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  1. Looking great, surprised how short the stall was cooking at that temp. Watching to see how this comes out. I am yet to get what I consider great brisket from a cook. Just have not been able to get that super moist result I see others here posting.
  2. To do this test I think you would need to use a pellet smoker. Seems like the only way to control the variable of how much wood/smoke gets used in the cook. With a Kamado you would have to weight the wood, make sure it is placed in the same heat part of the fire and ensure the smoke color is the same before putting the meat on. For us one of our favorites that I have not seen mentioned is Peach wood. For us Peach with just a little hickory is the perfect combination for a Pork Butt.
  3. I think it depends on how low your cook temp is and how long your slow is. Last week I did a brisket at 225 for 9 hours. I use a Flameboss on my KJ Classic and I hardly used any lump. With the Flameboss (or any controller I guess), my top vent is only open about 1/8th to a 1/4 of an inch. All the airflow comes from the fan. I had sprinkled several small chunks of wood around the top of the lump, but the only ones that lit were right in the center. So basically if you are doing 225 you need you smoke wood right in the center. As you go hotter you can spread out from there.
  4. 500 deg, two minutes per side gives a nice crust and pink center
  5. Follow this recipe and spin it! I did my first Turkey on the KJ last year when Winn Dixie had their $6 bird sale. Came out amazing. Get KJ to 375 with lump mostly on one side, but covering the bottom of the KJ so you get direct cooking of juices dripping 10-12# Turkey Salt and pepper inside Stuff with: -Large chopped onion -chopped lemon -Fresh sage, rosemary, thyme Truss bird to keep everything on the inside Rub with oil, salt and pepper on outside 2 hours for 12lb bird Here is what mine looked like. Have done this three times and came out fantastic each time.
  6. I use the end of the ash stirring tool to lift up the corner then grab it with welding glove covered hand. I don't take the gloves off until I have everything back in the KJ for fear I will grab a heat soaked deflector with a bare hand.
  7. You can do as @LargeRedJoe said above and just burn some lump to play with vent settings, this is what I did when I got my KJ Classic II to get used to the new control top. No real need to do this since @John Setzler has good videos on youtube that show vent settings for different temps, but it can be a good learning experience. I my first KJ, I did a Spatchcock chicken. really easy to do and I think it shows off the benefits of Kamado cooking really well.
  8. I had this issue for the first time last week. I was trying to do some wings and poured the last of a bag of KJ Big Block Lump. This was really a bunch of chips and small pieces, but I didn't think much of it. Used 3 alcohol cotton balls as I wanted to get to temp quickly. Light went fine but when I went out 15 minutes later hoping to find temps in the 300+ I found it was still below 150 (top and bottom vent wide open) It was breeze so thought maybe the cotton balls didn't burn long enough (I don't use that method very often). Lit the KJ again using 3 KJ starters. Again came out 15 minutes after flame was gone and temps were still below 200. Stirred up all the lump and lit cotton balls again. Success this time! My guess is the bottom of the bag hod so many small chips and dust, there was no airflow to keep the fire going. Two lessons for me here, always stir the lump I don't see gaps for airflow and don't by anymore KJ lump for this location. First time I have ever had a Kj bag have so much dust so I am guessing they are tossing bags around.
  9. I will have to check this. I am sure I am on current firmware as I think the Flame Boss updates literally every time I use it. I have never gone back and checked my open pit settings though.
  10. I have a Foodsaver and for me it works great and I can justify the cost of a chamber machine. I love that I can vacuum pack pulled pork and when I heat it up 3 months later it tastes like it just came off the smoker. For really juicy things I will just roll up a paper towel and put it in the bag just before the seal. If I am saving a sauce or chili, I will place it in a disposable Glad storage container with a a few holes punched in the top in a bag and seal the entire thing. I have tried non-Foodsaver bags and have had mixed results with them holding a seal. If I am sealing a protein that cost me several dollars a pound, I will just pay the extra few cents to use Foodsaver brand.
  11. I have recommended the the Flame Boss to every Kamado owner I know. While I feel I can control my KJ temps pretty well without it, the benefit of not having to check my KJ on overnight cooks justified the cost. I am impressed by the controller as my temps typically stay 2-3 deg around set point. I did follow a suggestion of John and extended the open pause time. I found the KJ holds temp so well that the default pause time caused the fan to run too soon and would just result in overshoots.
