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  1. Looks great, I'll need to give something like this a try.
  2. It looks great for just coming out 'OK'.
  3. Looks yummy! Pretty sure my kids would chow. Kinda resembles a ultra thick crust pizza or a "flat" pull apart pizza.
  4. I guess it does - never another loaf like this one!
  5. Thank you, I am humbled. The syrup and long rise make this taste very good.
  6. The k-tec is sold by Blendtec, made in the U.S.A. and has an unconditional 10 year warranty (the warranty expired long ago on this one) but the warranty follows the owner, not the purchaser. It will also mill legumes, rice and corn among other things. Popcorn makes great corn meal.
  7. This bread was sweetened with pure maple syrup. In alignment with the challenge I used wheat that is 20 years old I purchased from some y2k preppers 15 years ago. It had an 18 hour proof in the fridge and cooked in the primo for 40 minutes at 350°f. It was pulled at an internal temperature of 191°f. It was not as airy as I hoped but it tastes fantastic. Whole wheat The trusty kitchen mill Whole wheat flower Second rise was overnight plus half a day. 4 hours at room temperature If this was what I could have and nothing else was available it's golden. Yes, I do wish it was more airy. If supplies are limited this is gold. Kids loved it toasted with butter!
  8. I did one last night, also came from Aldi. 400ºf indirect 25-30 minutes flipping several times. It was marinated in a no sugar sauce.
  9. Butterflied leg of lamb marinaded and basted in chimichurri. Cooked on the Primo indirect, 400°f with hickory for about 30 minutes. Served with a cheesy red potato casserole. It had been too long since I had a good hunk of lamb. The leftovers will be perfect chopped for a lamb salad this Wednesday.
  10. Caught me by suprise, thought I might have logged in to a bogus site at first. We'll all survive.
  11. And all of the weber kettle accessories will fit it.
  12. I'll agree with @KamadoChris just cook it naked for the entire cook. I never wrap a butt.
  13. Interesting for sure. I did buy a Weber Master Touch as a side kick to my Primo, it's pretty nice. The one thing I like about it above the Primo is being able to dump char, splash with "the fluid" and light. The ceramic insert might be good for stability on this cooker but for me it eliminates the advantage of the quick fire. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting for sure. I hope it can cook without the "slow roller" in place. I would have rather seen a double wall steel fire box instead of the ceramic insert, lighter and more durable while still providing a more efficient fire.
  14. Welcome to kamado guru. Enjoy your new kamado and share!
  15. I had enough in my collection so it was time for a little silly fun. A collection of some cooks I have done recently. Due to comments about the music on the last few I tried to do better, I solicited the help of my 8 year old daughter
  16. Grabbed these the other day and not a bad price. Marinated is olive oil, soy sauce, ground black pepper and course salt for 4 hours. Used high heat and continuous flip to turn these out. Very nice flavor, served with a sweet kale salad and poppy seed dressing. Will use this marinade again.
  17. Fantastic to have one leave the nest! Oregon wouldn't be my first choice but I think that's the point, they are their own person and isn't that what we strive for? Don't forget that even though she is far away she will always fall back on what you taught her.
  18. philpom

    RV build

    Some updates, all walls are up and the ceiling spars in place. The rear bulkhead is assembled but not fastened yet but all rear framing for the bulkhead is done. Ceiling goes up as soon as I can get to it. I have a 1.5" cavity in the ceiling for insulation which should give me R10-11. I chose 1/4" birch for the ceiling material and will use 1/4" exterior ply for the roof top. The final roof gets FRP over it. I am getting very close to being able to apply exterior finish. A look at the rear wall and a good look at how the trunk will work out. Some detail of the bulkhead framing More of the same Framing in the ceiling, you can see the spot for the Fan-Tastic Fan This represents where the top of the trunk stops. Above this will be a long shelf for storage inside the cabin.
  19. Burgers are always done on the Blackstone. Low and slow is either the Primo or the offset but mostly the Primo. Pizza and baking are always on the Primo, alot of other things could be the Primo or the 22" Weber. I tend to prefer the kettle for sausage. It depends!
  20. HEET in the yellow bottle is 99% alcohol and can also be used as marine stove fuel. Walmart, autozone, Napa etc You can also use denatured alcohol from a paint store, Lowes, home depot, Sherwin Williams etc. Also 99% alcohol and is a marine cook stove fuel. I have always just used cotton balls soaked in alcohol. Works so well and cheap.
  21. Had a large group over and skirt steak is fast, simple and delish. Some Rojo Sazon and a quick sear. Served with sauté onions and peppers w/fresh guacamole.
  22. Seems like a flaw to me, plastic doesn't belong on a grill. You could probably fabricate a steel handle of sorts. File a claim and see, maybe, maybe not.
  23. Welcome, hopefully you'll be up and running soon!
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