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  1. Yes, I live in a upscale-ish fast growing suburb of Houston directly south of the Med Center, worlds largest and best (probably) and like a small city in itself. So we have a lot of well paid medical folks, as well as tons of Oil companies and supporting companies employing, so there is money. But like you, I go into stores and see the cheapest possible crap and no selection. My kids play soccer and I can't even get decent gloves at any of the stores (2 sports stores, target/wally/etc), absolutely no goal keeper stuff, same for many things. But we can drive 18 miles to the Galleria area west H
  2. im not torn,hahaha,i want a big joe but cant seem to get one so i was checking out primo.
  3. 01257.......i want a big joe......i have money.......WHEN are they coming to local dealers?
  4. im gonna do more research on primo customer service.....seems not too good so far.
  5. how come i cant get one on the east coast????
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