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  1. @keeperovdeflame those look stunning, Mrs philpom said, "wow". You found a new outlet.
  2. Hi, There are valid reasons for having a dough recipe that can take ultra high heat. Some pizza specific devices will safely get very hot. You can take a kamado to 900°f but it's a bad idea for the longevity of you kamado. I seldom get mine over 600°f, I never have a need, I have better tools for that. Cheers
  3. Never heard of it or tried it but a quick search tells me it's a thing in Chinese cooking. Seems there are various techniques, traditional velveting is a quick blanch or dip in hot oil. I'd try it, those spare ribs looked great. I'm wondering if this might help with making chopped and formed lunch cuts.
  4. I'm glad Mrs philpom and the philpom kids all like it rare. In my opinion you don't know what steak tastes like if you don't enjoy it rare. Nothing like that juicy tender flavor. That said, if I know I'm going to be cooking for someone that likes it well done I'll grab some cheap steaks for them. I'm not going to ruin a fine steak and they won't likely know the difference.
  5. If it fits it will be extremely close considering the side tables. If this is just to get it back there after delivery then going through the house is no issue but if your plan was to store it in the garage and roll it out for use it might be an issue. Perfectly safe to leave it outside.
  6. philpom

    Pellet Joe

    Check in the app store for a free app called wifi analyzer. It will provide information about your network and parameters such as the best channel for your area. Often everyone in an area all use default router settings which means you could be on a crowder wifi channel. Even adjacent channels interfere with each other so if everyone is on 3, 4 and 6 move to 12.
  7. Tacos look great, the slaw looks fantastic. That's my kind of flavor profile.
  8. I'd wrap it in foil before putting it back on the smoker to help prevent drying it out.
  9. This was a bit of an experiment for me and it turned out very well. The idea was to have meat balls with a crispy outside and tender inside. After forming 1/4 pound balls I rolled them in bread crumbs. I cut a large onion ring for each to sit in and then tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic and spices to the pan for a simmer sauce. The result was crispy and I had a thick rich sauce to serve with. I got the primo up to 300°f using my recent go to lump and cooked these indirect in the paella pan. Served on pasta with freshly grated parmesan.
  10. Looks like a great meal, I like the idea with the potatoes.
  11. Kinda reminds me of an infomercial for kamado Joe. Mentioning the best known BGE, a metal Akorn (which they stated wasn't a kamado) and a relatively obscure pit boss to pretend they are being honest.
  12. I hadn't thought of it that way. But sure, why not?
  13. Cool new truck, nothing like a new toy!
  14. I know right?! I'll admit to carefully placing the brisket slices on the plate and to having a very bright 5K diffused light in the kitchen but the pic came right off of my phone. Photo composition and lighting are extremely important and I have done a bit of study to improve in this area. The results can be stunning. I think somewhere on here @John Setzler posted a .pdf he wrote a few years ago on the topic.
  15. Thank you @TKOBBQ . I used a fair amount of mesquite chunks on this cook under and over the Rockwood lump. I also cooked it a little hot at 250f. I find that cooking a bit hotter in the kamado produces a better smoke ring. I think this is due to typically having a much smaller smoldering fire in a kamado at 225 compared to an off-set with a large raging fire at 225f. 250f or more seems to help close that gap. I also used a drip pan full of water although many claim it isn't required in a kamado. Moisture is shown to improve smoke ring development.
  16. Mrs philpom pulled it off the internet, it was "grilled" in a foil pouch for about 25 minutes at ~300f then chilled. This tenderized the kale (but left body/bite) and the olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs made up the dressing as it cooked. We had lots of kale from the garden this year. Will do it again for sure! Thank you
  17. Got an early start this Sunday, prepped a whole packer, fired up the Primo, tossed in some mesquite and started the day. I had to whip up a fresh batch of coffee rub and off we went. I consider the beef brisket the holy grail of bbq. After I trimmed the brisket and tossed it on I thought I'd fry up the fat for dog treats but found myself salting it. Next thing you know it became breakfast! Good, crispy, melt in your mouth stuff. We headed over to the club to accomplish a few things. It was fun, it's my 4th year as president and we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year so lots to do. Next thing you know the brisket is looking great. Cooking at 250°f. Mrs philpom started prepping kale salad and whipped up some jalapeno poppers. I started a pot of pintos. Kids were brave enough to jump in the pool, not us! I split the point and flat before the cook, I like to slice the flat and shred the point. It turned out very well. This was an 11 lb brisket. Next the kale salad came off, yum! (grilled kale salad) The beans (kids now watching boob tube) And finally the poppers. It was a fun relaxing day, too bad tomorrow is Monday. Almost forgot.... picked the cast iron pan to cook the corn bread so here it is. It all turned out amazing.
  18. We happened to watch Good Eats season 1 episode 1 last night, he did a spatchcock chicken. Looks fantastic @keeperovdeflame
  19. So far I like it, I've only sealed a few dozen times with it. The default settings prove correct etc. I can report that it is not capable of sealing retort bags (which is a bummer) but it does great on mylar bags. For kicks I also played around sealing zip type freezer bags, works but I don't trust them.
  20. I toss it in the back of the fridge for a few months to let it mellow. I have some that has been refrigerated for a year. At least a month or 2 is critical in my book.
  21. While it's cooler outside it's the best time to smoke a bunch of cheese. Did mine a week ago, tested it today. My best batch ever and I think my new favorite wood for cheddar is hickory. This is extra sharp cheddar. I crusted it with black pepper before vacuum sealing it. Going to be fantastic after it rests a few months. Last year I did extra sharp cheddar with pecan and crusted in chipotle. Still have one of those sealed floating around.
  22. https://freshchileco.com/ They are out of Las Cruces, NM. Just outside of Hatch, NM Shipping was fast, the 7 items we purchased were well packaged. We liked everything we have tried so far. You can pick your heat level for each item. I am not affiliated, my little brother told me about them, we liked it and are happy to recommend them.
  23. Found a new place to order a variety of hatch chile products, so far it's all great. This sauce is spicy with just a little sweet. Worked very well. I'll try it on wings soon. All of the products are typically produced and canned a day or 2 before they ship.
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