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  1. Wife picked up some tuna steaks and last minute decided I'd try it on the Joe. I know to get it hot and do it for a minute or so per side, but should I have my grates in upper/opening level or lower closer to the fire? Assuming at 500-600 degrees I'm fine rolling at the upper level.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies...link fixed as well. Now for perhaps a very stupid question, but so be it. In every brisket pic I've seen, I see the temp probe inserted with the brisket unfoiled/unwrapped. When you foil or wrap, do you take the probe out and then insert through the paper/foil? Keep it in and just wrap around the spot where the probe is inserted?
  3. Think I am finally going to attempt first brisket next weekend, and pretty sure I'm going with Myron's method. Was reading an article (this one: http://www.thedailymeal.com/perfect-brisket-recipe My question is about the water pan. I've never used a water pan before for anything. For those who have cooked on a Joe or other Kamado, do you leave out the water pan or go with it as he recommends with this method?
  4. Eventually hope to make it back to either SC or NC myself.
  5. Yep, same result with the carrots. Try a few next time. I'm usually partial to the corn and mushrooms for same reason.
  6. Yea I tried to find that in Kroger tonight but no luck, just the low-moisture partial skim.
  7. Read a good article today on Seriouseats that touted shredding block cheese over pre-shredded/bagged cheese. For those of you who have made decent pizzas, is that your experience as well or have you had equal success (and good flavor) with the bagged stuff too?
  8. Generally speaking, how hot do you get the grill? 500 range? I know it needs to be crazy hot but I didn't know if there was a "too hot" for the skillet with smash burger. I did my first smash burger a few weeks ago and it was incredible, but did it in CI on the stove top and smoked the entire house by the time I was finished.
  9. I'll be doing about 40lbs in a few weeks. Can't wait. Ever tried adding whole carrots? Added to mine last year (crawfish, shrimp, corn, mushrooms, pearl onions, sausage, whole carrots, potatoes).
  10. No worries on the staining and discoloration. If I go get one it will be specifically for the KJ. Thanks much!
  11. Would you recommend doing a pyrex dish or best not to go that route?
  12. Very good to know that the gunk is almost a badge of honor. I'll roll with it as-is. Thanks much for the advice.
  13. I read through some threads on another site and most mentioned throwing it on the grill when shutting down, but those were BGE owners who have the ceramic cap. If I take mine and throw it on the grill during shut down then my top vent on the KJ is wide open. I have A LOT of gunk on this thing and thinking I need to start getting some of that cleaned off. Going to do a high-heat burn off soon, so should I just throw it on the grates at that point? Do I need to season/re-season like I do a cast iron skillet?
  14. Success. Overcooked it a little for my taste, but wife was happy. 400 direct for about 25 minutes. For some reason not letting me attach files even though they are under the max file size.
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