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  1. http://www.homedepot.com/p/YellaWood-Grill-Table-Kit-IR52X28AGT/205619748?cm_mmc=Shopping|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-AllProducts|&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9uHOBRDtARIsALtCa95LQDjYm1WYL-DdVOpq7BTErrs0ef5jM7Aal_uZJh8UpOOk0m9TSoUaAs7IEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLPZrdDb3tYCFVi_TwoddSMKZQ What you think for the price? I don't have a whole lot of woodworking tools or knowledge. I thought this looked like a good option that I could add some wheels pretty easy. I was thinking some plastic storage containers could be added for tools and charcoal and a bottle opener.
  2. My wood working experience is limited and so are my tools. My kamado stand is rotted out. Which is terrible. It kind of fell to the way side and water got in the stand. It is a Vision Classic M. The body is in good shape but the wood needs refinished on the kamado. I was thinking just using some red picnic table stain I had laying around just to keep the wood from getting worse. So I need a table and since I am going to build one I would like storage for some of the tools and charcoal storage. I was thinking just using red picnic table stain on the table as well. So any idea where I should start? Its got to be a simple design but functional and it's got to be cheaper if possible. Basic and functional and sturdy. Something I can just have a circular saw and a sawzall. I like fancy but I just don't have the skills for fancy lol. Just any ideas on absolute must do things. Where should I start? Thanks for your input.
  3. Here is a pic of the drum. Built for function and nothing more. I used a beat up vintage bar-b-Que kettle from the late 1960's early 1970's it was an avocado green kettle but it was pretty well shot. So I decided to give it New life. I pulled the drum out of the weeds. I tossed it off to the side a few years ago. The nipples and ball valve makes a huge difference. I named her Bertha. Long story about a running joke.
  4. Don't know if anyone remembers me or not but it's been a long time. Just wanted to say hi. Looks like the cooler moved back to being open to anyone again. I dropped off because I could never get the membership working in mobile mode. I only use mobile. Since I saw this was open thought I would drop in just to say hi. My kamado doesn't see much action these days. Moved on to my wsm and now my newly built ugly drum smoker. Maybe that will change. Anyways we are competing in June in the Sam's Club tour local contest in Harrisburg. Finally going professional level. Partly why the kamado is not being used. Just don't have enough room on my classic M. Good to see you guys. Hope all is well.
  5. Dome temp was 350 so probably about 400 grate temp. There was no sugar in the recipe. It was actually an artisan white bread. I saw a guy on YouTube put a similar recipe in a loaf pan so I thought I would try it with another recipe that took less time to make. I had a deflector in place. Maybe I should add some sugar to the recipe to get it to Brown sooner. Taste wasn't bad at all just the bottom was turning too dark and the top took to long to get darker. For a first try it wasn't bad just not picture worthy.
  6. Ok well I have a lodge cast iron loaf pan. I use it for my meatloaf. I have decided to use it to make bread. I figure I like to eat bread from Wal-Mart. You know the fresh baked stuff for a $1.00. Anyways I baked a loaf tonight and melted butter and brushed it on the top. The top took awhile to brown but the bottom burned slightly. Any ideas how to get it to Brown faster on the top so the bottom doesn't burn. Got any good recipes for white bread? I just want bread to make a sandwich or a piece of bread with butter. Maybe some grape jelly and butter on bread. My dad use to butter plain white bread and put a large amount of grape jelly on top and we would eat it as kids and it was a real treat. Better than a Hershey bar imo. Sorry little trip down memory lane. Now that winter is coming and work will slow down I am going to be trying to step outside of my comfort zone and start baking bread on the weekend.
  7. I don't think your missing anything about it. You said it yourself you have cooked tons of chicken. For you It is probably just as easy to cook it whole or in pieces. So I doubt you will notice a difference because as an experienced cook you know how to cook chicken whole and get the same results. For a less experienced cook it is more difficult to cook. Ok for me spatchcocking a chicken is simple. I cut out the back bone and season both sides of the chicken. I light my grill and get it warmed up while the chicken sits on a plate in the fridge. Once It is up to temp about 350 I put my chicken on skin side up for 45 mins and don't open it at all. I flip it skin side down for 45 mins longer. I temp it as usual and remove it from the cooker and I eat. There is no effort at all. Short cook time and so easy anyone can do it regardless of experience level. Do you know someone who does not cook? Someone you can use as a guinne pig? If you do ask for them to cook a whole chicken and ask them to cook one that is spatchcocked. I bet the spatchcock chicken will be better.
  8. It's the skin. It's crisper imo than a whole chicken. Better flavor. Seems to be juicier imo. Could be a difference in skill level. I find spatchcocking is easier for me to get the results of a nice crispy skin with a bit of char. Just a little char adds a nice flavor imo. The shorter time cooking is nice imo too. Juicier than when I cook it whole imo. Again it may be a skill level issue and an easier technique to master with little to no practice. It is Just a different technique and No I really don't think it is just for show.
