use Rump Roast and cook to an internal temp of 130 degrees, not quite sure what you were trying to cook?
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