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  1. philpom

    Ribs advice please

    Sounds like it will be a fun meal! Cook them a day or 2 early and put them in food saver bags well sealed. Store in the fridge. When you are 90 minutes from meal time place them in a cooler and cover with almost boiling water. Change the water out after 30 min. Give another 30 min and check, they should be ready. When you cut the bag open the ribs will be as juicy as ever. To clarify, 1 rack per bag, make sure they are nice and hot before you open them. Alternative is use your sous vide if you have one. Good luck!
  2. philpom

    Home C02 monitor ?

    For what it is worth I have one for each hot water heater. Code requires them to be installed 18" from the ceiling and within 3' of the hot water closet. That also means I have one at each end of the house in a hall and just outside of all 4 bedrooms. I also have one at our cabin on the opposite side of the first floor room where the wood burning stove is.
  3. philpom


    Motion sensor lights up everywhere Keep things locked unless in use Keep things put away Even if you don't have dogs put "beware of dog signs" up Install a 3G security system that includes door sensors, glass break detectors and motion sensors with sirens of at least 140db inside and out. Don't keep valuables in the master bedroom, it's the first place they will look. Place bait in the house, something that looks valuable so they grab it and run Jewelry box full of fake stuff Broken game consoles Old dead cell phones Old wallet full of expired gift cards If you are a single lady living alone go to the thrift store and purchase a size 16 mens work boots. Put mud on them, let them dry and set them neatly by the front door.
  4. It's getting late and the pulled pork still has at least an hour to go. The carnitas came off 30 min ago. It's yummy. At this point I'm very tired, come on Mr butt!
  5. Yes, those are rain drops but I have been planning this cook for weeks. Got up early this morning and fired up the offset. Mesquite to start and I'll move to oak later. Got her up to 450 and steamed the inside. Today it's one 10lbs butt for pulled pork and one 10lbs butt for carnitas. I did the carnitas a little different, don't laugh! Some onions in the bottom of the pan, I scored the roast as usual and then added pineapple juice, lime juice and Sunkist. Then I hit it with some pork rub. Gonna be good. The pulled pork is straight and simple. Mustard base and basic pork rub. I'll post more as the day moves along. I just walked out and switched to kiln dried Post oak. This is gonna be good.
  6. philpom

    The 20 hour Chuckie and the Drill Master

    It was really tender. This one was already in the freezer but next time I am going to sear it over wood first and then drop it in the water after. A simple weekday cook, better than a slow cooker!
  7. philpom


    Honestly you are correct. We have had Dobermans for nearly 2 decades, currently 2, a red bitch and a black sire. We have signs up to warn strangers. I can tell you that the general public are terrified of doberman pinschers. Must be the "Magnum PI" years . A dog with a big bark can go a long way but won't help with cars in driveways unless you have a gate and fence that includes your driveway. We have had issues with home owners insurance and even pet boarding houses over our breed of choice (all resolved) but know that these dogs are loyal family pets that will love you. We call them "velcro dogs".
  8. philpom


    Look up Amcrest Cameras. They are very good cameras offering many storage options including FTP/cloud options that cost you nothing. The ones I use have 2 way communication, motion detection, auto notification etc and no monthly or annual fee. They offer indoor and outdoor cameras and a fantastic app. Worst case you save the data to a drive that is up in your attic, best case you have cloud storage but it's up to you. If you want you can have snap shots sent to you via email or even just check in and take pics on demand. Up at our cabin I just use wildlife cams to capture who comes and goes. (get the plate #'s) Also, stop leaving wallets and the like in your car or truck! I also have a dashcam that when parked records "on motion". Sometimes it's their word against your video. I put one of those in every car/truck and have already used it to make some jerk walk away after a minor wreck where he claimed I was at fault until I explained I had it on video. He forgot about jerk mode and became nice after that.
  9. This was a 3 pound Chuck roast seasoned with coffee rub, vacuum sealed and frozen. Pulled it out last night and dropped it in the bath at 129f. It cooked right at 20 hours. I put a sear on it with the harbor freight heat gun. Right out of the bag. Sear applied with the heat gun. It was sizzling hot. Another view. Served with roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower fauxtatoes. Next time I'm going to try a reverse sear on the grill.
  10. philpom

    Keto Diet

    For those of you with recorded weight loss, gongrats and way to go! Here are some lunch ideas, basically my typical lunch. Snack bag of carrots Serving of almonds and pecans Bag of raw broccoli and/or cauliflower Beef jerky or spam or sardines or pulled pork/beef Snack bag of sugar snap peas Snack bag of cucumbers 2 cheese sticks 1 or 2 hard boiled eggs I mix and match each day and swap it out for example some tomatoes instead of carrots or radishes instead of snap peas. Maybe a salad one day or a little homemade stir fry. Then I just pretty much snack all day so no hunger. This ends up being a pretty low carb meal with plenty of fat, some of it the really healthy variety. My metabolic panel is great, lowered my total cholesterol by over 60 points to <190 over the past 2 years and my HDL last tested at 89.
  11. I would guess that just the paver would work well, my Primo is on ceramic feet and then setting directly on a wood shelf. No issues at all. At our cabin I built the hearth for the wood burning stove by placing a sheet of 5/8 hardie backer on the floor, spaced out pavers on that to allow air flow, another 5/8 hardie backer board and finally a full layer of pavers. I sleep worry free at night. Hardie backer is fire rated, I clamped a piece to some wood and put a torch flame on it for over an hour, it did not harm the wood under it. This is my personal experience, do what make you feel comfortable. Maybe you go overboard but that is ok. Lowes sells a heat matt to place under grills on wooden decks.
  12. philpom

    Vegan Brisket And Other Attrocities Against Humanity

    Try and marinade some tempeh with a chili lime flavor and grill it up. Makes great tostadas. We have a very close family friend that is vegan. I enjoy having lunch at her house because I know it will be something I have never had before, normally really good and always homemade from scratch. When she comes to our house I'll toss a slab of tempeh on the grill for her instead of the chicken or steak the rest of us enjoy. I had a great uncle that was vegetarian, at his favorite Asian restaurant he would order a beef veggie bowl without the beef because he swore it tasted better than the vegetarian veggie bowl. Go figure! Bacon makes everything taste better. See tag line below....
  13. We cook 98% of our meals at home and 97% from scratch so we use a ton of fine paper china to help the dish washer live a little longer but it's funny... Sometimes I look at a meal and I look through the real dishes for something that is colored to compliment the food. I get it and always say that visual appeal, aroma and taste come together to make a great meal. Indeed white plates often look some other color in a photo but can look great in person. Again, a nice meal.
  14. Dude, looks fantastic, food coma. You are getting fancy with the dinnerware!
  15. philpom

    A Tale of Two Burgers

    Certainly looked great. Try a little lemon pepper on a burger patty some day. Too much and it will be too rich to enjoy but just a little and it's great. I love a simple cheese burger.