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  1. Yes. It is very important to ensure the meat is clean. I don't know the proper terminology, but we've always soaked/flushed the hogs in cold water, changing it frequently to get all of the blood out of the meat. When the water no longer changes color, it's good to go. Hope to get a few this coming year myself.
  2. Just be happy you get roadshows. In Canada, stocking up on KJ lump means $26 dollars a bag. I'm not going to complain too much since last year we were lucky enough to find a place that was selling KJ lump. Now you can find KJ easily. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a KJ roadshow in 2017. At today's rate, $26 CDN is $20 USD. Would like to find it for $20 USD. The few local places here are $25-$30 USD per bag. But, as you said, at least it's available.
  3. Mobile isn't that far - if you make a large enough purchase. only 2 hours...without traffic I have family in Gulf Breeze (near the Garcon Point bridge). Been there since the early 80's at least. Don't make it over to visit nearly as often as I would like. I was also stationed at NAS Pensacola from '96-'99. The Mobile Costco, unfortunately, doesn't carry KJ lump on a regular basis. They have been carrying the big bags of Cowboy lump - but it's not the same. A lot more small pieces.
  4. Mobile isn't that far - if you make a large enough purchase.
  5. And at the same time can grill half-a-dozen burgers without using any more lump than the Classic.
  6. ^^^ This. MAPP also burns hotter than Propane so it doesn't take as much to light the same area.
  7. I agree with Chuck0531 - buy a Kamado Joe at one of their roadshow events at Costco; hopefully there's a Costco close to you. Here's a link to this year's schedule:http://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html On a side note - unfortunately, I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy a Kamado Joe during my local Costco roadshow event. I regretted not buying one on the spot and I felt that I missed out on the great price. But... I was able to buy a KJ Classic WITH a JoeTisserie during this year's Amazon Prime Day for $999.99. So, it all worked out in the end and I'm a new Kamado Joe owner! 3 Cooks so far and it's been awesome! Thanks for the link. The Roadshow will be in my area in a couple of weeks. I'm going to join up at Costco. I'm looking at the Big Joe now. I got in on the same Amazon deal with the classic and the rotisserie. Great price. But like my mom always told me, everything happens for a reason :-) I guess is a reason mine was damaged. I'm not sure of the promotions since the switch from AmEx to Visa but there are two non-business memberships, Gold Star and Executive. When I joined, if you went with the Executive membership you were issued an AmEx credit card with 0% APR for 12 months (with approved credit). I used that to buy my KJ Classic & Junior and paid it off before the promotion period expired.
  8. Nothing wrong with being thrifty. But... In this case, bite the bullet and buy the extender. Otherwise, you're probably going to spend that much money (or more) trying to accomplish this in the future. Buy once, cry once.
  9. I love pot pie! I have a recipe and have (or at least had) everything I needed to make them. My recipe makes two pies, though. And I'm the only one in the house that likes pot pies....
  10. I look forward to hearing how it comes out.
  11. I agreed to smoke some butts for a retirement luncheon - next thing I know I was delivered 54 lbs of pork butts (6 butts). The luncheon was on a Friday. NO way all of that would fit on my Classic. I loaded three butts on the Classic Wednesday night at 250°F and let it smoke until Thursday morning, when I pulled them, triple-foiled them, and put them in my oven at 195°F. The Classic was still maintaining temp, but I dropped a little more lump in the bottom with a little more smoking wood. I then loaded the other three butts and let them smoke until I got home from work. I then took them off the Classic, triple-foil wrapped them and put them in the oven with the other three. I pulled them all out of the oven at 0500 Friday morning and put them in my cooler with some towels. They were unwrapped and served at noon. While maybe not ideal, it worked. I overheard several people ask who they had cater the pulled pork.
  12. I've had one experience with that myself, though not on the grill. If it doesn't hurt you, it will scare the crap out of you when it blows!
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