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  1. Pulled pork pizza, no need to say anymore
  2. Good colour on that chook, and welcome to kamado guru
  3. Another great cook. It looks moist and juicy
  4. Grilled asparagus is awesome,, I use almost every cook. Just remember, when it's yellow let it mellow does not apply when eating asparagus
  5. A butt for the first cook, thats awesome,, enjoy, looks great
  6. That looks fantastic, some say is it with puting on the grill for a quick cook? I say absolutely.
  7. Thanks guys and gals,, hope you all enjoy your cooking, I've really enjoyed my cooking on my first kamado. And your cooks are very inspirational.
  8. Happy Easter everyone. No red meat today so it's whole snapper. I hope you all enjoy. I seasoned lightly with olive oil ,salt, pepper and paprika Time to get this on the grill
  9. i love steak.. very nice cook Ty, some great photos left my mouth watering
  10. Pizzzzza yum, nice cook ty. I love how you can split the fire box,, might have to get something for the Akorn
  11. If it was damaged when you opened it, return it. If it's brand new, you want to keep that way as long as you can,, till the first low and slow,, then it's black, lol
  12. I'm loving my Akorn, low and slow, tandoori oven, roasting, searing , smoking , chinese next, putting the wok in tonight
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