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  1. Appreciate the feedback and thanks for pointing me to your post comparing a cook on gas and kamado... it's true that I have another post about why I am on the fence about making a kamado purchase, however, I'm pretty sure I'm convinced that buying a kamado is in my future. Now it's just a question of when and where, still trying to figure out what kamado is right for me. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks, and I appreciate that. I'll be sure to update my site to link back to kamadoguru.com.
  3. I'm new to this forum and just sent in my intro topic for moderator review. After seeing some fantastic plates I wanted to showcase a filet mignon I made for the wife and I this past Saturday. Reduction was balsamic and merlot, 70/30 ratio with some finely chopped yellow onion and fresh rosemary simmered and reduced by half. I cooked the filet on the stove top med-high on both sides and finished it in a 400 degree oven all in my go to cast iron skillet. Potatoes were also done in cast iron... came out really good. She had a really rough week so the spurge on the filet was for her... I'm g
  4. Hi Gurus! I live in the northeast and I already own a gas and charcoal (kettle) grill. Kamado's don't seem to be widely used/available in the northeast but everything I hear about them has my attention. I'm a novice backyard cook at best, but I do have one claim to fame when I landed a spot on Ask This Old House - where Richard plumbed my NG grill! If you've seen the episode jokes about grilling pancakes still circulate and I have to say it was the associate producer's idea... anyway. I am having a hard time making a decision on a kamado so I put a website together (www.mykamado.com) in
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