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  1. Welcome to Kamado Guru @Zelphy If the deal was so good that you don't want to return it then you are obligated to deal with the small spots of missing porcelain. If it was me I would make sure there is no loose pieces around the damage or if there was I would clean it up and rub some veggie oil on it occasionally as I cooked on it until it was cured over. Any kind of paint you put in there will likely just burn off. I would guess it would be fine in the long run. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to Kamado Guru @Chris G Visit often and share the journey!
  3. Thanks everyone, this cut is very rich and relatively quick to cook compared to other beef rib cuts. @ckreef I admit it does kinda resemble thick bacon at a glance. Maybe I'll try to cure some and see what I can do with that.
  4. Our Sam's club carries them all the time, try there.
  5. Love short ribs, a great piece of beef. These cooked at about 250°f for about 2 hours with mesquite wood. Basted with a blend of honey, Bragg's and lemon juice - equal parts. I present beef short ribs Tasty as can be, served with a chopped Asian salad.
  6. Welcome @Bubba you did the right thing! Visit often and share.
  7. Onions, zucchini, eggplant and homemade pesto make up this dish. One of the best salmon dishes we have had here in some time. This cooked at ~300° for 30 minutes in a cast iron skillet indirect.
  8. Welcome to kamado guru. Going to a ceramic is a great idea. There is a bit of a learning curve mostly around starting it and controlling temps. Start a small fire, once things get too hot it's difficult to bring it back down. Starting a small fire doesn't mean that you don't put plenty of lump in.
  9. I've seen guys put Harley's in the back of a pickup without ramps or a berm..... just say'n
  10. When not in use you can thread a very large chain through the lower vent up through the top vent and around a post to secure it. If you have a walk way with no transitions you could reliably roll it from the garage to the porch many times. Welcome to kamado guru!
  11. Welcome to kamado guru MickeyTheShoe. With the kamado it's possible to fire it up many hours before a cook and just let it sit on low until you are ready. Have fun!
  12. Welcome to kamado guru. Your bacon looks like it turned out great!
  13. Wow, looks great! The largest I can routinely find are 8. Nice looking meal, perfectly executed.
  14. It was basically like doing a whole chub except this was quicker and it had a casing on it.
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