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  1. I almost always let my poultry drip with no adverse effect. if anything the fat drip improved the flavor.
  2. Catsn'doos

    CostCo and meat safety

    I do feel very lucky in that respect. Even though we are truly in the middle of nowhere by most folks standards, we are along the old rail line, and have a few small towns that still thrive thanks to retirees moving to the old mining towns to find some serenity. We also have a pretty darn good butcher in town, and a huge meat packer/custom killing facility just up the road that processes our livestock for us. I also appreciate that someone has brought this to everyones attention. I never buy steaks from a store anyways, but often buy roasts to cut up, but this is good knowledge to have.
  3. Catsn'doos

    Chest Freezer Question(s)

    food saver vac sealers are a need for deep freezing IMO. My 21 cu ft came with dividers, but I have seen many people build a grid that split their freezer into 6 out of plywood. In doing so, however, you need to cut windows or drill holes through the plywood to allow the air in the freezer to circulate.
  4. Catsn'doos

    mini kamado

    i don't get these posts that say the BGE mini is too small. I manage meals for 3 entirely cooked on the kamado quite frequently. Camping it is heavy and takes forever to cool. THAT would be my reason for hunting down an Akorn. Lighter and easier to cool down.
  5. Catsn'doos

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    I second this. Our lodge and Lagostina cast ware alike started out very textured. you can tell which ones we use more by how smooth they have gotten over time. That said, years of SOS pads when they need attention from being unattended too long on the stove may have also contributed to their smooth finish.
  6. Catsn'doos

    Charcoal Consumption Rate

    I find I get as good or better efficiency here (Ontario) in the winter on the -30 nights because the fire can breathe. High temp cooks are the only ones I find harder in the cold.
  7. Catsn'doos

    Charcoal Consumption Rate

    Living somewhere where humidity always runs high (mostly because you can't drive any direction for more than 5 - 10 minutes without driving into a lake, river, or large swamp) I find lump consumption more driven by outdoor climate than Inside the kamado. That said, I have had a few cuts over the years rendering so much fat that I had to run my Kamado far more opened up than usual to maintain temp as the inside of the Kamado was condensing while cooking. These cooks were also often during cold damp weather as well, so I believe atmosphere played just as much of a role. In these cases charcoal consumption was higher, but only maybe 30 min to an hour less charcoal left after a 12-14 hour cook.
  8. Catsn'doos

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Well, here's a teaser of Alice roast layered with the butter mushroom and onion between layers of strips... This time I switched it up and wrapped it with lettuce and peppers, with a drizzle of hot rhubarb bbq sauce. Next time I make this I'll do like you suggested and do a step by step. With 2 kids 2 and under, finding time to document cooks is a little harder right now. A personal favorite time to do this is when the wild Puffball mushrooms are in full swing, then use slices of puff ball in place of cremini mushrooms.
  9. Catsn'doos

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Armadillo Eggs (the dish, not the thing) Duck Lamb Venison Water Buffalo Bison Lots of animals that are fantastic over Charcoal. One of my personal favorite meals to grill on the kamado is smoked Beef roast sliced 1/2" thick in strips and then cedar planked in layers with Butter, Onions, Mushrooms and chive topped with a pepper jack or Gouda cheese. Put on a bun of your choice or eat as it is.
  10. Catsn'doos

    Keto Diet

    although we haven't gone to the extreme of Keto, my wife and I have moved toward low carbohydrate foods. Both being individuals whose jobs require physical activity all day, the last thing you want to do (or have time for in many cases) is going somewhere for even more exercise. I have seen some phenomenal results in friends and family from Keto, and even though we aren't following it to a "t" Lowered carb intake and cutting out the "white foods" has led to weight loss, better sleep (when the baby allows us to sleep) and more energy. Obviously diet doesn't replace exercise, however I do believe the greater majority of the population heavily carb loads whether they realise it or not.
  11. Catsn'doos

    Best bet for baby backs?

    When looking for that texture, I loosely follow 3-2-1 with the time intervals being around that proportion but not often that long, when bark sets on the ribs, I then foil with Apple Juice and Apple cider vinegar, then back on the grill to tighten up the outside and then sauce. The bones sometimes pull right out. I'm in the tug off the bone camp, ribs shouldn't be pulled pork on a stick...
  12. Catsn'doos

    Edmonton Armageddon: City is Cold Smoking

    I wondered how bad it was getting for you guys there. Seems a big chunk of the country is on fire right now
  13. Catsn'doos

    Roasting Raw Coffee Beans

    I couldnt justify going to all that effort and not using either a french press or stainless perculator to make the coffee
  14. Catsn'doos

    Who needs an oven?

    What is an indoor over? Is that the thing we use when the Kamado is frozen shut once or twice a winter while I defrost the Kamado?
  15. Catsn'doos

    Snake River Farms Brisket

    I do feel the same way. run of the mill cuts cooked lower and longer have yielded the best products in my experiences. that said, many here have experiences on the contrary. Many of those individuals also seem willing to spend far more than I could ever consider on a piece of meat as well though...