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  1. Those look great, how did you do them?
  2. Just found this post, it's touching. I am a father of 4, it has been a very long road, 2 of them are closer to 30 than 20. Not a step father but in the same vain we did foster and wanted to adopt. It didn't work out for stupid legal reasons. We still write letters, call on her birthday, send Christmas cards etc. Our only hope is that the years we spent with her made a material difference in her life.
  3. Yep, just like chicken wings, at one time they were literally trash and now they command a premium price. Basted with 4 parts maple syrup, 2 parts soy sauce(or Braggs Liquid Aminos) and 1 part apple cider vinegar. I used Braggs on this run and it was great, I have also used soy sauce and is a safe bet.
  4. It was a rock solid purchase, not a single regret about it. I'm no fan of photobucket either, horrible what they did. How could anyone ever trust them again? I upload all of my pics directly to Kamado Guru now but that is a pain since I must do that directly from my phone or transfer first to my laptop. 1st world problems right?
  5. That looks like an amazing cook. The meat looks juicy and tender. Great job here!
  6. This is one of my all time favorites, I might reclassify it as comfort food. I didn't have any fruit wood handy so I used mesquite and that played well. The red, white and blue potatoes came from our garden. Perfect for July. I started with a heavy dose of Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper. The belly was put on the top rack once the primo hit 350 and the smoke thinned out. I basted 4 times during the cook and again after I pulled it. Pulled at an IT of 199. Gave the potatoes a course chop and layed them on a bed of chopped yellow onion with salt and pepper plus some fresh rosemary. I roasted them under the belly to catch all of the goodness. I serve the pork in a bowl over a bunch of those potatoes. A food coma meal!
  7. I bet that grill is a blast to cook on, I'm thinking not too different than an open pit with grate.
  8. We had a Cuisinart for many, many years and it worked well. No complaints at all. We would still have it except we traded up to the Ninja Ultima system which replaced the food processor and blender and frozen drink maker etc. We like multi-purpose appliances. It would be worth at least looking at some of the options in the market by Ninja. We love the Ninja Ultima.
  9. Almost 5 years ago to the day I posted an unboxing here: And a first cook here: The coven has been a workhorse for us over this time. It has held up very well and still works and looks new minus a little food here and there. The tank seals and adapters are in great shape, auto ignition works fine and the burners are in top shape. We have done everything in it from canned biscuits to from scratch cobbler to cake and pizza. It's cooked bacon and eggs, stew, beans and gumbo. Even a cup of coffee. The oven is pretty even but it's best to rotate items and when using both shelves we usually swap shelves half way through the cook. Here is the environment where it is used. Our vacation home is in the mountains and it works adequately in both hot and very cold (20's). We absolutely love this thing, it was an excellent investment for us. While you are here..... if you can find it this stuff is fantastic first thing in the morning while you wait for coffee and watch the birds
  10. Good job, looks great. I would love to blend heat in to much of what I cook but always have to consider the kiddos.
  11. That's when good ole bread works well if you need the delivery system!
  12. Mrs philpom is a lifetime weight watchers member, cabbage soup is what that crowd calls "the soup of shame". It's what you eat when you are not doing well. It can help some folks get back on track for sure. The thing for me though, it's a crash, whatever someone does for weight loss and health needs to be a life change, something you can live with forever. Veggies are delish, I eat plenty every day!
  13. Welcome to kamado guru - kamado Tom! Nice new kamado, congrats.
  14. Thanks y'all, it was very tasty. Combining sous vide with this cook made it super easy and fool proof.
  15. A pretty easy cook with little effort for a Sunday night. Blue and red potatoes from our garden coated with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning were put on the high/cool side to roast at around 350 while we prepared the corn and chops. Pork chops had been previously frozen with pork rub and dropped straight into the water bath from the freezer at 143f. Once the potatoes were close I grilled the corn on the low/direct side and pulled it all. On went the chops after bringing the temp up to 500f. Literally 2 minutes later we had dinner. Served on fine China of course! Chops cooking Potatoes ready to go on Chops out of the water bath delish!
  16. Those look real good! Your temp was good, the only thing I suggest is a drip pan to keep the fat from falling down in the fire. It will also help keep your kamado clean for when you cook something like fish were you certainly don't want pork fat burning. If needed you could even add a bit of water to the drip pan to prevent the fat from burning although a drip pan alone works well for me. Even a sheet of HD foil.
  17. That looks very good, a hardy meal for sure!
  18. Our Sunday night dinner was a butterfly leg of lamb. Sourced from a free range Australian farm. I half expected it to be a bit gamey compared to American lamb but it wasn't. It was marinated with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, onion, garlic, bell pepper, rosemary and lemon zest. It was cooked on the primo at 500f direct. The entire cook took just a few minutes. Served with zucchini and squash also cooked on the grill. Pretty good stuff, I could have pulled it a minute or 2 sooner but I'm not complaining, it was extremely tender and delish!
  19. Now that's exciting, always fun to bring a new truck home and also fun to start a new project. My Saturday project was a new spare tire and spare tire carrier install on the trailer, not nearly as fun as building a new pit.
  20. Well isn't that grill cute. Food looks good, y'all enjoy the rest of your vacation. The only grill I have ever been able to get mobile has been an 18" Weber. Good job.
  21. I don't even recall how long ago I purchased my Primo but it has been a hand full of years. I was ready for a new gasket about 3 years ago but even though I purchased a replacement I just never got around to doing it. I see smoke sneaking out etc but it cooks just the same as always, not sure I will ever take the downtime to replace it, perhaps one day. No, you are not damaging your grill at all.
  22. Must have been a good size crowd, how many people did you feed and did you have any left? Looks good!
  23. It's very special, you blend it until it's smooth like snow adding triple sec and blue curacao plus some limeade and a bunch of tequila. A wonderful salad!
  24. I've had that same exact thought before
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