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  1. @CentralTexBBQexactly what you said, without the fat on top the bark was substandard. I removed the fat between the two pieces because it was really like a thick silver skin and I thought it it become tough rather than render.
  2. Well these turned out below average. Should have removed the extra flap of meat and treated it like a steak. Cooked to 200 it was tough and dry. Short ribs were not great either. I have done short ribs before with great results, but decided to trim the fat off based on a couple of videos I had seen about getting more rub on the meat. Won’t do that again as the short ribs did not come out moist as I am accustomed to.
  3. Getting ready to smoke some short ribs I picked up vacuum pack from a local butcher. When I unwrapped on package has a flap of meat on the top. This was connected to the short rib with a thin layer of fat that I cleaned up. Is this part of the short rib or a steak that just didn't get trimmed off? I am cooking it with it on and will see what happens.
  4. Give @John Setzler method a try with injection and tenting rather than wrapping. I have done butts this way several times and always great results.
  5. Make sure you grill is heat soaked. A Kamado takes a little time to heat the ceramics. Once your grill is at your cooking temp leave it there for 30 minutes. Then when you the meat on you will still see a temp drop, but it will recover much quicker since your ceramics are providing heat as well as the fire. This was a big learning point for me when I first got my KJ. As a rule if I am doing a low and slow, I start my grill at least 60 minutes before I plan to put the meat on.
  6. Saw a great tip from @Smokingdadbbq about putting some wads of paper towels behind the firebox plates to line them up when putting the ring on. They just burn up and turn to ash during your first cook. When I lifted my KJ II from the ground up into a built in kitchen, I ran a ratchet strap through the ash tray opening and out the top vent opening. This secured the top an bottom together and could be used as a lifting grip.
  7. Has anyone seen a drawing that shows the open dimensions for a Classic 3. We are designing our outdoor kitchen and wanted to make sure we designed enough space for the lid to be open without hitting the wall. We built an out door kitchen in our previous home for a classic 2, but it was mounted on the diagonal in the corner so the space behind was not an issue.
  8. What @Red&Blue Kamado said. When the lid is open you have lost your airflow control and given the fire plenty of oxygen. That is why most of the electronic fan controllers have a "lid open" delay of 5-10 minutes where they don't run the fan. This allows the fire to consume the extra oxygen before the fan kicks back in.
  9. Motor and rod stored in kitchen cabinet, ring stored in a deck box with my lump by the grill.
  10. Place your store bought pizza on parchment paper and cut the paper a little larger than the pie. Put the pizza on the parchment paper into your grill on the pizza stone close the lid. After 3 minutes use a pizza peel or large spatula to lift the pizza and remove the parchment paper. Pizza back on the stone.. Now keep and eye on your crust checking every couple of minutes. Depending on the crust you should be done in 5-8 minutes. I just recently did this while cooking a thawed frozen pizza with just some added toppings and it came out fine, even though the box said cook at 400. As others
  11. Looks great! Do you have a link to the recipe or video? Did a quick search and couldn't find it.
  12. I am a big fan of Peach for pork butt. I usually mix it with Hickory. My problem is I am unable to source chunks locally.
  13. Everything mentioned above, plus leaving time to heat soak the KJ. For low and slow I start my grill 90 minutes before my cook time. This lets me dial in the temp and let the ceramic heat up at temp for 45-60 min. I toss my smoking wood on about 30 minutes before the meat. Since the ceramic is now heat soaked, when you put the meat on the grill quickly returns to cooking temp when you close the lid. Don't worry about an initial temp drop, that is normal when you add 10-15lb of cold meat.
  14. I know @John Setzler says above he no longer injects, but when I first got my KJ I followed his video from 2015 which uses a pineapple/apple juice injection. I have cooked this many times and friends say it is the best pulled pork they have had. Doesn't seem to matter what rub I use, but generally use Squeal. Comes out very moist and most of us don't even add sauce before eating. My wife is not a big fan of all the sugar in this injection so I now usually cook two butts at a time, one using John's method and the other Texas Style, just salt and pepper rub, that I saw Aaron Frankl
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