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  1. Oh man....That's a future cook for me right there...
  2. Pork loin done. Got a later start than I wanted due to a trip to the ER. My wife suffers from chronic migraines and this one was particularly bad. Anyways I rubbed the pork loin down this morning with the cinnamon chipotle rub then wrapped in bacon. Finally got it on the Akorn this evening. Cooked at 350° for 1 hr and 15 min. Probably will use more rub next time. And the money shot.
  3. Picked up a jar of Historic Lynchburg seasonings Cinnamon Chipotle while at my local butcher shop. Ive used other seasonings of theirs and really like them but this one was always sold out now I know why. It was awesome on the Pork Chops. I picked up a pork loin that I'm going to use it on tomorrow. Probably going to rub it down tonight and wrap it in bacon for tomorrow evening.
  4. I'll admit I'm a gadget person. While I like smart watches, the apple watch is seriously lacking. If it had any other name on it (say Microsoft) the tech media would be tearing it apart. The only things it has going for it is the apple name and the apple eco system. As a top price fitness tracker it is lacking in GPS. Even as a watch it only has a reported battery life of 18hrs last time I checked there are 24hrs in a day. But I'm sure they'll sell these things like hot cakes even though there are better products at a cheaper price. As a apple stock holder I hope everyone buys 2 or 3. As a consumer I'll pass on the iwatch 1.
  5. The weather was too nice today not to fire up the Akron. This is my first real cook on it other than some burgers and brats a few days ago after the snow storm we had in middle Tennessee. 4 chicken breast 2 were Tuscany seasoned, 2 were crazy chicken rub. 4 bacon wrapped filets 2 espresso rubbed, 2 Historic Lynchburg burger & steak seasonings
  6. Thank goodness. The huge clock in my living room "fell back" in the fall.
  7. Yeah you'll probably be the most liked coworker there.
  8. I'm a new Akron user as well. Picked it up last weekend. Tonight was the first time Ive really gotten to cook on it. So what if there was 3" of snow on the ground ...
  9. Yummy haven't thought of the onions on a stone yet. Have to add that to my to do list
  10. Really just depends on what your making. We fine and double grind summer sausage. Breakfast sausage for patties is course ground for links is fine ground all single ground. This book has a lot of useful information. The recipe for maple breakfast sausage is excellent. You can get it used on eBay a lot cheaper than on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/dp/1452101787/ref=mtr_f_abba-metro_dp_f?tag=abba-metro-us-20&tagbase=abba-metro&tbId=%2C%5C4%3F%5C%2C%2C%3BA5T%3E)Eq%5DY!8G
  11. I'm going to have to do some smoked mac and cheese.
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