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  1. philpom

    Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle

    Awesome, congrats! I'm curious how it is to move around. Certainly more real estate to play with than a round Jr.
  2. philpom

    dry brisket

    When you pull it from the smoker place it in a tight sealing bowl. Brisket will dry quickly from air imo. Also, these small flats that you buy have been heavily trimmed of fat, it doesn't help. Around here all I find are full packers. I seldom do much trimming on them.
  3. philpom

    Keto Diet

    I also avoid all sweeteners, most are bad for you. I did put a pinch of sugar in scrambled eggs for brinner tonight. After backing off the sweets for awhile it seems to me that other foods start tasting sweet without added sugar/sweetener, you just need to let things settle. If you spend 30 days in a bright room and then move to a dim room it seems really dark but eventually your eyes adjust... If I am going to eat something sweet it's going to be full octane baby!
  4. You are most welcome, I'm glad it helped! I would have loved some guidance when I first got the thing.
  5. Instead of blanching it put it in a large dry non-stick skillet to cook it.
  6. philpom

    Beef Jerky Brine

    There is no water in this brine.
  7. Good start for sure. You have a Piggly Wiggly near!? There is a special place in my heart for that store.
  8. Ribs look great, I love building a fire in the offset and spending a day with it! Today though it was pork shoulder carnitas on the Primo.
  9. What cooker do you have? I've owned 3 different brands of kamado and could get any of them over 900 easy with the vents in place. What other variables might be at play? Size of lump? The way it's loaded? The amount? Gap between plate and bowl? You mention raising the stone up in to the dome, any chance you got it so high it is nearly cutting off air flow? Something seems odd to me about your temp issue. Try your experiment and see what happens.
  10. philpom

    Sunday night pizza pies

    I'll take a slice of that please!
  11. This is officially my favorite way to convert garden grown hot peppers in to hot sauce. The end product is smooth, colorful and tasty. 5-6 ounces of coarsely chopped habanero. 2 ounces of chopped carrots One 14 ounce can of pair halves (no juice) 2 ts of salt 1 TS garlic powder 1 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar Add everything to the pot and cook high pressure for 2 minutes. Allow a natural pressure release. Use a stick blender and puree. Bottle and place in fridge overnight. You could optionally screen it but it's great without doing that, don't add stems and the like. It's also worth mentioning that this recipe is very flexible and any pepper or fruit could be used. You could for example use 1 habanero and a bunch of red bell peppers to get a very mild sauce or substitute mango for the pair.
  12. philpom

    Pots and Pans set

    We picked up a 6 pan triplyclad tramontina set from Sam's and added a Cuisinart non-stick skillet to the mix. Very happy. Induction compatible, NSF certified and commercial grade. I will need to replace the skillet one day but the rest will last my lifetime. Look for non-stick that is dishwasher safe and claims that metal utensils are safe.
  13. philpom

    Head fake (pizza)

    Thank you folks, if you haven't, please review all of the pizza challenge entries in great detail and vote. There are a number of fine cooks worth looking at!
  14. philpom

    Head fake (pizza)

    Thanks everyone! We'll see if it was a mistake to enter the classic pepperoni instead of the Devils Pie. I'm planning soon to work on some DIY frozen pizza so I can pop one out of the freezer any night and bake one up. I'm real curious to see what I can do with that.
  15. philpom

    El pastel del Diablo (pizza)

    Thank you Lydia, "head fake" - When you look to the left but run to the right.