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  1. In my opinion that is just the result of the built up gunk being completely burned up. It's just like when you run your oven on self cleaning mode and when it is done you have some fine white ash in there. It's the gunk turned to ash. It also takes a hot fire like would be done for a burn off.
  2. Free Table Contest Update

    Let's see what happens!
  3. Experimental Dough Idea

    Count me in
  4. Electrician in the house?

    SOLVED! Finally had time to tone everything out. Everything in the bathroom toned out perfectly and I had power everywhere it needed to be. I grounded the neutral at the fixture and lights came on so...... had to go further down the line and found a faulty push connector in the back of a wall socket in another room. Moved from push to screw terminal and viola! Thank you to everyone that offered useful advice!
  5. Electric Heat Gun

    I have that gun and tried it before, it does work but you need power to the grill, you have to hold it in place and it takes a minute or 3. Nothing is easier than using a small fire starter, many options but I use a cotton ball with alcohol.
  6. Electrician in the house?

    I will at least check the wires at the fixture with an ohm meter my gut tells me it is one of those.
  7. Electrician in the house?

    Limited in what I can do right now as I am at work but I did confirm Everything else on the same breaker is working fine The other bathroom light (same breaker) works and switch is in the same gang There is a GFCI in the bathroom same wall as secondary switch for bad light - it works I'll run more tests after work and I think I will look in the attic because I had a new AC put in the attic directly above this bathroom just prior to this issue starting. I'll also double check all wire nuts. There is also a ceiling exhaust fan in this same bathroom that does not work, the fan was bad is what I always assumed, same gang box as primary switch for the light that doesn't work. The fan has never worked since we bought the house.
  8. Electrician in the house?

    OK, after it just started working a few days later it quit working again. I replace all of the switches with new but nothing! I pulled the fixture down and can't measure any current from the wall at that location. Other thoughts on what to check? Climb in attic and look there? I know for sure I have power at the primary switch for sure.
  9. and crackers.....
  10. KJ better watch out

    We use this one a lot. It powers itself with heat and can charge electronic while you cook. Boils water in 2-4 minutes and runs on twigs, bark, chips or even dried dung.
  11. Ceramic kamados are easier to operate but the AKORN can do anything a ceramic can do. It just takes a bit of practice. The gadgets exist because people are fascinated with them, they are not needed for the AKORN or a ceramic. I started with an AKORN and moved to a Primo, I have done unattended overnight cooks on both. ~$300 gets you in to an AKORN, ~$500 get's you in to a ceramic like a Vision. It's almost certain the AKORN will die within 5 years but the Vision will probably live much longer. If you have a tight budget then don't pass on the AKORN but you might be better served saving a little more and getting a Vision. Due to budget concerns something like a Kamado Joe, BGE or Primo will be out of range.
  12. Four Eyed Friends

    In glasses full time since I was 3. I don't normally get scratches unless something hits them, they fall etc. I am very careful with them, no pockets, no bags and I sit them out of reach every night. I never wipe them clean with anything! For cleaning I run super hot water over them, then with blue Dawn I give them a good rub using my fingers ( wash hands first ). Rinse well again with hot water rubbing with fingers. Here is where I break the rules, I use a fresh paper towel to dry them. I don't rub, I just press it against the lense. I don't use any kind of rag/wipe because there is no certainty it is clean and free from debris. That being said, I am curious what you find but my guess is that your scratches are coming from your wash and dry rags.
  13. Cracked Primo XL cheap

    Hard to pass at $125 if you need or want used parts. Get it.
  14. KJ better watch out

    No fun'n, it looks cool. Let's support the art.
  15. Thanks everyone, it turned out very good. While I have dipped in to cheese making I haven't made a cheddar yet. I have also played around with making "processed cheese" but this is not that. Here is what I did: Shredded several cups of extra sharp cheddar cheese, placed it in a bowl, then added 4 or 5 large shredded jalapenos and mixed it up. Placed all of it in to my cheese press lined with cheese clothe and pressed it under 25 lbs for about a day. I gave it about 2 weeks in the fridge after I put it in the vac bag. It came back together pretty well and sliced up nicely when it was finished.