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  1. Welcome to Kamado Guru, visit often and post pics. Drop by the introductions section and tell us more about yourself. I'd suggest a large kamado and a griddle for the most flexibility, I'm sure there will be many opinions on this topic.
  2. That looks killer and I bet it was delicious. Steak and salad goes so well together.
  3. Certainly on the larger side of what I normally see. Did a nice long cook at around 275°f with some GPR #86 and hickory wood using B&B lump. Was running low on #86 What a great price and a nice size. The cook progression. And final product. This one turned out fantastic! Portioned it out in 1 pound vaccum bags and started gifting. It's a great way to share.
  4. Welcome to kamado guru Tina. There is lots of great info here and plenty of great people to answer any question you may have. Ask away, visit often and post pics of your experiments along the way.
  5. A nice bright led head lamp is the best thing there is. Always has the light were you need it.
  6. How hot something is can be very subjective. I'd call this as written medium or a 2 or 3 out of 5 but the kids won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. In a chili cook off earlier this year 100% of the tasters noted it's spicy heat although 80% wanted more. Check your jalapenos before hand for spice. Some are mild like bell peppers and others carry a lot of heat. Also consider cutting back on the chipotle peppers or even just adding the Adobe sauce. Good luck!
  7. You need to watch reviews carefully. Never trust the star count. For example for me reading the negative reviews is far more telling. You might notice 1 star reviews that say something like, "delivered a day late and it doesn't match my shoes perfectly. 1 star" that's a trash review. On the other hand many companies offer free stuff if you give them a perfect review and email them a screenshot. Many times a reviewer will note this practice in their personal review so read lots of reviews both negative and positive from at least 3 different sites.
  8. Thoughts and prayers sent for your grandson and family.
  9. I'm a sucker for trying new things and this woody's bbq concentrate caught my eye the other day at Kroger. Product claims: - highly concentrated use sparingly - will not burn - no HFCS - pure hickory smoke goodness I also observed it has very little sugar ( 3 grams). I decided chicken would be a good use for it so I brushed 1/4 cup of it on some drumsticks and placed them in the kamado at 350°f for 35 min. Pulled them off at 185°f ish. I like it, the aroma is like walking in to a real smokehouse and the flavor is great but mild. Next time I might decide to brush on a little more just before pulling. Served on a bed of garlic green beans. Good stuff and bonus, the kids loved it.
  10. The Avid looks like a solid machine and a worthy consideration. The only cons I can see are the lack of a locking handle and the high price. Neither of those exactly a deal breaker. I really like the build quality. Another machine I think is worth looking at for those in the market is the NESCO American Harvest VS-12. It can be had for ~$90. I own this sealer and trust the brand, we have used the NESCO American Harvest dehydrator religiously for 15 years. The past 2 weeks we dried out 10 pounds of beef sticks. That's a long hard life. Features: Dual vacuum pumps pulse vacuum dry, moist and double seal options regular or gentle vacuum setting Bag storage with cutter digital timer manual seal feature marinade and canister controls locking handle rated for 100 continuous bags
  11. Looks fantastic, perfectly cooked. The pico throws it over the top!
  12. @ckreef I would be very interested in how this compares. I have been using it lately. It burns very clean and is pretty dense. A 30 lbs bag is smaller in size than a 20 lbs bag of lump. I like it. Obviously with a product like this there is no unusable pieces/dust or waste. I get it at academy sports.
  13. Some pictures would be great to go along with the commentary. Sounds interesting enough to see it.
  14. If you have a jerky gun similar to this one. We've had it for many years and recently decided to give it a run. While laying out 5 pounds of meat stick in the dehydrator I had a thought! Can I use this to stuff a 1 pound fibrous sausage casing? I soaked a casing in warm water and gave it a go. I just worked the casing over the tip meant for round snack sticks and filled it holding it with my hand firmly and tied it off. Worked like a champ. Here is the beef sausage freshly filled and tied. Can for size reference. I put it in a vacuum bag and tossed it in the sous vide when I was ready for bed. I did allow it to cure before cooking for 2 days. After the bath I placed it in the fridge in the cold drawer for a day. Here it is ready to eat. I noted it had practically no air pockets, was well formed and sliced nicely. Flavor was great! This was a last minute experiment, I used 90/10 beef and should have used 70/30 but it's what I had. This worked so well I'm starting to think about Christmas! I believe using the jerky gun is a reasonable workaround for doing a batch of around 5 pounds, worked very well. If you try it I hope it works well for you!
  15. Well, I had every intention of tossing the carbon steel wok on the Primo to cook this but time just didn't allow. I did want to share. Onions, eggplant, mushrooms, bamboo, green bell peppers, and cayenne peppers sauteed and combined with yellow curry simmer sauce, pulled pork and coconut milk. Topped with cilantro and lime juice served over cauliflower rice. It was very good! And the final dish. I would normally use pork loin for a dish like this but leftover pulled pork worked well and the smoky flavor maybe even made it more interesting. Before I added the cilantro and lime juice.
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