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  1. Welcome to kamado guru. Looks like that's going to be a nice setup.
  2. I had one back in the day, paid $75 for it. Got me where I needed to go although a few soup cans and a hammer under the hood also deserve some credit. A great car for the price.
  3. I just stir it around real good, knock the ash off and add an appropriate amount of fresh lump on top. Never really had an issue with snuffing out the fire.
  4. Saw a post for this from @Jack , we really like our veggies and gave it a whirl. Served with a skillet seared steak, all done on the Primo. We made our own herbs de Provence and included squash, Zucchini, egg plant, tomato and white onion. Very delicious!
  5. Welcome. Somewhere on here is a picture of a single hotdog on a komodo kamado 32.
  6. Mitigated by some companies with a lifetime guarantee on the ceramics. In a modern kamado generally speaking if folks stuck to smoking, baking and barbecuing while leaving the ultra hot searing to another tool there will be no issues. In my experience cracking in the outside shell must be a material or workmanship defect. I expect to lose a firebox over the years.
  7. Yikes, push things to the back of the counter!
  8. Let us know how it goes, pretty cool.
  9. Hello @gadgetguy03 and welcome. I would give some time to heat up and stabilize before putting the meat on. The temp is going to fluctuate 30 degrees more or less. Be patient and if you want to bring it down a bit or up a bit make small vent changes and give it 30 minutes to see the result. 215 to 275 is acceptable for smoking. Use the same procedure you are using to land at any temp you want to target. Obviously the final vent settings will be different for different temps.
  10. That looks fantastic, will be trying some iteration of this soon.
  11. A fantastic steak if cooked correctly aka rare. These turned out very tender and juicy. Salt and pepper over a hot fire. Placed on the grate cold. Served on the fine china as always.
  12. Half baked lump would certainly add a smoky profile, I find partially converted lump in some of the cheap lump brands. I suggest using a handful or 2 of wood chips tossed all over your lump for the cook. They burn hot but won't spike temps, since they are spread everywhere they will continue to ignite for a significant amount of time.
  13. We have some potassium sorbate on the way so we can age some of this and not let it get too dry. So far we haven't had to back sweeten but as a general rule we avoid excess sugar. I'm working on a still so I want the highest starting ABV to reduce time distilling. I'd like to achieve something in the 80 proof range that was nice to sip or use as a mixer. I would even entertain aging with added charred oak wood. This type of Hobbie is a great way to explore and experiment. Sounds like you have had a fair amount of fun already.
  14. It's an unfortunate situation, one of our adult sons and his wife have been looking for their first home for over a year. They gave up because even if they found one within reach a cash buyer would move in and bid more than they could afford. Houses might be on the market for a day. Our other adult son is happy living in an uptown condo but he is single with no kids. Eventually he will be in the same boat. Would be great if I could sell a week before the bubble burst and then buy my house back at a steep discount. What was it they said at the world forum recently..... "You'll own nothing and be happy."
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