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  1. Thanx for the update boss man......But it's freakin' charcoal!!!!!!
  2. Man.......these Lifetime Site Supporters.....blah blah blah.....
  3. Pennington, just go with which one you think looks the best. U already owned an Akorn so u already know in ur heart what does and doesn't justify the cost. Screw all these stupid car comparisons(they are literally on every post on this forum, damn near). I have a Classic and Jr. Cooked on a few other brands. They are all the same and not much different at all. Some people just want to justify the price they paid. Nothing wrong with that. But some of us see through the fanboy mentality. U owned an Akorn...U already see through the B.S.
  4. How do you like the Weber Q? Got my eye on a Q3200.
  5. It's charcoal.....It's going to spark....
  6. No one is arguing that it's not kinda nice, but damn.......look at the price!!!!!!!!
  7. This is becoming more and more prevalent. I have a classic and a jr, but I may have to get a BGE XL instead of a big joe. No wonder Kamado Joe has great customer service.....customers obviously need it quite often.
  8. Excellent Excellent video. Not a Primo owner, but this really makes me a fan. I'm not the type of person that everything I purchase has to be American Made. But seeing American Made in action like this really hits home in an industry that is full of outsourced companies. Kamado joe owner here, but I'm really routing for Primo as a company.
  9. Killionx

    2016 KJ

    I know everyone here is protective of the site owner. I wasn't trying to insult Mr. John. His videos are informative. I own a black classic that I love and a joe jr that I could do without. Mr. Brennan asked for suggestions so I figured why not chime in. Plus everyone is basically suggesting the same things. And I'm not suggesting replace or remove Mr. John, but add to them with different hosts or themes. I didn't purchase my joe because of John. I had my black joe before any Kamado Joe videos were ever made. What's wrong with a more updated look to the presentation of the company's product? I know other people make videos that include cooking with joe's, but I don't consider that relative to Kamado Joe's image or branding. It's all good, just suggesting stuff.
  10. Killionx

    2016 KJ

    Maybe sponsoring some new cooks. Not a lot of available videos on Youtube. You need some fresher more enthusiastic faces representing you guys on YouTube. Not the same mundane videos that haven't changed in a couple years. Get some different personalities out there to speak about your products. Need more than 1 face presenting your product to the public.
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