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  1. That looks very good, a hardy meal for sure!
  2. Our Sunday night dinner was a butterfly leg of lamb. Sourced from a free range Australian farm. I half expected it to be a bit gamey compared to American lamb but it wasn't. It was marinated with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, onion, garlic, bell pepper, rosemary and lemon zest. It was cooked on the primo at 500f direct. The entire cook took just a few minutes. Served with zucchini and squash also cooked on the grill. Pretty good stuff, I could have pulled it a minute or 2 sooner but I'm not complaining, it was extremely tender and delish!
  3. Now that's exciting, always fun to bring a new truck home and also fun to start a new project. My Saturday project was a new spare tire and spare tire carrier install on the trailer, not nearly as fun as building a new pit.
  4. Well isn't that grill cute. Food looks good, y'all enjoy the rest of your vacation. The only grill I have ever been able to get mobile has been an 18" Weber. Good job.
  5. I don't even recall how long ago I purchased my Primo but it has been a hand full of years. I was ready for a new gasket about 3 years ago but even though I purchased a replacement I just never got around to doing it. I see smoke sneaking out etc but it cooks just the same as always, not sure I will ever take the downtime to replace it, perhaps one day. No, you are not damaging your grill at all.
  6. Must have been a good size crowd, how many people did you feed and did you have any left? Looks good!
  7. It's very special, you blend it until it's smooth like snow adding triple sec and blue curacao plus some limeade and a bunch of tequila. A wonderful salad!
  8. I've had that same exact thought before
  9. Great offering, a sure winner. Did it shred easily? Any feedback from the crowd?
  10. Yep, I saw about 30 prime grade whole briskets yesterday at Sam's club for $3.49 a pound as a matter of fact.
  11. Out yesterday doing the Sam's club run and wondered what dinner would be. Then as I was browsing the meat I saw them, a nice pack of short ribs. Sam's never sells the 3" short ribs, they always sell them cut to about 3/8"-1/2". Fired the primo up to 275 with some mesquite and put the ribs on. Seasoned only with Himalayan pink salt. The cook took a few hours, near the end I basted a few time with a mixture of honey, Bragg's and lime juice. Served with a chopped Asian cabbage salad. And some of my special margaritas! It was a nice meal that went well with a dip in the pool and a little classic rock.
  12. I've done a number of things over the years. Once upon a time I was a serious computer hobbyist. I built computers, wrote software and operated a BBS. All of this before the internet was a thing. Everything was dial up. A message board or BBS would dial other systems late at night and share files/data/messages with others. That's how I met Mrs philpom, we might be the first ever couple to meet "online". Now I manage computer technology and delivery professionally so the fun is gone. I have over the years designed and built some Home Theater PC's, built out some Linux servers for personal use but that's really faded. Maybe again when I retire. I was really in to Nitro RC for a long while, mostly 1:8 and 1:10 scale 4x4 monster trucks. Talk about expensive! A grand or more in a custom struck, one 40 mph wreck and spend night after night doing a complete rebuild. Always some upgrade to do (titanium suspension, new wishbones, EZ-flow exhaust etc etc. After about 10 years I gifted all of my trucks and "stuff" to my nephew. The two things that have remained steady through the years, gardening and cooking. We have kept a vegetable garden every year we have been married - almost 23 years. We also despise eating out and prefer to cook all of our meals. This has lead to great growth in our culinary skills. Cooking is like science to me, fun fun! Beyond that I work a full time job, I serve on the board of a non-profit as President and Chairman of the board. I spend every spare moment doing improvements at our mountain top cabin and enjoy watching the grass grow at our city home. No time for much more. I also have young children so there is cello and ballet every week.
  13. I prefer to fire roast jalapenos and/or tomatoes to add to the salsa. Gives it great flavor! There are a number of salsa recipes in the recipe section of kamado guru. Gardens are great, we keep one every year, best of luck with that hobby.
  14. I have a different take on sauce, many might balk at it but I'll post. Works well for us, I usually make thin or cracker crust pizza and as @ckreef said, for thin crust pizza less is more. Pizza can be delicate from a flavor POV. Just like a good tamale I want to taste those flavors and not mask it with a heavy sauce but instead compliment it. Two 15 OZ cans of plain tomato sauce One 1/2 TB of dried Oregano One 1/2 TB of dried Basil Two ts of garlic powder Blend well and leave in the fridge overnight or longer. Get fancy and simmer it for 30 minutes first. It's simple and tastes good.
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