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  1. What @Red&Blue Kamado said. When the lid is open you have lost your airflow control and given the fire plenty of oxygen. That is why most of the electronic fan controllers have a "lid open" delay of 5-10 minutes where they don't run the fan. This allows the fire to consume the extra oxygen before the fan kicks back in.
  2. Motor and rod stored in kitchen cabinet, ring stored in a deck box with my lump by the grill.
  3. Place your store bought pizza on parchment paper and cut the paper a little larger than the pie. Put the pizza on the parchment paper into your grill on the pizza stone close the lid. After 3 minutes use a pizza peel or large spatula to lift the pizza and remove the parchment paper. Pizza back on the stone.. Now keep and eye on your crust checking every couple of minutes. Depending on the crust you should be done in 5-8 minutes. I just recently did this while cooking a thawed frozen pizza with just some added toppings and it came out fine, even though the box said cook at 400. As others have said, homemade dough for high-heat cooks is far superior, but store bought pizzas/dough work just fine. Also don't overload with toppings. If you overload your toppings will not be done when your crust is ready to pull. Also I would change your setup and put the heat deflectors up on the cooking rack and set your pizza stone on it or ideally separate them by an inch or two with some spacers. You can use a brick, some lava stones or cheap copper fittings (this seems to be the most common).
  4. Looks great! Do you have a link to the recipe or video? Did a quick search and couldn't find it.
  5. I am a big fan of Peach for pork butt. I usually mix it with Hickory. My problem is I am unable to source chunks locally.
  6. Everything mentioned above, plus leaving time to heat soak the KJ. For low and slow I start my grill 90 minutes before my cook time. This lets me dial in the temp and let the ceramic heat up at temp for 45-60 min. I toss my smoking wood on about 30 minutes before the meat. Since the ceramic is now heat soaked, when you put the meat on the grill quickly returns to cooking temp when you close the lid. Don't worry about an initial temp drop, that is normal when you add 10-15lb of cold meat.
  7. I know @John Setzler says above he no longer injects, but when I first got my KJ I followed his video from 2015 which uses a pineapple/apple juice injection. I have cooked this many times and friends say it is the best pulled pork they have had. Doesn't seem to matter what rub I use, but generally use Squeal. Comes out very moist and most of us don't even add sauce before eating. My wife is not a big fan of all the sugar in this injection so I now usually cook two butts at a time, one using John's method and the other Texas Style, just salt and pepper rub, that I saw Aaron Franklin do. It really highlights the pure taste of the pork. Like John, we usually get our butts at Sam's. Used to be two butts in on pack, but now they seem to just have the single pack. I actually prefer this as I can pick two butts of equal weight.
  8. I have only done about a dozen briskets and all before this were low and slow 215-250. This one cooked somewhere between 275-325 was by far my best, not even close. My next one will again be in this hotter range to see if I can replicate. If I can get them to keep coming out good, in half the time, then that is OK by me.
  9. @CentralTexBBQ too much reading I guess, somewhere I got in my mind 1hr/pound at 275.
  10. A quick write up to show sometimes when you make a mistake it still turns out OK and to show the saying "the meat is done when it is done" is true. Went to Sam's looking to stock up on some meat and found their meat section nearly empty, but they did have a case of prime packer briskets. Picked up a 19.25lb prime brisket for $52. After trimming it was still a little over 16lb. Seasoned it up with Meat Church Holy Cow and Gospel . Then I realized my first problem, a 16lb brisket is BIG. Will this fit on my KJ Classic II? A quick measurement found the brisket was 23". Nope not going to fit. Thankfully I had just watched a video where @John Setzler used a rib rack to fit a big brisket on a classic. Lets give that a try. It fits! It is now midnight, KJ controlled by Flameboss is rolling nicely at 275, time to sleep. I figured since this was 16lb, it would be about a 16 hour cook. I expected to wake up in the morning with the brisket in the stall. 7:15 I wake up and check the Flameboss, brisket is already 179! Head out to wrap it. Wrapped and removed the rib rack since the brisket now fit. At 8:30 meat temp was 195. Checked the meat and temps were from 195 to 203 and it was probe tender. Pulled it and left it on the counter to rest. Told my wife it looks like we are having brisket for lunch rather than dinner. Rested until 11:30 on the counter, temp only dropped to 179. Sliced and enjoyed the best brisket I had ever made! Nice smoke, tender and moist. Since it is just two of us, I sliced this up, vacuumed packed into 9 more meals. So in the end we will get 10 meals out of this $52 brisket which is about $2.50 person/meal. Now I started pondering how I cooked a 16lb packer in 8.5 hours. When looking back at my setup and my Flameboss data I think I ended up cooking much closer to 325 rather than 275. I had clipped my grill probe on the rib rack and I think it was too close to the meat. When I removed the rib rack to put the wrapped brisket on, I clipped the gill probe right to grate and it shot up to 325. The only real down side I had is the bark on the flat was a little crunchy towards the thin end that was closest to the grate. I am not sure this would have worked out so well if the brisket had not been elevated on the rib rack. I had been skeptical of hot and fast brisket cooks, but it seems like if you start with a good cut of meat it can work.
  11. Thanks to both suggestions. If we decided to replace, the Akorn is what I was also thinking of, I just need to check dimensions. There also the very real probability we will just pull ours after the sale and leave a hole. For all we know the new buyer might already have a Kamado style. And last we might make it negotiable with the house, though would still end up costing me money.
  12. I have used John's technique several times after watching his video and it works every time. Great for quick hot cooks like seared tuna, burgers or pizza. If you are doing this to get to 250 quickly for a low and slow, you MUST stay by your Kamado and close your vents at least 25 degrees early. Walk away for 5 minutes to get a beer and you might come back to a grill passing thru 400 deg......
  13. My wife and I are getting ready to move and before we put our house up for listing we want to remove our KJ Classic II from our outdoor kitchen. Below is an old photo with our KJ, that we have since replaced with a KJ II. We think the house will show better with a grill in the kitchen rather than just a blank hole. Any suggestions for an inexpensive kamado grill the will drop into this hole?
  14. Get KJ to 375 with lump mostly on one side, but covering the bottom of the KJ so you get direct cooking of juices dripping 10-12# Turkey Salt and pepper inside Stuff with: -Large chopped onion -chopped lemon -Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme Truss bird to keep everything on the inside Rub with oil, salt and pepper on outside 2 hours for 12lb bird - pull at 155, rest for 30 min
  15. Turkey Salt and pepper inside add Large chopped onion, chopped lemon Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme oil, salt and pepper on outside 375 deg offset 2 hours for 12lb bird
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