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  1. Same here, as with Ben I have the SS table for the Big Joe, and Lil Joe in classic stand. Under storage cabinet is a must. Also would like bigger work area. Any thoughts on SS table for the Lil Joe? Haven't been around for a while, Happy Holidays to all Gurus.
  2. Just takes a little longer, but you should able achieve any temp you want regardless of OA temp.
  3. I like Ribs, and I like easy........Winner‼️
  4. Welcome♨️ We're getting quite a few Gurus in this "neck of the woods" and you can't do much better than a Big Joe from Costco
  5. I definitely will. I havent been jnterested in the larger hopper models but this one will serve me well. Its a 12pack size cooler and the 4lb block of yeti ice fits flush in the bittom of this one. I would still love to see a six pack size that would double as a lunch box for work. This one seems slightly too large for that but carrying to work will be my main function with this one... And to haul a few drinks on short road trips... Same here John, I also would want a smaller size for work. But am interested in how this works for you.
  6. The most tender beef ribs I ever had were SV'd for 36 hrs. And still weren't "fall off the bone."
  7. SWMBO prefers hers medium rare, me rare. Guess who won out.
  8. Sirloin SV'd 2 1/2 hrs. @ 128* out of bath and patted dry. Lil Joe ramping up with help from Bbq dragon. Sear @ + 500* Plated up with a garden tomatoe salad fresh sweet corn (Murai) and baked Spud. Great Sunday dinner. Thanks for L
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