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  1. Wow....you and your wife are busy. I have 3 children. Son 24, Daughter 23 & Son 20. My oldest is in Lima, Peru doing some volunteer work, my daughter is a personal trainer...(she loves some of my cooking), my youngest son is taking up classical guitar at the University of Windsor here in Canada. Been bbq now with charcoal for about 2 years, love camping and was involved with Scouts Canada for 10+ years...(learned alot there with living outdoors), now the wife and I love to just take off and travel in the summer for the 2 weeks I have off at work. Kids, I only have 4. 3 boys (5, 19 and 20) and 1 daughter (3 months). Oh am I in for it? Yes, I think so. The oldest are in DC atm. Hoping they enjoy easter. Jr is sleeping and dd is probably giving mother hell. the only other thing I can say on the topic is, "GO UT!"
  2. Welcome to the forum! What do they say? "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could!"
  3. Wow, it seems that folks who love to Q have many other things in common. Of course I smoke and grill. I also homebrew (not as often as I would like). I recently aquired a keg so I can stop messing with bottles. Camping is something we do often. We use to go up to our land and camp but now that we built a cabin we just go up and stay there 2 or 3 times a year. My wife and I keep a vegetable garden. So far this year we have tomatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, potatoes, broccoli, variety of peppers, strawberries, radishes, basil and cilantro. Some of these gre over the winter and in to the spring. Some are just getting going. I also like to tinker, I am making a wind turbine, recently put up solar panels to power my screened porch and deck. I also like RC models and have a couple of NITRO powered 4 wheel drive monster trucks and an electric RC plane. The trucks are 1/10th scale and will run about 40mph if you can keep'em on their wheels. Just happen to have a photo.
  4. Y'all have a wonderful Easter weekend. I'll personally celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by cooking and feasting on some ribs with my wife and kiddos.
  5. A few pictures of some "cookers" I have. One of these doesn't exactly fit the bill as a grill or smoker but it uses fire to cook. This is a pressurized alcohol stove I whipped up for backpacking. Hard case doubls as a large cup or bowl. Wind block, heineken pot, fuel bottle etc. All packs up together. Just the stove itself. Pot on stove. Everything packed up ==================================================================================== We have a cabin up in the mountains, I keep a fire ring up there for cooking. It counts right? ==================================================================================== Here is the Zeppelin. This is what the Zep is best at. These guys were so impressed at how cool it was when cooking chicken they wanted there picture!
  6. Mine appears pretty good. I use my lid latch 100% of the time. Are you?
  7. Hey, nice! Where did you get it? Wooden shelves and all? nice to have you!
  8. Isn't it nice to know you are not alone? Welcome to the AKORN family!
  9. I think everyone missed the boat on the paint. The outside is not simple paint, it is powder coat. I rub mine down every 3-6 weeks with vegie oil to keep it looking like new.
  10. Nice, looks kinda like something I have
  11. Mine go for ~4 hours. ~300. ~Perfect every time.
  12. I double checked my bag, at Albertons (if you have one near you) you can get 17lb bag of 100% natural hardwood briqs for $5 and change. Kroger has another (new) brand of lump for ~$5 with a $1 off coupon attached. Maybe we need a "great deals in your area" sticky for fuel thread?
  13. Thought about that, did it start the fire well? Sounds like it did. I bet that cost next to nothing - a nickel?
  14. Sorry y'all but who pays more for lump than the king#### per pound? Really? I can buy lump from almost any store that sells "bbq fuel" for less per lb than king####. I can get 100% natural hardwood briqs for $0.25 per lb. The idea of spending $8-$20 for a 20 lb bag is absurd. absurd - king####=absurd
  15. Cheese shouls really be smoked below 90 degrees or you will just have a mess. Here is a link for making a cold smoke generator that should work for almost any komada. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/coldsmokingcan ... ingcan.htm
  16. It doesn't get much easier than cotton ball and vegetable oil.
  17. Most of you have probably seen the weber starter cubes. Next time you get ready to start the fire try this. Arrange your lump in a pile, create a little "spot" in the center. Take one or two cotton balls (make sure they are real cotton) saturate with vegetable oil, drop them down in the "spot" and light. Put a few pieces of lump near/over the lit cotton ball and POW. This works just aswell as the weber starter cube but you get 500 lights for about 4 bucks instead of $5 for 24. I use it, if you try it let me know, I really want to know your feedback. I think it is a great idea!
  18. During my burn in period I did an overnight burn something like 17 hours @ 250ish, then turned around and cooked dinner ( loin chops with the same batch of fuel). The efficuency is a suprise, after all that the lump looks kinda burned a little. I used something in the range of 3 lbs. I didn't measure. Needless to say that if I have some in the cooker I am not very concerned about not being able to cook.
  19. After owning a John Deere JS-45 for 3 years I can offer that it is a quality mower that just works. -Front wheels swivel or lock straight making it very easy to get around trees, in tight spots etc. -It is a mulcher, bagger or side discharge and works great as a leaf bagger. -Made in the USA (John Deere will not sell a product or license it's name to a product that isn't made in the USA.) -This is a rebranded Snapper (John Deere doesn't make small equipment) so I could suggest snapper also. -this model is propelled and I'm not sure your reason for not wanting one (I can think of several valid reasons). I don't think all John Deere are self propelled, this one won't drag yuo around, it automatically moves at the speed you want - crawl to run - if you want to push your mower around to get that extra exercise it obviously won't work. I hear that Honda are reliable but no first hand experience. I have never had luck with the MTD's, Bolens etc of the world.
  20. .Wwhat specically do you want to know more about? You tell me and I'll post details, the good and the bad. The holes in the top and botton took some thought. I ended up finding brass oakley floor/tub drain fittings for that. They thread through the hole and help hold it together. Take out the rubber. The smoke stack is a chrome "bling" taile pipe from pep boys then it was ground on 1 end to fit the threaded inner ring of one of those drain fittings. Result was a stack that threaded down in to the hole. The entire thing revolved around thermal mass and air control. Hinges for the lid are huge barn hinges, I sat the top on the base before making cuts to make sure it fit tight. I purchased the temp guage from BBQ Galore - a local bbq specialty store that mostly features turbo and other built in gas grills. They also happen to sell the BGE. I used felt seals from BGE and roof flashing for the mating surface of the lid/base. A degreaser and vinegar made sure it would stick well. I named it zeppelin because the hindenburg burned a firey death - I was certain that would also be the fate of this device. EDIT* don't take this too serious - except the name and 10K I'd build you one! The idea of a wooden smoker (in this configuration) and the name Zeppelin (in association with a wooden smoker) are trademarked/copyrighted. I don't give a darn hoot until you start to earn money selling 'em. Besides, no fool of a store would take on the liability of selling a wooden smoker. Sign the waiver and offer me 10K and I'll think about it, it was a major pain in the rear to build. I learned a ton from building that thing, if you want to build some kind of cooker I would love to help.
  21. Nah - just wanted to know if I was crazy or not.
  22. I'm either going crazy or select posts are vanishing? Both from the intoductions area, my personal introduction and a comment I made on another persons introduction do not exist.
  23. I want to go hug a tree too. Without that tree I wouldn't be able to cook that fresh piece of meat to perfection. Surely we have all heard about the health nut that dies early or the person that smokes, drinks, sets all day and does nothing healthy yet live to 90 right? I think genetics play a larger role than most people give it credit. Eat, be happy and be active.
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