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  1. Yes, I live in a upscale-ish fast growing suburb of Houston directly south of the Med Center, worlds largest and best (probably) and like a small city in itself. So we have a lot of well paid medical folks, as well as tons of Oil companies and supporting companies employing, so there is money. But like you, I go into stores and see the cheapest possible crap and no selection. My kids play soccer and I can't even get decent gloves at any of the stores (2 sports stores, target/wally/etc), absolutely no goal keeper stuff, same for many things. But we can drive 18 miles to the Galleria area west Houston where you can get about anything, not like I'm without options, but wonder about the corporate stratigies. And Home Depot built a "Jr." sized store - super horrible idea by idiot managers. So you go there and look for stuff and typically they either don't carry it, or they are out of stock. Then you have to waste more time and drive to a huge Lowes which is 3x further away. Ok, I'm done ranting. if i could double like yer post i would
  2. im not torn,hahaha,i want a big joe but cant seem to get one so i was checking out primo.
  3. 01257.......i want a big joe......i have money.......WHEN are they coming to local dealers?
  4. im gonna do more research on primo customer service.....seems not too good so far.
  5. how come i cant get one on the east coast????
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