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  1. I always buy a full packer, trim the hard fat from it. I don't use any exotic rubs, being from Louisiana i score the fat cap and put Tony Chachere on it. I cook between 225 to 250 and start checking to see how tender at internal temp of 195. When finished i remove and wrap in thick foil and 2 towels put it a ice chest for 2 hours and slice.
  2. Brisket in the frig all seasoned up waiting for tomorrow night!!
  3. Looks Great! What butcher shop did you get it at?
  4. Great looking Brisket, great looking Cigar!!
  5. Welcome to the forum!! I have still have my Akorn and use it.
  6. Can't wait to see the finished product!!
  7. Welcome, that looks like some great cooks!!
  8. Welcome to the Forum!!
  9. I have a Akorn and a Vision weight out your option before you pull the trigger. There both great Kamados i perfer my Vision because of its warranty and its ability to hold temps longer.
  10. Welcome to the forum!!
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