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  1. Looks great! I am going to have to try that. What was your cooking temp?
  2. The total weight of the tri-tip doesn't, it is the thickness. Depending on the thickness of our steaks I pull at 110-115 internal. Rest tented in foil while you get the grill to 500. Then 90 seconds to two minutes per side to sear. This is really where the thickness of the steak comes in. For a standard groceries store steak that is probable only 1" thick, you might only need 60 seconds a side. I have done the sear in both upper and lower position. I tend to lean towards upper because the lower position gets more char than my wife likes. For the low temp side of the cook, the lower temp you use, the more smoke flavor you meat will have. 225 is what I usually use as lower temps add too much smoke to the steak for my taste.
  3. In addition to the grease build up, most of the paint is gone on mine to the first white line since that is where it operates most of the time. Big tip! Do not try cleaning to Kontrol top by putting it in the dishwasher. I put the two pieces in the top rack as a cleaning attempt. Not only did it really not clean anything, all the other dishes in the dishwasher ended up smelling like they had been in a 10 hour cook. Took two more washes to make that go away.
  4. I too am in the both category. Our first classic was from a local pool store when the black KJ's were being phased out. I had been looking for a while and they ran a great sale price so we picked one up. When the KJII came out we picked one up at a road show during a trip.
  5. One note on the FB500, though it support three meat probes, it only comes with one probe. So if you want to monitor 2 or 3 meats, plan on adding $25 bucks for each additional probe. In addition, the unit is not water proof so if it rains during your cook, you need to cover the FB. I love my FB200 for overnight cooks and was considering the FB500, but still not being water resistant and the high cost when you add the additional probes has kept me from pulling the trigger.
  6. I know this is too late, but I would think pulling the ribs, foiling them, and then sticking in the oven as low as it will go would work. Then the JR is free for the wings.
  7. Nice looking ribs. I agree on the Honey Hog. Hot Honey Hog a little better but still missing the mark for me. We like a ribs dry to the rub is key. Don't think I will refill the Hogs when they are gone. We keep trying different rubs but always come back to Cowtown Squeal. Can be tough to find, Amazon has it but price is a little high. We have had some luck finding it at Bass Pro Shops. Many have a nice rub selection in the camping cooker area.
  8. I have used three setups, for all of them the heat deflectors are set on the racks in in the high position. I have placed the pizza stone 1) right on the deflector 2) on 1" copper spacers above the deflector 3) on top of an extender rack. All made great pizza, the key is letting the pizza stone get heat soaked. The 1" copper spacers is my current go to with temps 550-600. I found on the extender rack the pizza cooked too quickly and while the crust was done, the toppings didn't have enough cook time. The best thing to do is play around with different setups and cook temps. Depending on your crust you can try everything from 500-750 and get good results.
  9. When I moved my display unit from store to home, I emptied everything out of the inside, including fire box. Removed top vent and ran a small ratchet strap through top hole and out bottom vent. This kept the lid tight. Lifting was done using back hinge and front vent holes.
  10. So is the indirect side a CI half moon? From the photo that is what it looks like and I was afraid the steaks would continue to sear overcooking the edge. I generally have been doing reverse sear, but I want to be able to do faster steaks when needed and have them come out that good.
  11. Did you keep them in the CI pan on indirect? Pit temp?
  12. That might be what I end up giving a try. Thought the skewers would give a better all around cook, but can't find any that fit.
  13. On sale today for $894.74 with free Scheduled Delivery
  14. Can anyone recommend a Rotisserie Shish Kebab attachment that will fit on a KJ Classic with a JoeTisserie? The ones I see on Amazon all are 18" or longer and 18" will only fit right at the rod. I am looking for something like Napoleon 64007 Rotisserie Shish Kebab Wheel and thought I just might cut off the forks, but I am afraid since the are just chrome plated that they would rust at the cut point
  15. Semi-Direct with the lid closed. No deflector, but most of the lump was piled to the back. I always leave some directly under the bird as I think it helps with skin crispness. I don't add any smoking wood as for my family the bird gets enough smoke just from the lump. Very simple cook Inside the bird - Salt and pepper ,large chopped onion, chopped lemon, fresh sage, rosemary, thyme Outside bird - oil, salt and pepper on outside 375 deg offset 2 hours for 12lb bird
  16. This is exactly the setup I use for all my low and slows. Line the cake pan with heavy duty foil for easy cleanup.
  17. This is a 12 pound bird on a Classic. I don't see where you fit the Prime Rib.
  18. I always let my turkey drip on the coals, but I am spinning it on the Joetisserie so I don't think as much drips directly. I think it adds a great flavor. I don't use any smoking wood as I think the bird picks up enough smoke flavor just from the lump.
  19. I have not spun a bird that big, but for me 12# birds take 2 hours at 375. I pile most of the coals to the back but leave a good lining of coals across the bottom of the Classic. I think this helps the skin crisp and the fat dripping directly on the coals adds a little flavor (or at least it smells good).
  20. Some of the best turkey and pork I have ever cooked came off my Joetisserie. Makes for a super moist bird with good crispy skin. The pork is a cuban style pork that gets a great edge sear/bark because it is spun.
  21. I find smaller lump size helps too. I have a KA basket and for pizza cooks in the 600-750 range I use Royal Oak. For my low and slow it is Kamado Joe lump. Too many times to count when doing pizza I forget I have the vents wide open and by the time I am done prepping the toppings the grill is in the 800+ range and I have to shut the lower vent to bring the temp down. Can't see a reason for needing anything this high when searing a steak. I find the the overall dome temp doesn't matter as long as I have a roaring fire in the box and grates in the low position.
  22. Looks like an excellent result. Outstanding first result. Did you rest in a cooler after pulling? If so for how long? I have done about 10 briskets so far and am yet to get one that looks that good. I have not done a whole prime packer yet only choice or prime flats. No Costco here so I have to be on the lookout for a prime full brisket at Sams, which I am yet to find.
  23. Don't forget 205 is not a magic number. You are pretty much in the probing temp now to start checking for that soft as butter feel.
  24. I do first stage to 110 then pull and rest while the KJ cranks up. Then back on for 1.5 to 2 min per side with the KJ at 500+, flipping every 30 sec and probing temps. Looking for 125-130 pull. I do the first stage at 225-250 and it takes 20-40 min depending on thickness of cut.
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