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  1. It's pretty funny, don't think I'll ever be posting one of those, "Why did my ribs burn" threads but you never know. I think most people overcook their ribs and many people cook them too hot. Myself included when I look back over the years but one day I made some great ribs and took notes. I do occasionally glaze for that pretty smooth finish but I prefer dry ribs for sure, I consider them "pure". My recent go to smoke wood is pecan but I'm out. I also tend to use what I have on hand, lots of people swear off mesquite but I really like it for big hunks of beef.
  2. 1. Season them with GPR-86 2. Smoke them 3. Eat them Kinda a joke on my part but I don't find it necessary to go through all the hoops so many people tout. I hit these with my personal rub, no binder but I did give it time on the board to adhere. Hickory wood, 220°f for maybe 4 hours. About 3.5 pounds each. No glaze or sauce. Peeled the silver skin and hit them with rub. Let them sit long enough to look moist. No pullback from the bone yet but looking good. Now that is what you want! Finall
  3. I suspect it is ok, give it a good look over. You need to re-season the grate ASAP or it will rust. Check the gaskets top and bottom but those are pretty bullet proof. There is an O ring for the daisy ring that might be shot, forget about it and move forward. You also may have caused some discoloration on the finish here or there.
  4. That looks delicious, the roasted peppers added tons of flavor I am sure.
  5. Parchment paper, 100% reliable, affordable and no special tricks required. I roll out 2 to 4 crusts at once, put each on a piece of parchment and stack them. Cover the top one. This makes it easy to move them around the kitchen. They will also rise while preparing the kamado and toppings. When ready, take the top one and dress it. Then using scissors trim the paper to match the shape of the pie and cook it. Pull the paper after a few minutes or just leave it. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Thank you! For me the open pit is one of the most engaging ways to cook with fire. It's like sitting around a camp fire but with a reward at the end, who doesn't love that? I've been "planning" a large rotisserie for that pit for many years, maybe soon. With all the chatter around fancy/complex or exotic dishes I decided to go simple.
  7. Hearty and warm, a perfect meal to enjoy under the stars. Pintos Onions Bell peppers Sweet corn Garlic Smoked Beef sausage Spices including ground mustard, oregano, cilantro, cummin and chili powder. Served with cheese and crusty bread. Cooked in a genuine cowboy bean pot (circa 1875) over an open hardwood fire. simmered over the fire for many hours, even the kids are looking for more as I type!
  8. The trip was great, we made all of our reservations before this event struck so we had concerns early on. We are glad it worked out. It was a fantastic getaway. Everyone needs to do what they feel is best for them and their family for sure. Not so sure it's bravery on our part but more like determination to live our lives, that and the CDC says your covid odds are 1:2331 versus the NSC says your odds for dying in a car wreck are 1:114, heart disease and cancer 1:7, drowning 1:1188.
  9. The landscape was beautiful, we'll be doing another trip to the area for sure. Nothing like driving for hours straight on a swerving 2 lane road at 75+ mph and never seeing any sign of life. A fantastic change from our 8 lane highways and mix masters. Do you know the purpose for all of the 8 foot tall fences at nearly all the ranches? I gather some are to keep things out and maybe some are to keep things in?
  10. Thank you and yes it was packed full of adventure. Food was far from the top of our list but that made it even more fun to improvise . It was true downtime for both of us, we even ditched the kids for a week, our first trip of significance without them for maybe 20 years!
  11. Luckenbach is good for maybe a few hours of live music and drinks, better make additional plans for while you are in the area. That being said, we couldn't allow ourselves to be so close and not visit.
  12. It finally happened, we took a trip to celebrate 25 years of marriage. We booked a week long stay at Peach Tree Inn and Suites. This is a great place to stay with a historic twist. Highly recommended. Our suite had a full size kitchen, a large fire pit and a smoker/bbq so there was some opportunity to cook. On arrival day we walked to Main Street and ate at Fredericksburg Brewery. We ordered a spinach salad to go. Pro tip, those are perfect for use in egg scrambles for breakfast. We were not prepared from a grocery perspective so we got creati
  13. I have both of these for several years now, even had them left out in the rain, no issues. If you hold your thumb on the light button on the duo it will lock and beep at you when it reaches a steady temperature. I highly recommend these.
  14. On the way out this morning. The flower is a Mexican Sunflower, they attract butterflies, and praying mantis
  15. Thai chili peppers and red curry paste gave this soup a great boost. Red onion, red bell pepper, celery provided color and texture (and lots of flavor) The soup base was built around coconut milk and red curry paste with ginger added for a pop. Fresh basil was added towards the end of the cook along with large raw shrimp and rice noodles for a robust soup. Delish! This is a practice round....
  16. That's right, it's that time of year when pumpkin finds its way in to everything, even if it shouldn't. My favorite thing to do is collect the seeds, clean them and roast with butter and salt until golden. It might be fun to try pumpkin bread. Perhaps some pumpkin puree in the base for a savory soup.
  17. A meal in one, what's not to love? How would it be toasted, I wonder? Delish I think.
  18. Thankfully nobody was injured, how horrible. I'm sure there's a New blue II out there.
  19. That looks down right delicious. Keep it away from me or I'll eat it all!
  20. I think I posted about the BioLite a long time ago, we are camping at the lake this weekend and decided to use it as our primary cooker. It burns almost anything, pine cones, bark, twigs, nut shells and even dried cow manure. For the record I use twigs and bark for boiling water but when cooking food directly over it I use wood chunks like hickory, no cow patty. This cooker obviously qualifies as cooking over fire. It is extremely unique in the idea that it burns wood gas for a very efficient burn. It uses fan forced air to get extremely hot and burn clean. For camping it off
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