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  1. If money and room are no issue - BJ. My Classic rarely gets used and I rarely cook for more than three or four people. IMO you won't use any more charcoal in a BJ than you would in a Classic. Lastly, just because you have room (grill space) doesn't mean you have to use it. If you don't have enough room...
  2. Regardless of who moves it, I recommend it be taken down to as many pieces as possible and securely wrap them individually. I had to move a Junior, a Classic and a Big Joe about 45 miles when we moved a couple years ago. Myself and my wife took all the guts out of all the grills and wrapped them. We took the grills out of the stands and put good, thick cardboard between the lid and the base. Then we placed the grills on foam insulation and used additional foam insulation to pad the sides. It was really scary just the two of us trying to lift the grills out of and the
  3. I like the idea of a portable egg. Will be watching this. I already have a Junior, Classic and Big Joe - what's one more?
  4. I get in enough trouble for my snarkiness - try to keep it clean and to the point here.
  5. My temps rarely get into the teens (°F) but I just build the fire as normal and let it cool off as normal. I don't see how you could thermal shock the ceramics unless you let the fire build to max temp and then threw ice water inside. I've seen pics with snow still accumulating on some eggs during low and slow cooks.
  6. The lowest that I've tried to maintain is a dome temp of 225°F. Maintained that for ~20 hours in a Big Joe with six pork shoulders. No charcoal basket, no electronics and using KJ big lump charcoal. I did use a remote electronic thermometer to monitor the internal meat temp and did not open the BJ until the alarm went off.
  7. Are you talking about a cooking grate or the charcoal/fire grate? If the charcoal/fire grate - don't worry about it.
  8. Use deflectors and wood chunks and smoke it. Or, use deflectors and no wood chunks and bake it just like you would in the oven. Or, see if you can get a Joetisserie and have a rotisserie turkey. It appears you've already done whole chickens.
  9. For direct heat cooking I light one area, be that a side, the middle, etc. of the appropriate size for the meal I plan to cook (burgers, dogs, a couple pieces of chicken). I do cheat and use a propane torch to light my fires. I'm not trying to convince you to change if you're comfortable. Only stating what I've found works or me.
  10. I thought I had pictures but can't find them I use a pan just like that, also on the X-rack. There is about a 1" gap all around. I also line the pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil. The drippings from your meat will burn so cleaning the drip tray will be a mess. You "could" put a little apple juice or water in the pan, but I don't do that and I'm not sure how that would affect temps. Works like a charm. The empty pan doesn't affect the heat/oven operation. Alternatively, you could just wrap your heat deflectors in foil and throw that foil away after you a
  11. I used the firebox divider that came with my Big Joe, once. It's more of a hassle and I really don't feel I use any more charcoal than when I just fill the firebox up completely. I've recently bought a Kick Ash basket and my wife will be using it. Can't comment on it yet.
  12. Well, either a low grade tornado or some very serious straight line winds came through the yard (within about 50 yards of the house). Our wind meter only measured a peak wind of 47 mph, but it's also now at an acute angle. A nearby neighbor measured peak wind at 117 mph. No damage to the house but our banana tree is now at an acute angle and our chicken run is missing it's roof (16x16). The Joe's did not move.
  13. Hurricane Zeta is bearing down as we speak. I have a BJ and a Classic in the yard (dirt) with the wheels partially buried. Not because we wanted to, but because that happens with the amount of rain. Anyways, I'll ask her if either moved when she wakes up in the morning and let you know. Knock on wood, neither have moved without human assistance up to this point.
  14. Who said anything about temps? I said I didn't have room.
  15. But you don't get that nice smoky flavor from the oven. I have a Classic and a BJ back home and we do pizzas all the time. It's just not the same coming out of an oven.
  16. That looks awesome. Don't quite have the room in my Junior to something like that.
  17. Just to add: the Navy Exchange in Naples, Italy has KJs sitting on the floor right now. Classics and BJs. Lump charcoal on the other hand... Thankfully, Amazon will deliver to FPO boxes. Even lump charcoal.
  18. And call the local Costco before you go to ensure it's actually happening.
  19. This was my justification to myself.
  20. I went with a Kamado Joe specifically to get away from electricity and gas. For most any low & slow cook, I fill the fire box as full as I can get it. I also try to use quality lump (the better the quality, the bigger the pieces). I use Cowboy brand when I want to grill or do pizzas. Those smaller pieces burn faster and hotter. I've never user a Kick Ash Basket, but I have recently purchased one and will use it the first chance I get to see what, if any, difference it makes for my cooking.
  21. Don't open the lid. Not trying to be funny or sarcastic or anything else. Light your grill and bring it up to temp with the lid closed. Prep your meat, put it on the grill, insert thermometer probe, shut lid, open when desired temp is reached. If you leave the lid open for very long at all you also build up the fire, increasing temperature.
  22. Jamie, I have no experience with the Weber but I love all three of my Kamado Joe's. With that said, were I in the market today I may be looking elsewhere for a ceramic grill. Not only from what I've read on here but also what I've seen experienced first-hand from new purchases, the quality appears to be falling. Couple that with the world's dilemma known as C-19 and the impact that fiasco is having on everything from manufacturing to customer service - I would be hesitant to buy from KJ.
  23. They didn't show at the Mobile, AL store either.
  24. Welcome. What exactly are you looking for? The only thing that I've found is the Kick Ash basket, which I just ordered. My Joe Jr has been in storage for almost four years. Recent life events had me dig it out and now I'm learning how to use it. I sure miss my Big Joe.
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