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  1. Grabbed this from Buc-ees. Tasty stuff, I told Mrs philpom I needed to try it on something, she shot back, "French fries". The ingredient list goes something like this. Salt Chicken powder Brown sugar Butter concentrate Garlic Annette Turmeric Soy sauce powder And a few others. "This MSG free seasoning is designed to provide an extra boost of umami to anything you sprinkle it on" @ckreef wonder how it compares to Australian chicken salt?
  2. I learned a few lessons from the table I built years ago. I'm going to have to take the primo apart and pray. With almost no access underneath it is going to be very tricky.
  3. Started this years ago (kinda). The table is 100% cedar, 95% 4X4 construction and finished with Ready Seal redwood. I'll probably get the primo planted next weekend. The tabletop is 7 feet long, lots of room. Kamado on!
  4. The comparison thread is an interesting read but the bottom line is that B&B is a good lump, one of the better commonly found lump products in my opinion.
  5. I run mine under cold water and use a clean dish cloth. If it has badly burned spots I use a thin metal spatula. Finger tips tell me where to clean. If your stone is not top quality using heat to clean it can break it.
  6. Probably not, It's in the air but I'm thinking just the feet. It's been on the feet in the current table for years and just fine. We'll see how that goes. This table is going to be huge, I'm excited.
  7. I love my beautiful stained pizza stones, like a badge of honor. I have friends that will 86 you if you clean the crud off of their Dutch ovens.
  8. philpom

    Thermal Fuses

    Curious, Samsung TV's? They have a known issue where they used a set of capacitors known to be too small. There was a recall and I had one repaired for free many years after the warranty.
  9. Some of you that have been here for awhile probably recall a project I started to build a smoker I coined "The Zep". It was version II of a wooden smoker I made many years ago I named "The Zeppelin". It worked well for several years until it went down in flames of glory! We sold a house, bought a house and lost interest in the project however I kept the bones, too much $$ invested to toss it out. I am most recently interested in building a camper trailer and Mrs philpom told me I needed to eliminate the old project before I could start a new one. A few quick measurements and I new the Primo XL would fit inside. I'm building a new table! This table is made of 100% cedar. It's main body is 4X4 construction. I think it will be nearly indestructible and should be my last table. Here are a few pics. I had to cut an opening for ash removal and put a bottom in it to support the Primo at the correct height. Still have plenty of finish and trim work to go but I think it's far enough along to understand where it's going. The shelf to hold the Primo. Everything is predrilled and counter sunk. The notch in the back is for the hinge. Going for a flush fit. All end grain will be trimmed over and the cedar will be finished with ready seal. I'll pull hangers and bottle opener from my current table and put black granite in to highlight the black Primo and provide a place for hot pots. More to come...
  10. Welcome! The cotton ball and alcohol starter works well, I advocated for them when I had my AKORN and still use them today with my Primo. Close your lid when the fire is just going (the starter is out). Once you reach 160-170 close the vents down to 1/8" top and bottom and see how it goes. Give plenty of time for it to become stable, 20 minutes is plenty. The AKORN is pretty sensitive but it can be achieved for sure. Lighting too much charcoal is the number 1 issue with keeping a low and slow fire. Visit often and share, we like looking over your shoulder while you cook!
  11. Welcome to kamado guru rodny. Congrats on the new cooker. Visit often and share. There are lots of friendly folks here so join the conversation.
  12. We like spam in the philpom house.
  13. Looks fantastic, especially the lamb. Glad it came together for ya'll!
  14. The big event 4 days past, it was time to have the young kids wake us up early, the older kids and grandkids to swing by, open presents in our PJ's and work towards a nice dinner. Just the immediate family, that's the way I see today. Prime rib, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, greenbean casserole, buns and dessert. From scratch, the basics, nothing more. I just got pics of the prime rib but it was all great looking and tasty. Watching everyone open gifts, feeding them to the point of food coma and taking a nap. A perfect day. Served the beef by shaving the roast. The outside was a salty peppery crust with a hint of rosemary. 132°f overnight out of bath After the primo sear 700f direct Scarred for our life Merry Christmas everyone!
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