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  1. Kind of funny though. Old box cracks into a few pieces, new box IS several pieces. Heavy to. Probably not cheap for them to ship.
  2. I called in the warranty for my cracked KJ Classic recently. Easy process. A few emails, sent a pic, got new one a week later. My classic is 10 years old.it's been cracked for years and there really are no use issues. After getting this new replacement, I think I'll just keep using the old one. I haven't tried to put it in yet. It looks like it's too big to fit, and a PITA. The ceramic is much thicker than the original. Also, the big hole where the charcoal grate goes is to large for the original. Good, quick warranty service, but the replacement isn't 100%. I will have to improvise a charcoal grate.
  3. I like that set up. I was about to get those rib rings. Now, I'll just buy more ribs and some toothpicks.
  4. Thanks for the sloroller info. I got one still in the box. Even temps seems like a good feature. Sloroller is for low temps, so I haven't read anyone mention using some canola oil to help make it non stick, easier to clean? Cleaning seems to be the issue with the sloroller.
  5. I've got a sloroller coming, and a Vision. I'll let you know.
  6. https://www.scheels.com/p/kamado-joe-sloroller-with-rack-classic-joe/81173802351.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=unpaidlistings
  7. I'm late to the conversation again, lol. So, I actually am in need of a new heat deflector for my KJ classic. Old one broke, dont remember how, cracked or dropped. I don't think I'd get this for the $189 price point. Guess they didn't sell very well? Anyway, I found one for $39.99, cheaper than a new heat deflector. At this price point, in willing to try it out. https://www.scheels.com/p/kamado-joe-sloroller-with-rack-classic-joe/81173802351.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=unpaidlistings
  8. I'm a little late to this. I just recently came across this picahna cut. Coulote steak is what it is, fat cap intact. The top sirloin cap. I found a whole top sirloin at cash and carry, 15 pounds @$3.59lb. Should yield a nice picahna and sirloin steaks. I usually just go for a tri tip. Great value, great taste. This big lean sub primal is a very good buy. After I finally located picahna at a good price, I found that Wal-Mart sells this cut. Angus choice, $7.50 lb. Cooking it this afternoon.
  9. that's cheap. usually 2/ 15lb bagsfor $10 around holidays. Was it wet?
  10. Im always looking for ingenuity, but this looks like air flow restriction to me. Ashes need to drop as well. I've found regular open grates to be superior to the stock plates with holes in them, cant remember what their called lol.
  11. Oh yea! That's the one!. Every time I think I have a good idea, the internet tells me someone else beat me to it, lol. I've used about everything and this torch is the best. I actually bought it to burn weeds. Then ended up using to light logs in my woodstove. That works well. Friend of mine told me he puts his grill grates in the oven on clean cycle instead of burning them off on the grill to save charcoal. Hmm, let me see here. I started putting the torch to the grill grates. Burns them cleans them in minutes. Got to be careful though! A short blast on the lump gets kamado going very quickly. Lights the whole bowl at once, shut the dome, set your vents, wait for blue smoke in half the time. $30 for the torch, $20 for a tank of propane. Well worth it. One thing I thought of is to use the torch for a quick blast to firm up bark or crisp chicken skin. Maybe a quick reverse steak sear?
  12. I noticed instant pot makes a sous vide controller. $79 at Target
  13. Checked out naked whiz review off Rockwood charcoal. Good review, in stock at Ace. Review our a few years old. I didn't have any large pieces in my 20 lb bag. I was disappointed the pieces seemed small. It was easy to light and burned really well. I did a rib cook on my kamado Joe. Doing anther cook now. Loading the bowl I noticed the pieces sound like wind chimes clanking together. The charcoal is well carboned. But for the small pieces, it seems to be some pretty good stuff.
  14. For all our fancy wifi thermometers, automatic temperature controllers, kamados, pellet smokers etc., the backyard cookout lives on without all that. Recently invited to a coworkers home . I didn't want to be a snob and preach the glory of better equipment. He used a walmart square grill for 10 pounds of chicken parts, direct grilled 4-6 inches from coals of Kingsford briquettes, lit with lighter fluid, OMG! 6 tri tip roasts cooked on briquettes and fluid as well. Using a small 18 inch high by 12 inch diameter steel barrel, tri tips hung on meat hooks over rebar. Usually used to contain iron works nuts and bolts. lots of lighter fluid, lol/. No temp control. Still laughing? I was. It all turned out great. Lighter fluid burned off before cooking. Tri tips covered with a piece of flat steel on the bucket. damn near perfect, but really, no one cared. Just good times with good people.
  15. i missed all those cracks. No , I wouldn't buy it for more than $50. It would probably work just fine.
  16. I haved a FoodMaxx 2 miles down the road. $1.99 untrimmed is the lowest price I have ever seen anywhere. Tri tip is readily available almost always available under $5 lb, often on sale under $3 lb. . It is very versatile. a choice cut will shred like a chuck roast and not be dried out. These from FM are Canadian, most of their beef is from Canada. Canada has a different grading system, these dont say what grade they are. . They're opening the big bags and selling individual roasts $3.50lb, trimmed. I got one of those to see the quality. Very lean, as a select, but maybe a bit leaner on the one I got.Tri tip this lean makes excellent beef jerky. Fat trim on tri tip runs about 20% on these bulk bags.
  17. I can't see any damAGE FROM MY END. I"ve had my Vision a few years now. No fire bowl cracks. Needs new gasket, but still smothers the coals. It will be fine. Good price.
  18. They may be attracted to ashes, soot. It' strange, but I bet flies inside my wood heating stove in the summer. They come down the flue from the top opening on the roof. Could be something crawled i the flue and died, and they were hatched maggots, but the top opening is screened and intact. No foul smells, just flies.
  19. Sams Club has had these at $299 or less every year that I checked, around Hallowween
  20. I haven't used three rotisserie accessories. It looks like it props up the done to get it in there. I wonder if something could be rigged to make the dome taller. Much the same as the Webber kettle extension. A few modified bands would hold it all together.
  21. What was the sale price? Around Halloween the warehouse stores start discounting also.
  22. Raised grate over low and slow coals works well with just about everything. The vaporization of drippings make tasty smoke. Some southern pit masters don't use any wood other then the hot wood coals.
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