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  1. @BigKev hasn't been around for a few years but we did make this potato salad for Easter lunch today and it was very tasty, will do it again but maybe some minor tweaks, more onion, maybe some olive or pickle and perhaps more bacon. We really like a chunky interesting potato salad.
  2. Regular table salt will cause it to burn yellow to also help you see the flame but I don't typically have that issue.
  3. For some people a unidirectional antenna is required, for others the stations are far away and they need a direction antenna and even for others the channels are both in multiple directions and far away so you need a directional antenna on a rotator. Also consider if you need a UFH element, a VFH element or both. I use a long range dual element directional antenna with an in line signal booster. The higher the better also.
  4. philpom

    Cotto salami

    This and summer sausage are incredibly easy and rewarding ways to start. You can make them with no special equipment.
  5. And we're all done. Turned out to be a great brisket the pork loin also turned out primo. And the pork Looking forward to this for the near future!
  6. Started phase two of today's adventure. This is a hunk of pork loin cured for almost 2 weeks, added white pepper to the cure. We'll use this for breakfast, sammies, snacks and the like.
  7. Hi and welcome to Kamado Guru, swing over to the introduction sections and post. 175 will be a challenge but much closer to 200 should be easy. Get rid of the electric starter, the blow dryer and all of that. Fill the kamado with lump, create a small hole in the center, drop a jumbo cotton ball that is dripping wet with rubbing alcohol down in the hole and light it. Bottom full open, lid up. Allow the cotton to burn out, close the lid, wait until your grill reaches around 175 and then close the top and bottom and top to just about 3/16 - 1/4 inch. Let it ride and see what happens and adjust from there. Problem is you are starting with too big a fire to begin with, good luck and report back!
  8. Time for an update. Took a diversion to do a little "work". Kiddos are first in the water every year. Too cold for me or mrs philpom. Brisket is looking good, cruising at around 240. Will check back later!
  9. Brisket looks good! I do them as often as I can, in fact I started one this morning. Bet your friends will enjoy a great meal, that's very nice of you to cook for them.
  10. So far it's a great Saturday morning. Got up a little early, started a fire with rockwood and apple. Then dressed this 15 pound brisket with my coffee rub blend. Later today I have a hunk of loin to cook, it's been curing for about 14 days. I'll update with photos in a few hours.
  11. Ha! except the one channel that had the sport I wanted to watch so I signed up for the free trial and forgot to cancel so I got charged the $44.00. This illustrates my point, I'm not wiling to pay $199 for cable so I can watch 4 channels/shows I can't get otherwise. Don't want the other 150 channels of junk. Linear TV is going to die if they don't start offering a serious al-le-carte option. Now I feel guilty, Keeper - Netflix is worth it brother, do it!
  12. Plans start at $5.99 and to remove some commercials is $11.99 but if you add live TV it starts at $44.00.
  13. Some examples from tonight. If you don't have an antenna add one. Beyond the cost of the antenna it's free, go to tvguide.com and set your provider to "antenna " to see what you might get for free.
  14. It's free over the air TV, think back 30 years except now it's transmitted in digital full HD and you get way more than 4 or 5 local channels. Instead of 1 ABC channel you get 3, instead of 1 PBS you get 5 and lots of independent channels each with unique content plus many more. Admittedly some are shopping channels, church 24x7 or in another language but I program out those and I'm not spending a dime. The smart TV even has a fancy interface that resembles cable or satellite to browse what's playing in the future.
  15. We do not subscribe to any TV/Cable service, cut the cord nearly 20 years ago and consider myself an expert. I have an antenna on the roof and get nearly 90 channels for free and in beautiful HD. Some of the channels are unique like the classic movie channel and Justice TV. We have PRIME for the same reason you do and enjoy the added benefit of free music and TV however Netflix is the one we go to 90% of the time. In my opinion it is easily worth the $16 a month for what you get and we average less than 60 minutes of TV a day. All I can suggest is to try and see, you won't be locked in. HULU is NOT worth $44 + a month, I would avoid that like the plague it's basically like buying SAT or Cable. What do you like to watch?
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