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  1. Pictures will do most of the talkin here on this super simple dish Split dogs down middle to add to the flavor profile and help add texture... Layered flavors of toasted buttered buns with mustard and shredded cheese base. Split fire grilled dog with sliver of bacon on top to help with the "snap". Finished with house made chili sauce with hot sauce to add heat and mustard to layor last flavor... ahem - delicious
  2. We sorta modeled it off the Bacon Cheddar Toaster from Sonic with a few "improvements" lol
  3. Self explanatory title lol, so let's get to it! Plain 80/20 ground chuck hit with generous amount of salt and pepper on both sides No burger is complete w/o cheese... shredded cheddar is my favorite Keeping an eye on temps! Just about there Time to plate up on the buttered and grilled toast with some bacon, lettuce, mayo, mustard and pickles And of course the money shot complete with seasoned fries... yeehaw Thanks for taking a peek!!
  4. I love a good Shiner. First time I've had this variety and I would definitely buy it again
  5. Thanks for the nice comments guys. I'm having a lot of fun with the joe jr. Literrally everything we've made on it has been terrific and trust me I'm not a chef by any stretch lol
  6. Thanks Aussie. I was pretty impressed to be quite honest. I'm still amazed at how well food comes out on these kamado cookers. Makes me look like a hero to my wife... lol
  7. OK so first go at some hot wings on the joe jr and man did they turn out great. Nothing fancy with the prep as I'd never had grilled wings before. Simple salt and pepper sprinkle and onto the grill which varied in temp from 350-400 -- cooked 35 mins or so. After that a bath in a couple different sauces to test out which flavors we liked best... Little beer while grill gets rollin Getting there Plated with 2 different sauces Money... thanks for taking a peek
  8. Wife and I whipped up these super simple Shrimp Poboys. Just the snack we needed during a long day of working in the yard. Dressed very simply with mayo, mustard, shredded lettuce and pickle. Very tasty!!
  9. Thanks guys. Had some minor charring issues in a few areas but overall the flavor was really good for such a simple cook.
  10. Second cook for me on the Kamado Joe Jr... definitely a bit of a learning curve in play here. Started with a choice bone-in Ribeye and trimmed down to a french cut. Let meat set out to room temp before grilling... this is where the problems came in. The grill would not heat over 500 it seemed UNTIL I put the steak on and from then on it wanted 700 lol. Anyhow, it was one of the better steaks I've had and I'm excited to get this process dialed in. No butter or oil used... just salt and pepper.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. Picked up a nice bone-in Ribeye yesterday... hope to grill it up on Friday!
  12. Picked up a new Kamado junior today and played around w/ it some... got it up to 750 before settiling it down to 350-400 for some burgers. First cook on kamado style grill.. pretty impressed so far!
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