  9. Found a metal strap of some sort once. Annoying because I paid for it but everything else seemed fine. Plenty of rocks too. No insulation though.
  10. Apologize with beer and food as you came off as rude. Always talk to the husband about complaints not the wife. If he is not home come back later. 2016 blah blah blah trust me talk to the husband first. Now your only hope is an apology for being rude and to make amends. Beer and food should fix it. If the husband wants to get lucky ever again he won't move it because you pissed off his wife. Not until you smooth things over will you even have a chance. Explain you were overwhelmed by the smoke and didn't intend to be rude. Have the husband over a few Times to cook bbq and drink beer. Maybe they will move it and maybe they won't. As for your brother he probably will laugh at you for wasting his time. I Have a brother who is a lawyer in pittsburgh and if I complained he would roll his eyes call me an idiot and walk away. Not calling you an idiot just saying that's what my brother would call me. Unless there is significant damages you are wasting his time. Apologize and make amends. Don't waste your brother's time.
  11. Positive it wasn't hitting the food as it was smaller picnic roast. Just cooking in a half pan to collect the drippings. Should have been plenty of room. I like to run the drippings through a grease seperator and mix them half and half with bbq sauce. It a bad for your health but it tastes so good.
  12. Sorry it took so long to respond. I have been trying to sell my car. I use a simple oven thermo with a dial not digital. It sits on the grate. I like the oven one better. I replace them more but I like them better. I haven't found a digital thermo I like. Not sure what I should spend on a good one or what one will last longer. I don't like Maverick thermos to much as the probes seem to go bad fast. I have had the HD 32 and the Redichek by Maverick and the probes just don't last. I think now that the car is sold I might be in the market for a better one but I don't want to keep buying Maverick as I have had bad luck with them. Once I opened up the kamado vents wide open to get it back to temp and and closed them down and left the bottom vent open about 1.5 on the markings vision put on the vents it held temp perfectly. I think the added pan messes with the airflow and makes it need to be open a little more to compensate. I have to do an overnight cook again and see if it runs smoother with the bottom open up a little more. Any suggestions on a wireless thermometer that doesn't break often? I can't seem to find a good one. Thanks.
  13. Yeah it seems to be working as I just opened the bottom vent to about 1.5 and left the top at the 1 setting and its solid for now. I hear you about dome temp gauges but I don't like the maverick I have. The redichek doesn't seem accurate as it bounces around to much. Probably bad probes. Its just what I am using for now. I check it with an oven thermo at the grate every so often and adjust based on the difference. You kind of get use to adjusting to get the end result you want. All I am using it for is to make sure it is stable. It drops when the temp drops and shows that it is not a stable fire. Who would of thought a pan would restrict airflow to the point of snuffing a fire out.
  14. Ok I probably sound like an idiot but I can't figure this thing out. I use to never have issues but now I have been for awhile. I know I have to be doing something wrong as it worked fine before. Ok so I loaded up the fire bowl and then I lit it with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil and let it light off My charcoal. I used royal oak lump and have tried other lump brands such as kamado Joe restaurant grade charcoal. I setup my kamado for smoking and had my stone in and got the temps stable at dome temp of 250. Since I have had So many issues as of recent I decided to make sure it sat on temp for about 2 hours before putting any meat on and everything seemed good. It wasn't moving at all off the temp. It was running perfectly and I didn't have a single issue at all running without meat. So I thought I finally figured out what was going on. So I put my meat on a pork picnic roast at about 250 dome temp. I expect it to dip and go back up. I went to bed and got up about 3 hours later and it had dropped to about 150-175 dome temp. I don't get why as it was rocking along just fine for 2 hours before any meat went on. I cooked the picnic roast in a half pan. I kind of wonder if the half pan is taking up to much space in my Vision Grills Classic M series. I believe it is a 16" grate if I remember correctly. I think there must be an airflow issue. I pulled the stone out and the cooking grate and it seems as if it had choked as the fire started to come back to life. I have the vents open a bit more now. I had them set to the recommendations in the user manual for low and slow. Would it be sound logic that I just need to open the vents more when using a half pan or should it not matter? It seems to be when I cook in pans but it could just be in my head? I don't know. Although as I type this I think using a half pan is the only thing I have changed. So any thoughts? I only started using half pans to collect the juices to make aus jus. Open to all input as I am tired of baby sitting when I known I shouldn't have to and I have had it working just fine before. Also I had posted about some sort of moisture coming from the vent but I was told that it has to be something else by a guy I know who used kamados for years and it a cabinet smoker dealer for Humphries. He gets the same thing on start up and it never snuffed his fire out. I am really leaning towards some sort of airflow issue. I don't think the vision recommended settings work once a half pan is used. Any thoughts?
  15. When you build a new porch just to hold your kamado. My vision needed a better home than the sidewalk. Just saying it needed a home.
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