  12. For me the Fajita rub is great for chicken that is going into a salad, taco etc. Just by itself it is on the salty side if I am having the chicken not mixed in with something. I think the Honey Hogs are OK, but they don't jump out at me as being fantastic. Pecan I am still trying to figure out what it is best on. It is pretty good on a chicken breast, but it is really a light flavor. Believe it or not my favorite use for the Gospel is on eggs! It adds a fantastic flavor to a simple fried egg in the morning.
  13. I do mine at 375 direct turning every 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, I dip each one in sauce during the turn. Ends up being 15 minutes naked, 10 minutes sauced. This is really more of a BBQ Buffalo wing rather than a smoked wing.
  14. Do you need one, no. Will it change the taste of your cooks, no. Will it save you 5 minutes each time you are setting you grill up for a cook, yes. Will it give your lump better airflow, yes. For me, before I had my KAB, I found when I stirred my lump after a cook to get the ash off, it caused the lump to break into small pieces that then affected airflow on the cook. With the KAB, a couple of shakes and the ash is off and my lump doesn't break up. The KAB is probably the most highly recommended accessory I see for a Kamado cooker.
  15. That looks fantastic! I think a rib roast might have to be my next spin. My favorite Joetisserie cooks so far have been 12lb Turkey, they just some out amazing when spun.
  16. My go to for tenderloin is to marinate it in a cuban pork marinate for a couple of hours and then spin it on the rotisserie at 375. I prefer to do it on the KJ Classic, but if it is a week night and I can't the time to get the fire going, it works just fine on the gasser. The marinate and rotisserie make for a moist result.
  17. I have done several rub test cooks where I did a different rub on three racks in the KJ Classic. All tasted like the rub that was applied, no cross flavoring. In the end Cowtown Squeal Hog Rub wins every time for us..
  18. Even though I have had a KJ Classic for a while, when I got my KJ II I glanced through the manual. Two new instructions there. 1) When shutting down, close bottom vent but leave top vent open until temp drops below 400. Then close top vent leaving open just a crack. I am guessing this new instruction is to reduce fire bowl cracking, but I really thing the new segmented design will fix that. 2) Once the grill is shut down, release the front latch. I am guessing this is so the gasket is not compressed all the time.
  19. I have also followed @John Setzler tip of letting my brisket temp fall to 180ish before I wrap and toss in the cooler. Previously I had wrapped right when I pulled and tended to end up with over cooked meat from the carryover cooking. With butts I just wrap right off the Kamado.
  20. I saw a tip from Alton Brown that seems to work well for me. Clean you CI with Kosher Salt. Wen you are done cooking and shutting down you grill, just leave the CI on there while you eat. When you are done, pour some Kosher Salt in the pan with the fat the is leftover from the cook and use a wadded up paper towel with tongs to scrub the pan using the salt. When done, just wipe down with a clean paper towel. Re-oil and let the pan cool. As it cools, it will absorb the oil you just put on.
  21. I don't think there is a need for anything fancy here. I have a cheap $10 cooler I use. It just needs to be big enough to fit the meat you want to put in it. Mine will easily hold two butts or 2 briskets. I have some old towels I use to line the cooler. I put a towel on the bottom, double foil wrap the meat, wrap it in a towel, place it in the cooler and toss another towel on top. I usually leave the meat probe in so I cam make sure the meat doesn't drop below 140 deg. With this cheap setup I have held butts for over 4 hours with no problem. Some people heat up the cooler before putting the meat in by putting hot water in. I have not found the need, but maybe if you had a big cooler that had lots of air. I would not recommend using your good bath towels as they will pickup a smoked meat smell.
  22. Dizzy Pineapple is PERFECT with pulled pork. Any grilled Pineapple will work and it can be done while the butt is resting in the cooler. Smoked Mac & Cheese also goes very well.
  23. I recommend you open the top vent 1/16th ". Your fan is working hard at 42% to keep that 225. With your top vent just cracked open, Your fan will run between 10-15% to keep 225.
  24. Thanks all. Ribeye sprinkled with some Meat Church Fajita seasoning made for a great Fajita dinner and there is still one more steak meal left. I am not sure I would do it again though. It turned into a 90+ minute cook for a steak and wasn't any better tasting that a standard size steak,
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