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  1. Very nice meal, Ms Sk!!! I would destroy five or ten!
  2. Love cherries... Only fruit I like better is peaches!!! Great job!
  3. Aint nothing ever wrong with pulled pork n beans!!! Happy bday to Lil Tranzam....
  4. I like it!!! Ora is looking well used!
  5. That,Sir, is a thing of beauty!!! Fantastic job, Mon Ami!!!
  6. Dang... Get you a camelback or similar... And keep some emergent C packs, that stuff will bring you back from heat exhaustion in 5/10 mins...stay safe!!
  7. Good idea!!! Ima order a smoking stone... Want to do pulled pork at the deer lease...:)
  8. Dang!!! Congrats!!! Love me some knives...
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