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  1. Yes, this was a corned beef. The only way to go for a last minute cook. You could obviously brine your own, kick it a notch and do the same.
  2. It's very easy and delicious, go for it!
  3. I bought this flat already brined. I woke up and thought pastrami sounded good so no time to brine.
  4. The brisket flat was cured in a salt brine so there is plenty of salt already, in fact I soaked it in cold water to reduce the salt.
  5. Hi Mandy, how are you starting your fire? Could it be remnants of the starter? Maybe try letting the smoker preheat for an hour before putting food on. When you say charcoal do you mean pure lump or charcoal briquettes? Perhaps try a different brand? Good luck, I'm sure others will chime in with ideas.
  6. A heavy dose of black pepper, garlic, onion, marjoram, oregano and coriander. Smoked at 240°f with pecan until 175°f and steamed until 203°f. Very tender, a bit of spice and delish! Pulled at 170°f and steamed to finish at 203°f (probe tender). Very delicious, will do it again!
  7. Looks great, I'll need to give something like this a try.
  8. It looks great for just coming out 'OK'.
  9. Looks yummy! Pretty sure my kids would chow. Kinda resembles a ultra thick crust pizza or a "flat" pull apart pizza.
  10. I guess it does - never another loaf like this one!
  11. Thank you, I am humbled. The syrup and long rise make this taste very good.
  12. The k-tec is sold by Blendtec, made in the U.S.A. and has an unconditional 10 year warranty (the warranty expired long ago on this one) but the warranty follows the owner, not the purchaser. It will also mill legumes, rice and corn among other things. Popcorn makes great corn meal.
  13. This bread was sweetened with pure maple syrup. In alignment with the challenge I used wheat that is 20 years old I purchased from some y2k preppers 15 years ago. It had an 18 hour proof in the fridge and cooked in the primo for 40 minutes at 350°f. It was pulled at an internal temperature of 191°f. It was not as airy as I hoped but it tastes fantastic. Whole wheat The trusty kitchen mill Whole wheat flower Second rise was overnight plus half a day. 4 hours at room temperature If this was what I c
  14. I did one last night, also came from Aldi. 400ºf indirect 25-30 minutes flipping several times. It was marinated in a no sugar sauce.
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