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  1. Team PCBeach


    Some of the best turkey and pork I have ever cooked came off my Joetisserie. Makes for a super moist bird with good crispy skin. The pork is a cuban style pork that gets a great edge sear/bark because it is spun.
  2. Team PCBeach

    How do you get to 800F?

    I find smaller lump size helps too. I have a KA basket and for pizza cooks in the 600-750 range I use Royal Oak. For my low and slow it is Kamado Joe lump. Too many times to count when doing pizza I forget I have the vents wide open and by the time I am done prepping the toppings the grill is in the 800+ range and I have to shut the lower vent to bring the temp down. Can't see a reason for needing anything this high when searing a steak. I find the the overall dome temp doesn't matter as long as I have a roaring fire in the box and grates in the low position.
  3. Team PCBeach

    First Attempt at a brisket

    Looks like an excellent result. Outstanding first result. Did you rest in a cooler after pulling? If so for how long? I have done about 10 briskets so far and am yet to get one that looks that good. I have not done a whole prime packer yet only choice or prime flats. No Costco here so I have to be on the lookout for a prime full brisket at Sams, which I am yet to find.
  4. Team PCBeach

    First Attempt at a brisket

    Don't forget 205 is not a magic number. You are pretty much in the probing temp now to start checking for that soft as butter feel.
  5. Team PCBeach

    First reverse sear

    I do first stage to 110 then pull and rest while the KJ cranks up. Then back on for 1.5 to 2 min per side with the KJ at 500+, flipping every 30 sec and probing temps. Looking for 125-130 pull. I do the first stage at 225-250 and it takes 20-40 min depending on thickness of cut.
  6. Team PCBeach

    First Attempt at a brisket

    Looking great, surprised how short the stall was cooking at that temp. Watching to see how this comes out. I am yet to get what I consider great brisket from a cook. Just have not been able to get that super moist result I see others here posting.
  7. To do this test I think you would need to use a pellet smoker. Seems like the only way to control the variable of how much wood/smoke gets used in the cook. With a Kamado you would have to weight the wood, make sure it is placed in the same heat part of the fire and ensure the smoke color is the same before putting the meat on. For us one of our favorites that I have not seen mentioned is Peach wood. For us Peach with just a little hickory is the perfect combination for a Pork Butt.
  8. I think it depends on how low your cook temp is and how long your slow is. Last week I did a brisket at 225 for 9 hours. I use a Flameboss on my KJ Classic and I hardly used any lump. With the Flameboss (or any controller I guess), my top vent is only open about 1/8th to a 1/4 of an inch. All the airflow comes from the fan. I had sprinkled several small chunks of wood around the top of the lump, but the only ones that lit were right in the center. So basically if you are doing 225 you need you smoke wood right in the center. As you go hotter you can spread out from there.
  9. Team PCBeach

    50 cent yard sale find

    500 deg, two minutes per side gives a nice crust and pink center
  10. Team PCBeach

    Turkey on the Joe - Rotisserie or Smoked?

    No drip pan when I did my turkeys. Pulled at 160 breast.
  11. Team PCBeach

    Turkey on the Joe - Rotisserie or Smoked?

    Follow this recipe and spin it! I did my first Turkey on the KJ last year when Winn Dixie had their $6 bird sale. Came out amazing. Get KJ to 375 with lump mostly on one side, but covering the bottom of the KJ so you get direct cooking of juices dripping 10-12# Turkey Salt and pepper inside Stuff with: -Large chopped onion -chopped lemon -Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme Truss bird to keep everything on the inside Rub with oil, salt and pepper on outside 2 hours for 12lb bird Here is what mine looked like. Have done this three times and came out fantastic each time.
  12. Team PCBeach

    How do you remove the DnC Rack during a cook?

    I use the end of the ash stirring tool to lift up the corner then grab it with welding glove covered hand. I don't take the gloves off until I have everything back in the KJ for fear I will grab a heat soaked deflector with a bare hand.
  13. You can do as @LargeRedJoe said above and just burn some lump to play with vent settings, this is what I did when I got my KJ Classic II to get used to the new control top. No real need to do this since @John Setzler has good videos on youtube that show vent settings for different temps, but it can be a good learning experience. I my first KJ, I did a Spatchcock chicken. really easy to do and I think it shows off the benefits of Kamado cooking really well.
  14. Team PCBeach

    Kamado and Winds

    I had this issue for the first time last week. I was trying to do some wings and poured the last of a bag of KJ Big Block Lump. This was really a bunch of chips and small pieces, but I didn't think much of it. Used 3 alcohol cotton balls as I wanted to get to temp quickly. Light went fine but when I went out 15 minutes later hoping to find temps in the 300+ I found it was still below 150 (top and bottom vent wide open) It was breeze so thought maybe the cotton balls didn't burn long enough (I don't use that method very often). Lit the KJ again using 3 KJ starters. Again came out 15 minutes after flame was gone and temps were still below 200. Stirred up all the lump and lit cotton balls again. Success this time! My guess is the bottom of the bag hod so many small chips and dust, there was no airflow to keep the fire going. Two lessons for me here, always stir the lump I don't see gaps for airflow and don't by anymore KJ lump for this location. First time I have ever had a Kj bag have so much dust so I am guessing they are tossing bags around.
  15. Team PCBeach

    New Flame Boss 300

    I will have to check this. I am sure I am on current firmware as I think the Flame Boss updates literally every time I use it. I have never gone back and checked my open pit settings though.