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  1. Dude... A Primo oval XL (from Rodaks Cadillac repair shop - Ft. Worth TX) loaded with Rock Wood (MO, USA) topped with peach wood ( Kingsford branded ). It was gooooood!
  2. philpom

    Keto Diet

    I also want to add that at least for me chips/salsa/queso was a serious issue for me. Pork rinds work pretty well as a delivery system for these wonderful foods!
  3. philpom

    Keto Diet

    I converted almost 15 years ago to a hybrid diet. I started with the idea of Paleo and tweaked it to cut carbs and add fat. I say converted because it needs to be a life style change and in order to stick with it you need to feel free and have options. I have lost and kept off over 40 pounds (with a little gain back for a few years there but I'm back on message). Here is what I do: Practice "net carbs" Avoid starchy veggies No sweet fruits like bananas, apples etc Early I target 20 grams of carbs a day Buy keto stix to monitor your ketones, an indicator that you are in ketosis and burning fat as your primary fuel source. I target moderate levels, if they go too high it's bad for me. Stay that way for a few months adjusting carbs to maintain moderate ketone levels and the weight will melt away. Fat intake is important for this to work, perfect for me because I love cheese and meat ( remember I said modified Paleo). Plenty of eggs, bacon, beef, pork, dark chicken meat etc. For rice substitute look to califlower, for potato's substitute look to califlower, cabbage is your best friend. Can't get enough leafy greens many ways, fried with onion and bacon is awesome or in a salad (with cheese, meat and full fat dressing). Stir fry is a great one. It's best to make everything but if you buy stuff READ labels. Last but not least, at my last physical my HDL was 88 and triglycerides 54, TTL 188. I don't worry about the fat, I do eat nuts daily. It works, even knocked 2 points off my a1c. Talk to your doctor. I have lots of recipes if you want some ideas but I think I tossed alot you way, good luck!
  4. philpom

    Father's Day Throw Down

    I'm certain it was but that kind of cook presents a certain kind of challenge that really excited me, kinda like "dinner impossible". Do enough of those and one quickly earns the title pit master.
  5. philpom

    Father's Day Throw Down

    What an awesome day of cooking!
  6. philpom

    Hello from SW Missouri

    Welcome to Kamado Guru neighbor! We have a place lost somewhere in the Ozarks we visit several times a year. For steak on a junior I would either get it searing hot and do a minute or 2 on each side or if it was real thick (2 inches or more) I would keep the temp near 200 and cook it to an internal temp of 120, then pull the steaks and let it rip at 600 - 800 and put them back on for a nice sear, 30-45 seconds per side. Good luck and visit often!
  7. Thank you, I said red but it also had blue adirondack potatoes in it from our garden. Indeed they were yummy, I ate pork belly served on a pile of those potatoes.
  8. Tossed a hunk of pork belly on the primo yesterday with some peach wood. 375 for about 2 hours. Hit it well with salt and pepper. Started basting the last hour, basted each slice again just before serving. Pulled at 200 IT. Baste was maple syrup, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar, love that flavor! Red potatoes in olive oil with rosemary, salt and pepper. Fantastic!
  9. philpom

    Upcoming Tempeh Cook

    OK, I questioned Mrs philpom and she pointed me here: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/spicy-grilled-tempeh I did not steam the tempeh first as suggested at this link. I just marinaded it over night and grilled next day. I hope you enjoy it, that cook was memorable!
  10. philpom

    Upcoming Tempeh Cook

    Wow, four years ago! Let me take a look and see what I can find.
  11. philpom

    Interesting article

    I might try Martins next time I run down to see my oldest.
  12. philpom

    Backyard pork ribs

    Cheap Yellow Mustard General Pork Rub number 86 (because it's killer)!
  13. philpom

    Backyard pork ribs

    I hadn't used that rack in a long time and just decided to try it! Trying to keep them all over the deflector plates.
  14. philpom

    Woven BLATZO Wrap