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  1. This ended up working out OK. Meatchurch Holy Cow on the ribeye, salt, pepper, garlic on the Filet. Took 45 minutes for the Tomahawk to get to 85deg which is when I tossed the filet on.took about another 25 minutes and both were at 115. This seems a little lower than many folks pull, but for me it works to make sure I end up medium rare. Opened the vents and it took about 10 minutes to hit 500. Both went on for two minutes a side Amazing how small that 12 oz filet looks next to the massive ribeye. A couple minute rest and served with parmesan crusted corn on the cob and a glass of Woodford. Did as much damage as I could, but I think there are a couple more meals here.
  2. DId a 3" think Tomahawk Ribeye tonight and think reverse sear was the only option to keep it medium rare edge to edge.
  3. It doesn't show in the photo, but the Tomahawk is twice as thick. Guessing 3" to 1.5"
  4. Picked up one of the great looking 48oz Tomahawk Ribeye's at Sams and decided it would be a perfect cook for the the 4th. My wife is a filet fan so for her it is a 10oz filet. The challenge will be getting these done at the same time. The plan is a reverse sear starting at 250ish. I am thinking the Tomahawk is going to take around 75 minutes and the filet about 30 to get to 115. Then I will crank the grill to 500+ and sear them both for 2 min a side. Does timing seem about right? I am thinking one chunk of cherry for just a little smoke flavor. Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. Sounds like my last cook. Started the KJ for what turned out to be a 19 hour Brisket cook. As you can see on the link, even with the Flameboss fan running at 100%, my fire still dropped to 84 deg before I went out and lit another starter. As best I figured out I accidentally closed the top vent when adjusting for the Flameboss. On the KJ with the new gasket and control top, there really is no airflow when you close things down. Other than an hour delay getting things going, it turned out OK.
  6. Looks good. The CI half moon is great for smash burgers and flip it over for a perfect seared tuna steak, 90 seconds a side at 500.
  7. I think the tip is what @5698k said about seeing smoke. If your top vent is closed, but you are still seeing smoke around the vent or the top/bottom gasket, then you have airflow. It doesn't take much to keep a 225 fire, especially one the ran away at the start. For cooks with on a KJ Classic between 225 and 275, my Flameboss only runs the fan at 10-20% with the top vent open 1/16th.
  8. Went to use my KJ this weekend after my previous cook which was a 19 hour brisket. When I went to open the slider portion of the control top it was stuck. Tried to push it and the entire control top rotated. Ended up having to hold the slider top with one hand and bang on the slider with the handle of a spatula to get it to move. Then I was able to adjust the event, but it was still very sticky. Anyone else run into this? Does the new control top need to be cleaned periodically?
  9. I had this problem. When I first got my new KJ I did just a lump burn to get a feel for airflow with the top vent. When I went to do my next cook, I had to give the slider part a little bump from a rubber mallet to get it open. Now that I have done several cooks it is not as tight, but it is still very tight. It still needs a bump from the back of my fist to kind of break loose.
  10. Splatchcock Chicken for a first cook, ribs for a second, pork butt for third. The waiting on a 10+ hour butt cook is just too hard for your first cook.
  11. Those look great.Dry rubbed ribs are our favorite. If you do trim them up St Louis style, the piece you trim off smokes up nice for some riblet appetizers.
  12. Tried to do Huli Huli Chicken on the Joetisserie and it didn't quite work. I split the chicken and then stuck in on the spit. Spun it for an hour at 350ish with some Cherry wood and the chicken was super moist and very flavorful, but the skin was rubber. I stacked the lump on one side of the grill and am thinking that is why my skin didn't crisp, no direct fire. Open to any suggestions for how to get the skin crispy. The skin looks great and I thought it would be amazing, but all the color is just from the sugar in the marinade caramelizing. Simple plating with some basmati rice.
  13. Why the 40 deg bump in temp before you pulled it? Guessing you needed it done for dinner tonight.
  14. It also depends on how much data you want. I have Maverick 732 that works great, but then added an iGill Bluetooth so that I could have a graph of my meat temp on my tablet, then added a Flameboss WiFi so I can watch both grill and meat temps from anyplace on my phone. I find that they are all accurate enough, but like many others, I did have to replace probes on the Maverick.
