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  1. Mrs philpom grabbed me this 14 pound packer for $1.97 a pound last weekend. Salt, pepper, dark roast coffee and granulated garlic. Hickory chunks, mesquite chips and Fogo lump. I removed the flat so I could pull it earlier than the point. Sliced the flat and chopped the point. Smoked on the Primo at 225 for about 8 hours for the flat and 10 for the point.
  2. Welcome to kamado guru. Search here or the internet in general for Texas competition chili or chili con carne (chili meat sauce) and you'll find something like that.
  3. Camp chef or Blackstone should work well for you. Look for a model that allows for easy leveling of the flattop. Make sure you are happy with the grease collection setup. I have a Blackstone but I actually think I like Camp Chef better. Good luck!
  4. A cover is really the only perfect solution. You could drill a small hole in the middle of the outside shell on the very bottom so at least any water that gets in will drain. Consider a patio umbrella or one of those affordable grill shelters. Search the akorn section and I posted instructions on how to take the bottom pan apart and seal it and reassemble. "Sealing ashpan" or something like that.
  5. Welcome, plenty more here to explore.
  6. Welcome to Kamado guru.
  7. Welcome! The challenges are fun and a great avenue to try new foods.
  8. Looks great, I need more, we ate it so fast! The second batch I did recently with fennel, caraway, thyme and bay leafe was even better.
  9. philpom

    RV build

    Great to see a "local" on here, we are in DFW (Denton). We have done a ton of tent camping over the years and still do our fair share but with age comes the desire for more comfort. Around 15 years ago we purchased raw land in the mountains and about 10 years ago built a cabin on the property. That takes care of our "extravagant" outdoors experience but we still enjoy seeing other places. This tiny camper is large enough to have a queen size convertible sofa/bed in it so it's basically a pull behind bedroom/Den. Most of the living will be outside for sure. A large ARB awning off the side will provide a good bit of rain cover/shade. The best thing with a little camper like this is how fast you can set up and break down camp. Larger RVs or Campers require tons of effort to get set up and break down. It is a challenge to get all of the bells and whistles in to the tiny package but that makes it fun. I think years of camping experience helps in that department. As you said, there are tons of commercially manufactured options available, you should get one. For me, I really enjoy the creativity of building one, it's a great getaway from daily life.
  10. philpom

    RV build

    It has been a long pause on any progress but finally got the time to start back up on this project. Insulation is complete and I got the roof on. I used Sikabond to glue the roof down and used a router to finish the edge, it gave a perfect seal. The camper also made it outside for the first time since it was born. Next are wheel wells and I can start the exterior finish soon. Am going to attempt a PMF finish (Poor Mans Fiberglass). The roof seal line. Miscellaneous picture. Enjoy the day!
  11. I ha e found it at Asian markets, sometimes Sam's Club. I found a reliable source at a small local butcher shop. Try calling around and if they don't have it ask if they can order it for you. You can also check any local ranches, we have several that sell meat at the farmers market.
  12. I like the tumbleweeds for starting a camp fire, a fire in the pit etc. I like fat wood for starting my wood stove but for the kamado I prefer by far 2 cotton balls soaked in alcohol. Can't beat the price and they perform well.
  13. Fantastic looking meal, an argument could be made for a stand alone infrared sear grill.
  14. Cooked some of this up tonight, the aroma was evident and the flavor was fantastic. I can't overstate how delicious it was. The fennel and caraway are the predominant flavors and if someone was inclined to sweeten this up a bit it would also be very tasty that way. This will be my regular recipe going forward, of course I'll continue to play around! The liquid smoke was absent and I was afraid I added too much. If I choose to sous vide it in the future I'll add that up front before the cure so it has more time to penitrate.
  15. Sounds like it might be a fun year and that butt looks great. Doing this will also lead to some good nights sleep while things cook away.
  16. I feel so much better now about eating bacon! We can end all of the talk about the "heart attack bomb" etc. On a side note I had my yearly physical recently and everything looked great. HDL 89, LDL 65, A1C 5.2 etc... my sodium was 2 points off the bottom of the scale so there's that. I better eat more processed meat to fix that. I told my doctor that I eat low carb and included tons of pork, red meat, bacon and sausage in my diet (along with tree nuts and veggies) and asked his opinion. He shrugged and told me to eat less fat.... I was hoping for a good conversation.... IDK
  17. As a kind of experiment I did 3 things differently than I normally do. 1. I used a new (to me) blend of spices and herbs for the bacon 2. Post cure I cooked it sous vide instead of in the smoker. 4. Since I didn't smoke it I rubbed a little liquid smoke on it before the bath. Everything else was normal, 7-9 day cure, rinse, dry, and cook to 150°f followed by a chill. After applying the tender quick I tossed thyme, bay leaf, granulated garlic, black pepper, caraway seed, and fennel seed in the spice grinder and then rubbed that in. A quick vacuum seal and a little more than a week in the fridge. The smell this had after the cure was amazing and even better is that it survived after a good rinse and the cook. This is an advantage of adding your flavors during the cure instead of during the cook. Here it is after the cure but still in the bag. After the rinse. Sous vide 150°f After the water bath. I can't wait to try this new blend of spices but we are still working over the last batch of garlic flavored. I might try to keep up with our household bacon demand as I have found a local reliable source of belly and its much more affordable than bacon from the "club". So easy you should try it!
  18. Plastics 1, 2, 4 and 5 are safe. 2 is the best. I use these and they last a long time. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Zep-32-oz-Plastic-Spray-Bottle/3621238?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-lwn-_-bng-_-PLA_LWN_127_Cleaning-_-3621238-_-Online-_-0-_-0&ds_rl=1286981&msclkid=ed38ff0b9a9a1f086f869d1e8efaca82&gclid=ed38ff0b9a9a1f086f869d1e8efaca82&gclsrc=3p.ds
  19. Nope, I routinely add it up almost touching the plates on my primo. The alternative is not enough and running short on a long cook.
  20. One of the easiest snacks I have ever made and far better than what you can buy. You'll need 1 cup of whole raw almonds, Sriracha sauce, butter salt and optionally a dried hot pepper powder like habanero. In a bowl add the almonds and enough sauce to coat them, probably 1-2 tablespoons, then mix in well the butter salt, just a sprinkle or 2. You can also mix in any hot pepper powder at this point, mix and coat well. Toss in a dehydrator on a leather tray for 12 hours at 155°f. The result will be a nice crunchy snack that is full of flavor! I make my own habanero powder by drying whole peppers and running them through a dedicated spice/coffee grinder. 
  21. No permission required, I'm certain everyone wants to see more bacon! I have another belly ready to smoke today.
  22. The primary purpose of the nitrites and nitrates is to prevent botulism and other pathogens. The curing salts I use have both. It's important that folks are aware of the measures they must take.
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