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  1. Hi and welcome. Start a very small fire, VERY small. Shut the vents down after you hit 150f. Once you go past your target its too late. Do not use a chimney to start it, you need a fires the size of a tuna can. Good luck and read the stickies in the akorn section.
  2. 11 months ago my 87 year old neighbor ordered a 2020 Vette. This weekend it finally showed up. It looks amazing in person, it already looked great online but man, wonder in person. He is a bit of a car nut and already has a '63, '72, '84 and '14 Vette along with 2 Deloreans. For anyone unaware C8 designates the 8th redesign of the Corvette. The 2020 Vettes are the most anticipated new car, maybe ever. It's the first ever mid engine Vette and boasts 495 hp in the base model and does 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. Imagine the Z06 or ZR1. It's a super car for $65k. I am a Corvette fan and just wanted to share in the event there are others here.
  3. Fantastic entry and glad you enjoy that healthy creamed corn. I bet that was alot of work for cooking out of a can.
  4. This is true! Look for HEET in the yellow bottle at the auto parts store or Walmart. It's 99.8 % ethanol.
  5. Start a VERY small fire to begin with. Don't use a chimney or more than 1 small fire starter. I use 1 or 2 cotton balls saturated in 90%+ isopropyl.
  6. Isn't $10 for 2 good steaks the going rate?
  7. philpom

    RV build

    I have had time to think carefully about design requirements and have a much more refined set of drawings. The drawings are to scale, takes in to account actual accessories etc. I am curious for feedback on design and feature set. Shore power will charge the battery while it's plugged in. Solar when it's not.
  8. philpom

    RV build

    Couple of quick updates. Since the bottom of the floor will be exposed to road grime, mud, snow and rain it needed to be protected well. I opted for several coats of a primer/sealer and an exterior acrylic enamel. I chose a high gloss white for two reasons. 1. It will keep it bright underneath and make it easy to spot damage or other issues and 2. I may do some LED lighting effects on the underneath. Did I ever mention that I hate painting? This is now ready to bolt down. In other news my door, windows and rear hatch all arrived in 1 piece. Door has a screen door built-in Two 20x30 windows 36x24 rear hatch. I still need a roof vent/fan and ac. Then I have a few honeydews before I'll get much more done.
  9. Looks fantastic, great job.
  10. philpom

    RV build

    I considered using elevator bolts (same thing I think) but went with what was readily available. Most of the bolts are along the edge, I may counter the 2 in the center.
  11. Welcome, glad you finally got that cooker. Visit often and keep the pics coming.
  12. philpom

    RV build

    First progress update. I'll add some notes in line but basically the first thing that needs to be done is create the floor or foundation. Everything else will be built on it. Here is a wheel well detail. Needs enough room for suspension travel. I elevated the deck a little to reduce the height of the well inside. I was able to dry fit the floor to test for fit. Pretty good on the first go, almost perfect. This is actually 2 sheets of 23/32 BCX plywood joined to get the full width of 64 inches. 4 inches for walls and 60 inches to accommodate a queen bed. The trailer is 4 feet wide so the floor is intended to support the load extending out beyond the steel frame. I think the plywood and 2x3 are more than strong enough to support the roughly 8" overhang on each side. You will see below I had to create pockets under the floor so it fits flush on the trailer over these bolt heads. This 3/4 ton trailer was a bolt together kit that I assembled. A look at the trailer frame that will serve as the bones for the build. Weighs under 250 lbs and is rated for 1720 pounds. Most of my effort so far was putting this together. I'm glad this part is over. Here is an example of the pockets I put in place to go over the top bolts on the trailer. A look at the detail under the floor. Used 2x3 to raise the floor 1.5". They are placed in order to align with the cross members of the trailer. The floor will be waterproofed next and attached to the trailer using 15 3/8" carriage bolts. Then the real fun begins!
  13. Great job @shuley it seems from the comments you might have converted some spam naysayers. We keep spam around, it's great fried with onions and diced potatoes and you have to love the shelf life.
  14. philpom

    RV build

    The steel trailer frame ends where the rear tapers up. That rear section is the galley. It tapers up to I improve departure angle, take a little weight off and for styling.
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