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  1. philpom

    Keto Diet

    I lump alcohol in with carbs. I figure I can have a little pasta or a few beers. Of course limiting alcohol is the best plan of attack. I don't do vodka often, I enjoy some beer while out in the yard, a gap vodka can't fill for me. Don't get me wrong, I also love a frozen drink at pool side.
  2. philpom

    Man Cave Ugly Drum Smoker Part 3

    Can't wait to follow along. A fun project indeed.
  3. philpom

    The random pictures thread...

    We use Lyft all the time, better than Uber in our opinion. We started using them 3 years ago because Uber was hard to find.
  4. We don't do turkey for Thanksgiving but we host the big family Christmas each year, turkey is on the menu. For the family dinner i'm still not sure but leaning prime rib. We'll see, if not that then probably a nice lamb rib roast.
  5. philpom

    Here's my photos for the COOLER

    The first thing we do when we hear of potential snow or ice is grab extra beer, like y'all, food is no issue around our house.
  6. philpom

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    Ha! We'll see, I haven't been inside this one yet. I do need some new slacks and I'm almost ready for some jerky. I also need a new smoker for the vacation home, we'll see.... Paid $1.68 for gas there yesterday, it's super easy access on my way to the office.
  7. philpom

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    If we are 1 of 2 of the potential 1,000,000,000 then we are doing pretty well! Affordable energy has improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people on earth in every way imaginable, food, sanitation, transportation and more. I personally like my cheap gas.
  8. philpom

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    I think you can make them work, a little shopping and you might find one of those square ones for a $20 bill. You could also look for one of the many generic kettle style cookers if you are concerned but I honestly think you'll be fine with the square one especially if you don't plan on keeping it. On the other hand if you want something that will last and you can use for many years grab a weber kettle.
  9. philpom

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    You can get $.50 off per gallon if you buy a car wash there but I don't take my truck through automatic car washes, hand wash only.
  10. Mrs philpom asks me what we are having with meat, I always shrug and say, "I dunno".
  11. Ok, I'm craving that!
  12. philpom

    Finally getting an Instant Pot

    Look up "salt potatoes" they are delish. Basically it's tiny round potatoes cooked in a salt brine, let them air dry and they get a little crusty salt on them, then dip in melted butter and enjoy
  13. philpom

    Spin Spun Spam

    SPiced hAM but your version is funny!
  14. philpom

    Spin Spun Spam

    I'd put some of that down!