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  1. That's what I call real fun. Few things better than a good project.
  2. That looks delicious. I'm glad you found the cream corn recipe useful, it's alot lighter than some. Putting it in the cornbread is a great idea. I usually add whole kernel corn to mine with cheddar cheese and sometimes chopped jalapenos.
  3. Welcome to kamado guru! Visit often and share pictures of what you're cooking.
  4. Don't do anything rash, next month marks 24 years of blissful marriage to Mrs philpom. It was however a delicious dinner!
  5. It was tender, I'm guessing on the hours, went in the bath in the morning and came out around 6 so maybe it was more like 8 or 10 hours. We aren't real picky about times, we use it mostly as a slow cooker of sorts for the ease. Of course the results are far superior.
  6. Welcome to kamado guru. I'm certain you'll be able to pull off some long cooks through winter.
  7. Sitting on the porch while a thunderstorm blows in is better than TV. We had zero measurable rain in September and then last week it hit pretty good. We also plummeted in to the 30's, 40's and 50's for a few days. Back in the 70's and 80's now.
  8. Picked these up from Sam's yesterday. Hit them with a heavy dose of Himalayan salt and trader Joe's coffee rub. Seared for a few minutes on a really hot grill. Served with an Asian chopped salad and garlic toast. Perfect in my opinion, the crust helped these incredibly tender cuts hold shape and was delicious.
  9. Looks fantastic, those are the really fun cooks!
  10. Just a quick sear on these really thick New Zealand chops. Hit them with course pepper and Himalayan pink salt. Served with a wedge salad
  11. Marinaded over night in sweet and sour sauce and cooked at 375f indirect on the primo. Tasted great, looked fantastic. I used B&B comp logs for a neutral smoke profile.
  12. This turned out really well. Tossed brown gravy mix and ranch dressing mix in the bag. No browning required after the cook. 6 hours at 145f. The flavor was great! Served with steakhouse green beans and rice.
  13. At least in the short term it looks good, I picked up 4 butts this week for $1.29 a pound.
  14. Tempeh, a fermented soy bean product grills up nicely. But I understand your point
  15. Awesome cooks, the pizza looked great.
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