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  1. Sears Canada Swan Song

    It was said that the moment they purchased Kmart it started the end of Sears. Who ever goes their any longer? Now who died a long time ago that might have a chance in this day and age? I think it's 'Service Merchandise'. Their business model was ahead of its time but has 'e-commerce' written all over it.
  2. Does anyone tailgate with their Jr?

    I haven't tailgated in a long time but as I think back.... Arrive in red parking @09:00 (super secret small red lot near blue parking) Fire up the grill and get some meat going Put pregame on the TV we brought Start slamming them down (I mean have orange juice with my cut fruit) Attempt some sort of sporting event in the lot Eat the food (save some in foil for later) fill pockets with beer, grab 2 more, 1 for each hand) Start to walk towards victory! Watch a 3 hour game Walk back to the lot eat some more and wait for traffic go home I think you could make that work, just towards the end remove the ash and put it in the back of the truck or if a car put it in a large metal tray or shallow pan.
  3. Intro

    Welcome to Kamado Guru! Search Amazon for "Lava Tools". They are great and a bargain value as low as $24.
  4. Off taste, charcoal?

    Hi and welcome to Kamado Guru! I normally do spatchcock chicken at 400F and for a Turkey I would think you should be closer to 350 than 250. I think you are right on that point. Don't cook based on time but instead based on the internal temp of the meat. While it is neat to see huge chhunks of lump and when mixed in with medium to smallish pieces they can really help a slow and low cook I prefer pieces about the size of a soup can, canned tuna a deck of playing cards etc. A bunch of just big chunls could tend to kinda smolder and never produce a hot fire unless you go REAL hot. They need some smaller stuff to fill the gaps and voids. Very light on wood for poultry if at all and allow the fire plenty of time to become stabil. I think you'll nail the next one!
  5. This guy sells everything Primo from the whole kamado to hinges, domes, fireboxes, ceramic feet, bands, thermometers...... you name it. No sales tax an free shipping, no purchase limit. https://diybbq.com/
  6. Kamado Joe Jr Rotisserie

    Brilliant! I love that spirit, creativity etc.
  7. CGS diffuser holder and Stainless steel grates

    Ah! Rings a bell now, still working on that first cup of coffee. I don't see why it wouldn't. The CGS delector rack sits about 1.5" max below the top of the firebox so as long as the KAB doesn't come up that high (and I can't imagine it would but verify) then it's all good. The factory/OEM racks are about the same drop.
  8. CGS diffuser holder and Stainless steel grates

    Sorry, kab doesn't mean anything to me.
  9. CGS diffuser holder and Stainless steel grates

    I have not used the OEM grates since I picked up the CGS rack and grate. I got the split grate so I could continue to do split level cooking. Yes, you can set the grate directly on the firebox for the low position and no, you don't have legs sticking up nor do you have the rib running through the middle of the grate surface. The OEM deflector plates fit in it just fine and it's made of SS. I actually offered Tom advice on one little improvement for the newest version of the split grate. The OEM top racks are compatable also, no regrets at all.
  10. Snow Crab with shrimp boil

    Super easy! Put the steamer basket into the IP and place the crabs legs on it. Pour in water and seal the lid. Cook at High pressure for 2 minutes and quick release pressure. Crab legs should be bright pink. Mix juice with melted butter and serve.
  11. Enjoying the Oval Jr

    Sounds like an awesome meal.
  12. Enjoying the Oval Jr

    Very nice, I'd like to see (and taste) the final result. You are taking it to the max.
  13. Brined in strong beef stock for hours. Sweet sauce added just at the end. Some nice potatoes on the side. Enjoy your long weekend! Hit with hickory wood it was delicious.
  14. We are doing this more often. The crab was done in the instant pot (to perfection) and the shrimp and sausage was cooked with lots of garlic, lemon, red potatoes, corn and old Bay. We added butter at the end. Goodness!
  15. The verdict on MRE's

    We backpack alot so we usually make our own dehydrated meals. Put contents in a freezer bag, place bag in to a bag cozy, dd boiling water, allow to rehydrate and eat a yummy meal. You can come up with some truely tasty meals. Honestly if you want emergency food you should look here: https://beprepared.com/