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  1. This cooker is surprisingly excellent. I could easily hold below 230 for hours on this thing.
  2. Oh and another thing.. Roll Tide ladies and gentlemen..
  3. I've read almost every single review, opinion, etc on this cooker and no matter what, came back to the belief that a product this cheap could never be what people say it is..Well I got news for ya, it is..It's every bit what people say it is.. $245.00 at Winn Dixie (the king griller model) and with one minor mod, this thing is perfect..I can't imagine a BSK or ceramic type kamado holding stable temps any better than this thing.. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but I don't think there is one.. So rare to find a truely terrific product at such a cheap price.. Anyway for all you guys out there using felt gasket and high temp sealant for the bottom vent, try saving a few bones and quadruple folding (or maybe more) some heavy duty aluminum foil about four inches wide and however many inches long and then screwing it behind the vent. Cut off the excess around the edges and simply cut out the vent hole with a knife..Tight as a drum.
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