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  1. brian1082

    prime rib roast.

    Yea I figured I'd just hook up the Myrick and wait for it to hit 140.
  2. Can anybody give me a good temp and time in cooking a prime rib roast? Keep in mind that no one likes it rare here. I'm looking for a good med or med well internal temp.
  3. brian1082

    Cornish Hen Two Ways

    Nice cook!! Looks awesome.
  4. brian1082

    First smoke on the akorn!!

    I appreciate guys!! When I first opened the grill I could've swore I heard the superman theme mixed in with the terminator theme. Haha
  5. brian1082

    First smoke on the akorn!!

    I'm going for some beef short ribs tomorrow! !
  6. My first boston butt kamado style. Slow smoked over night and awesome to the taste buds!!
  7. brian1082

    Fajita Friday!!

    the wife made some seasoning for ill get it and post it
  8. brian1082

    Fajita Friday!!

    Gettin it done.
  9. brian1082

    Fajita Friday!!

    A simple cook for some good eatin!!
  10. brian1082

    wood chips.

    Well I'll take any advice you give me. I'm here to get opinions and try to improve my cooks! Just like what you just told me. It seems very logical. My food hasn't really been bad but hey it can always be better.
  11. brian1082

    wood chips.

    Will do CeramicChef! Why don't you soak your wood chunks? If you don't mind me asking.
  12. brian1082

    wood chips.

    I'm used to using wood chips in my master built smoker but I bought some wood chunks for the kamado grill. This will be my first time smoking on it. I was wondering if any one had any suggestions on what size they prefer on their kamado.
  13. brian1082


    I purchased my akorn a little over a month ago and it's had something cooking on it near ab every other day. Been outside in 8 inches of snow cooking away. You won't be disappointed.
  14. I'm going to have these skillzzzz one day..