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  1. Tray of beer not needed in Kamado, but won't hurt anything. I am putting butts on tonight and plan to stick a toothpick in one and attach the FlameBoss grate probe to it. Seems to be the best way to check temp at meat level. Make sure your meat probes are not hitting the bone. Watch your butt that is hanging out past the deflector. It will get more heat than the rest. If you can't move it in, just put some foil under that part. You will love the cook with the Flameboss. Temp should hold +/- 3 degrees for the entire cook. You top vent should be only open about 1/4". You will be amazed how little lump you burn. They are done cooking when you prob them and it goes in like butter. Should be someplace between 190 and 205 deg. Do you plan to wrap? Can you share your Flameboss cook link. I would like to see how your Big Joe Cook compares to my Classic Joe Cook since I will be also doing two butts at 225. I plan to put mine on at 12 am with hope of eating at 6pm tomorrow.
  2. @CeramicChef that is my quandry. I have done enough single butts and briskets to know they are done when they are ready. My problem is I have a 7pm dinner. So my options are getting up at 6am to get the grill going and hope I am done or put them on tonight at 225 instead of 275 and just do a long overnight cook. Good tip on keeping them separated, I will make sure I do that so there is air flow between.
  3. Picked up a 17 lb pack of butts today at Sams. First time cooking 2 butts at the same time. I am planning to cook at 275 grate. I am thinking 8 hours for the cook. Will two butts at the same time make a difference? I am thinking not. Does my cook time sound right? With Kamado start, cook, 2 hour rest I am planning on 11 hours.
  4. I can only speak for the Flame Boss since I have not used the others. Flame Boss is easy to use and does just what it was designed for. Here is an overnight brisket I did. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/80637?historical=1. In my experience it is excellent at holding temp on a Kamado Joe. It is easy to change the lid open delay time to you don't overshoot temps when checking the meat. I also have to give them a plug for customer service. On my first cook with it, by grill temp was bouncing around +/- 7 to 10 degrees. This kept causing the Flame Boss to sense Lid Open and stop the fan. I submitted a trouble ticket that morning and within an hour a tech had remotely logged in to my Flame Boss and fixed the problem. I am sure all of these devices work very similarly. While they are probably not needed with a Kamado cooker, it sure makes a low and slow even less stressful and allows for a good night sleep without worrying about your cooker temps.
  5. I always wondered why they didn't have an app. This will complete the package. Although very expensive for what it does, I find the Flame Boss outstanding at controlling temps for over night low and slows.
  6. @mojonah that Turkey looks great. @bluayeddvl poultry soaks up smoke so you don't need much. I have done 2 Turkey's on the Joetisserie and I used Kamado Joe lump with no smoking wood. The bird still picks up a nice smoke flavor so you know it was not cooked in the oven. If I was going to use a smoking wood for poultry, it would be a fruit wood like apple or cherry.
  7. @Chasdev i have started following something I saw in one of @John Setzler videos. I stick a toothpick in the meat and attach the grill probe to it. That way I know I am seeing the same temp as the meat.
  8. @In2Fish thanks for taking the the time to post, I will try this for sure.
  9. I am with @BGWolf, I light the starters and wait about 10 minutes (until the flames are gone) then I add grates, diffuser etc. If I am doing a low and slow, I will let the Kamado go for about 30 minutes then go back and add my smoking wood and let this go another 20-30 minutes before adding meat. This might be overkill, but it lets me be comfortable that I have clean smoke before the meat is in.
  10. Looks spectacular! Please share the Cuban bread recipe and cook temp/time.
  11. No picks, but last night I sprinkled the left overs with Meat Church Fajita Seasoning and tossed it in a cast iron skillet with some red & green peppers, onion and a jalapeno. Without a doubt, best fajita's I have ever had.
  12. Still breaking in the Classic, tonight was a simple Flank Steak KJ at 500 deg 20 minutes from light 1.6lb steak marinated 10 hours in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, thyme Resting after 9 min, flipping every 90 seconds. sliced and ready to plate served with simple baked beans and brushetta with olive spread. Great example of quick grilling with a Kamado. Dinner on the table 45 minutes from walking in the door.
  13. Don't know why, but I never burn just used lump. As @UTVol said, for low and slow I always fill the fire box with fresh lump. For the rest of my cooks, used lump is the base, but i always add some fresh lump on the top. I always shake the ash (Kick ash basket) off the old lump between cooks anyway, so it is not a big deal to pour a little new on the top.
  14. Same prices at Mall of Georgia last weekend. Don't know about the Big Joe deal, but my classic did come with a box of starters and a cover.
  15. Just noticed this is a dup of what John had already posted a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I missed that. Don't see a way to delete this thread.
  16. I have only done one cook on my new classic and your little issue with the Kontrol Tower slider is spot on. Before I did my first cook, I burned a basket of used lump to play with the sliders. The next day I went to do my cook and could not open the slider. Had to give it a little bump with a rubber mallet, This was with no grease, just heat.
  17. Pretty good detailed comparison video I just ran across. Compares the the two from unboxing through a cook.
  18. @smoker08 - First cook on the new Classic II. I had done a lump burn earlier in the day to get a feel for settings with the new vent cap.
  19. This ain't Thanksgiving so we added a Smoked Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese Casserole in cast iron and some Gouda Grits from the stove. Perfect way to end a Sunday. The moistness of a Turkey Jotisseried on a Kamado is hard to beat.
  20. Decided to jump right in with the first cook on the new KJ Classic II with a Turkey on the Joetisserie. This is a 12lb bird stuffed with onion, lemon, rosemary, sage and thyme. Cooking at 375. Should take 2 to 2.5 hours. 1 hour in. Spinning Video
  21. Great to hear the replacements being shipped on the new design. I went to clean ash out of my classic this weekend and found that I have a cracked firebox for the third time in less than 3 years. Warranty ticket and pictures submitted.....
  22. That looks like it worked, but with a non-kamado grill, when you open that lid you loose all your top heat. The entire cook is then mostly from bottom heat. At least that is my experience from when I did pizza on my gas grill vs y Kamado.
  23. #CeramicChef this is exactly what I am doing. Just swapped out my Classic for a Classic II and am doing a test burn just to play with vent settings. It is windy today, but my KJ is somewhat protected. I really like the new top vent, but need to learn the new settings as even dialed down it let's more air than the Classic 1. With 1/2" open on bottom vent and the top vent at 1/2 line (which is 1/6th open), the classic settled in at 284. That was about 40-50 deg higher than I expected. I think to get a 225 cook temp I will need to barely open the top vent if the bottom is 1/2".
  24. Throw in a dessert and a breakfast cook and #DerHusker picture filled post should be the sales brochure for Kamado Cookers.
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