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  1. Two questions: 1. Do most of you replace the gasket with the OEM gasket or another brand? 2. How much length do I need for the Big Joe? I do not have a local store and am looking on amazon. The big joe version on amazon says for both the classic and big joe but the length does not seem correct. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I did this on a Kitchen Aid gas grill since I was not at home. It Almost worked perfect, except I left to pick up my kids and someone turned the heat on under the meat. I did not notice until my temps started going up faster than what I thought the should have. The bottom got done and the top was very rare.
  3. Eborgp

    The Mk4

    I have a cheap "instant" read and by the time it gets the temp my fire would start to heat up from having the lid open for so long. The thermapen worked great on the beef tenderloin yesterday.
  4. Eborgp

    The Mk4

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
  5. I have just been put in charge of cooking a whole beef tenderloin (6 lbs) for Christmas. I am going to reverse sear at 225 until I reach 120-125 degrees. I found a process online after the reverse sear you pour browned butter over the roast and sear at high heat. My question is: about how long will it take to get the meat up to 120 degrees? I will be cooking with a thermometer but for planning I need to know about how long the reverse sear portion will take. Thank you
  6. Cowabunga... That is cray-cray. I want one. Dunno what the heck I'd do with it, but I'd definitely change my legal name to John Rambo. Wow. I'd hate to see the list of Obama Agencies that would put your name on. I'd probably have two satellites monitoring me then. I'm not paranoid though. Who said that? Hopefully I'm on the " don't f*** with list"
  7. I shot the S&W version once, I believe it is the governor, I was lucky and the guy at the range just bought it and let me try it. There are so many types of 410 shells that you should be able to find one that does what you want. The way the shell shot we used, you would have to be good with drywall if shot inside. The good thing is even in a stressful moment you can hit your target.
  8. What do most people use for a drop pan the covers the area of a big joe? I'm planning on smoking 3-4 racks.
  9. I have a simple question that I am sure will have many correct answers. What temp and time frame is the best to smoke St. Louis ribs on the big joe. My current plan is to dry rub,, smoke with Apple at 225-250, and coat with sauce. The main question I have is about how long should this take? Also when should apply the sauce? I just need an approximate time frame. While I am at it where should the heat deflector be? IS it necessary to have a drip pan with liquid? I would like to stay away from the 3-2-1 method, I used to this with a Bradley I would borrow. I know a lot of questions again.
  10. Is there a reason I cannot find a Kamado Joe pizza stone to fit the diameter of the Big Joe heat deflectors? Or am I just missing it?
  11. Sorry if I am asking to many questions, I know no one that has anything like this.
  12. What is a good thermometer (ambient and meat? ) How reliable is the dome thermometer.
  13. For the Medium Rare Steaks, do I start low or just go for the sear? Assuming 1.5-2" steaks?
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