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  1. Get KJ to 375 with lump mostly on one side, but covering the bottom of the KJ so you get direct cooking of juices dripping 10-12# Turkey Salt and pepper inside Stuff with: -Large chopped onion -chopped lemon -Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme Truss bird to keep everything on the inside Rub with oil, salt and pepper on outside 2 hours for 12lb bird - pull at 155, rest for 30 min
  2. Turkey Salt and pepper inside add Large chopped onion, chopped lemon Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme oil, salt and pepper on outside 375 deg offset 2 hours for 12lb bird
  3. I have done 3 racks many times on my KJ Classic (18") with this configuration. The little bit of overcooking on the ends is fixed with a small piece of foil under the edges.
  4. On my Classic II, when I do multiple butts, they cook just like a single as long as they are not touching and there is airflow between them. My probe goes in the smallest one. Butts will get done at a different time based on size. Mine usually all finish within 60 minutes of each other.
  5. I have not used a rib rack in my Classic, but do 3 racks all the time. 2 full racks that fit across the widest part of the grates then the third rack I cut in half and put at the front and back. I have also done 4 racks a couple of times using my grill extender.
  6. I have the same issue on my Classic II. I ignore it, as soon as I install the D&C and the grates, everything lays down fine and it doesn't affect cooking. I also didn't bother to put in a claim since I think this will just happen again due to the thinness of metal.
  7. I bought some welding gloves to use when moving hot grates or deflectors.
  8. No Costco by me, but I had a similar experience when I got my Classic II at the Mall of Georgia Costco when passing by. I already had a Classic 1 and and had researched the new features of the Classic II. I definitely knew more about the product than the sales rep. Based on my conversation with him, I was not convinced he had ever cooked on one.
  9. Has anyone NOT had the paint peel on their Control Top. KJ replaced my Kontrol Top in May under warranty due to the paint peeling. The paint has now started to come of this top also. Nearly all the paint on the inside has blistered and come off and the outside near where the smoke/heat comes out (before the first mark) is also peeling. I have been cleaning the top the next day after every cook with some wipes (no chemicals) and have only had temps to 500 once for smash burgers. I am in N Florida so humidity is always high. Doesn't really affect performance as long as I get the flaking paint off between cooks since that is not a flavor profile I am looking for in the rub. It does affect appearance though.
  10. Too many toppings? Have had this problem a couple of times when someone loads up the toppings to make a meat lovers pie. The toppings block the heat from the top of the crust.
  11. The main issue I see is getting your fingers pinched under that handle when the lid comes down. Seems like it would be difficult to open. I might get a set of stepping stones to set under the feet and grill. This will raise it an inch or two.
  12. As @just4fn said, I think you had your vent open too much for the controller. I have a FB200 and typically my top vent is open less than a 1/4 inch on my Classic II. Also looking at your cook, I would guess you left the lid open when you were wrapping. This is probably what caused your temp climb and overshoot as it fed air to your fire. Because your vent was open so much, it took time to recover. Another Flameboss trick I use is when starting the grill I set the target temp 15 degrees below my desired cook temp. Once it starts to stabilize at this temp, I bump up to my cook temp. I find that the controller always overshoots during startup since it runs the fan at 100% trying to to get to your cook temp and creates too big a fire.
  13. KJ is top notch when dealing with warranty issues. Fill out the form on the website, send a picture of the issue and typically a replacement part lands on my door via FedEx within the week. Never have had to send a receipt or proof of purchase. It is a model for how companies should stand behind their product.
  14. The cast iron is perfect for tuna. Get your grill to 500 deg and toss the tuna on. Give it a quarter turn at 1 minute and flip at two minutes. Repeat quarter turn after flipping. Gives great grill marks and comes out med rare. Times may slightly vary depending on your tuna thickness.
  15. @Chris Topher made a great point. I often have a bag of Royal Oak that I use for hot/fast cooks. I save my KJ Big Block for the low and slow. My experience is for the hot/fast cooks, you just need something that creates the heat and don't have to worry about the smoke. Seared tuna at 500 degrees is on the grill for 2-4 minutes. Not going to soak up much smoke.
  16. How many starters did you use? For a low and slow (<275) you only need one, but it will take a little time to get there. Also you want you grill sitting at your cook temp for 30-60 minutes so that the ceramic is heat-soaked when you put the meat on. For cooks 300-400 i generally use 2 starters so the fire starts in multiple spots, for a hot (450+) cook like burgers or pizza I will use 3 starters to light even more spots and spread the fire. John gives great tips in this video Lighting the Kamado Joe Grill for High Heat Cooks
  17. I used this degreaser, just put the entire kontrol top in the sink and soaked it down. Did a great job and everything moved easily. Here is the Amazon link, but I got it at walmart. https://www.amazon.com/SuperClean-Multi-Surface-Degreaser-Biodegradable-Concentrate/dp/B0039ZBLEC/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=super+clean&qid=1557614145&s=gateway&sr=8-11
  18. Do many of you have warranty issues with your KJ. I have two KJ Classics (I & II) and have had issues with both. KJ support has been outstanding and covered everything. I love my KJ grills, but just wonder if other brands have similar issues. On my classic I, I had three fireboxes crack and my first gasket only lasted 3 months. On my Classic II, the paint has come off the control tower, the ash pan rusted through, my fire ring is cracked and I just had a heat deflector crack. I think I take good care of the classics as they are under cover, don't do cooks over 600 and do slow shutdowns. Just wondering if these are just normal issues everyone deals or not.
  19. Thanks all, KJ is taking care of it as a warranty. All metal parts on the KJ are warrantied for 5 years. I have a 5 year old Classic 1 that has not had the same issue so I am going to assume it was a manufacturing issue. I have also had the issue of the paint coming off the control top. KJ also going to replace that. In my experience, KJ stands behind the product and I have never had an issue with a claim (went through 3 fire boxes on my classic 1).
  20. Anyone have a problem with the ash pan rusting? Pulled the pan out today to prep for a cook and this is what I found. This is on a 2 year old Classic II. Trying to figure out of this is covered by KJ warranty and what might have caused it.
  21. Great! Glad I asked, would have gone way to hot (350?) during the first phase. Now I see it is treated like a reverse sear.
  22. My guess is overcooked during the rest. That is a problem I have had. @John Setzler passed on a tip that if you foil, when you pull the brisket, open the foil and let the meat drop to 185. Then rewrap and toss in the cooler for rest. While I still have not gotten my killer brisket, they have been much better since trying this.
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