  15. I have a KJ dealer in my town, but they are really a spa store that always has a Big Joe and Classic on the floor. They carry KJ lump which is why I visit them. Their knowledge of the KJ product is not very strong and they don't seem to keep regular hours which is very frustrating. As others have said, 50 miles is no big deal. If you are going to be taking your grill home on the pallet, you might lift the top of the box just to make sure the KJ is in one piece. KJ packaging is top notch though with tons of strong foam so I would be shocked if you opened an undamaged box and the grill was damaged. If you are not in a super hurry, you might watch the KJ/Costco Roadshow Schedule. You might have to drive a little ways, but it will save you a couple hundred bucks. I also live on the Gulf Coast and bought my recent Classic II in Atlanta. Just happened to be passing through the same weekend the roadshow was there and decided to make the purchase since there is no Costco near us.
  16. While doing multiple butts doesn't increase the cook time, it is important to note they all may not finish at the same time. I did two butts last weekend at 275 cook temp. One finished 2 hours earlier than the other one. Didn't matter as I just pulled the first one, double foil wrapped and tossed in the cooler with a couple of towels. It was right at 203 when it went in the cooler and 4 hours later it was still 165 degrees.
  17. Stick your whole foot in an get your Joetisserie, Kick Ash Basket, Pizza Stone, cast iron half moon and Flame Boss on order too. Then you will know you are fully addicted.
  18. Don't bother with soaking wood, it really just makes the surface wet. (http://amazingribs.com/tips_and_technique/mythbusting_soaking_wood.html). You don't say what type of ribs you are doing, but as other have said 3-2-1 is too long on a Kamado at 250. I you are doing baby backs they will be done in 4 hours. I have done 2-1-1 as my wife likes the meat to fall of the bone. I prefer a little pull so I do my rack unwrapped. You might try doing some each way a see what you prefer. I have been doing ribs with Hickory wood or a hickory/cherry mix. I just did some butts with peach wood and will probably try that on ribs next.
  19. For me ever since i saw @John Setzler video where he injected, this has become my go to butt. Cooked at 275 I get very consistent outcome that everyone seems to love. I let the rub site 30-45 minutes, but maybe I will try overnight, though I don't expect it to change much. In the past I have also sprinkled rub on the meat after pulling, but felt it added a little too much salt.
  20. I know everyone has their favorite rub, but do you think it matters that much? I did two butts this weekend, both injected with apple/pineapple juice and smoked with some peach wood. One was covered in Meat Church Honey Hog and the other in Cowtown Squeal. Pretty different flavor profile between the two. Although I have kept them separate, after pulling I am not sure you can tell the difference. I am thinking on a butt there is so much meat and the rub touches so little of it, that once you pull, unless you are eating a piece of the park, it doesn't matter that much what rub get used. Maybe if you were using a very spicy vs a super sweet it would matter. Thoughts?
  21. This might be just new for me or it might only work with the new firebox design. This weekend I had cooked two butts. After the butts were done I wanted to do a Dizzy Pineapple and some Mexican Street Corn. The Joetisserie doesn't fit on the grill if the divide and conquer is installed. I played around for a few minutes and realised I could put the X rack right on the metal band that holds the new firebox together. Grates site nicely on top of that and then the Joetissery goes above that. Worked out perfectly. I think this would work for may cooks where you want to spin something and do a side item at the same time. You lose some depth so you couldn't do a something like a Turkey, but I think most other things would fit. Photo below is a little misleading, I had plenty of clear space under the pineapple for the direct heat of the fire to caramelize the sugar.
  22. I am sure it will be great. Butts are the perfect learning meat. First overnight I did I went to bed with a 250 gill and woke up to a 350 grill with meat at 215. Butt still came out great. Learned all about letting my Kamado heat soak on that one cook.
  23. Did you test temps with an instant read before you pulled? How was the tenderness when you probed? Looks like even with the Flameboss you ended up getting up in the middle of the night as I see the lid open. I am guessing you had your FB temp alert set at 190 and when it hit there it dropped the grill to your warm setting. Since you put it on at 4:30 yesterday it looks like a 15.5 hour cook which seems about right for a 225 temp. Double wrap in foil and toss it in a cooler with some towels for at least an hour before you try to pull. If you have another temp probe, you can stick it in to monitor meat temp in the cooler. You can hold in the cooler for hours as long as meat temp stays above 140.
  24. Spun a Cuban Pork on the Joetisserie yesterday. Outstanding crust and only takes about an hour at 375. Blended up the following marinate and let it marinate for 5 hours. Final product was outstanding. 12 medium garlic cloves 1/3 cup freshly squeezed orange juice (from about 1 medium orange) 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 2 medium limes) 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons dried oregano 2 tablespoons kosher salt 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  25. Well the weather has decided for me. We have a nice line of thunderstorms rolling through and it is supposed to last for several hours. Looks like it is up at 6am and a 275 cook.
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