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  1. does the jr come with that top grill or did you buy that
  2. thinking about buying protable kamado i already own the small vision thinking i need just a little bigger any feedback on vision cadet or kamado joe jr
  3. thinking of cadet or kamado joe jr i have the samll vision and its been great wanted something just a little bigger
  4. on facebook people are using the joetiserrie on the akron and it fits
  5. anybody know if it will fit,done some research but seems know one has done it
  6. 499. Minus. The 15% percent flyer discount I am. Sure they will even. Do better , I would have bought this but I bought the last one in the box, he told me they would not sell display model untill they get rid of their stock, , so now the have one 2000 on display looks like new
  7. Picking it up this morning, will post pics , should I buy. The broil king diffuser or big green egg platter diffuser, since I bought my buddy's. Vision. Jr I'm Virginia beach I am hooked on kamado grills, my Vermont casting natural gas grill makes. a nice home for my supplies have not used the natural gas one since using my vision jr
  8. The keg 2000. Was. Original. Priced 749. They had a clearance deal. Of 250 off they are not selling this unit at Rorna anymore and then I got the 15. Percent. Flyer discount which is for this Saturday March 21 they gave it to. Me early
  9. Just bought the keg. 2000 got a terrific deal, made decision to buy this grill ,from the info I got from this great forum.
  10. Sorry I was referring to the warming. Rack , I can order one from broil king direct, for 19 dollars , my keg came with the cast iron
  11. Has anybody made a upper grate I know they sell the Lower and upper together I just want to buy upper grate anybody have any suggestions or tips
  12. Which lowes had the display?
  13. Before you bought one was there one on display would love to see one I can get it for 479. Plus. 5. Percent business card discount went to 2 stores and no display. And how to do a heat deflector ?
  14. I am thinking of buying the BRowing 479 at lowes I get. I can use my business lowes card and it will be around 430
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