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  1. I use about a 65-70% hydration dough, Kamado at 500 degrees and pizza as close to the dome as possible sitting on a 1" thick pizza stone and the peel covered in a thick layer of semolina flour so it slides right off like it's on ball bearings and gives a nice crunch to the crust. Pizza has come out perfect every single time for about 4 years now and I pretty much load up my pizzas with toppings.
  2. looking good. I got some nice peppers growing this year, all of them are over 6 feet tall. One on the left is a Poblano, center is Jalapeno and the right is Green bell. I used very good Living Organic Soil this year and they have grown about twice the size they have in previous years.
  3. I use a KME sharpener, fast and creates a scary sharp edge. KME sharpener And use an F. Dick steel every day to keep it sharp. https://www.amazon.com/F-Dick-11-inch-Multicut-7650428/dp/B000YQHXU0
  4. Never had a problem with any Windows. Running 10 now with no issues. Using Ubuntu on my HTPCs with no issues.
  5. Didn't say anything about pirated content. and not all content on Kodi is pirated any more than anywhere else. Maybe hilarious to you, but it is the law in most places. You are allowed to stream non-pirated material all day long, but not download it. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/feature/photo-video/is-kodi-legal-streaming-movies-tv-3640854/ http://www.nahmiaslaw.com/streaming-vs-downloading-whats-the-difference-legally-speaking/ Kodi is just a program you can download onto virtually any device. I used both of our old PCs instead of throwing them out I turned them into HTPC devices which cost zero and made use of our old PCs. Streaming is here to stay as long as there is a free internet.
  6. I tried iPVanish, took my 350/20 broadband down to about 1mbps, was totally unusable. Tried about 5 different ones so far, all suck. I don't "download" anything so got nothing to hide from ISP. I stream everything on Kodi, have been for 2 years now. If they somehow take down Kodi I couldn't go back to cable, now way in hell. Kodi is 1000x better
  7. Kodi is FREE Highly unlikely they get shut down. It is perfectly legal to STREAM content. Trying to blame Kodi for what these guys are talking about is like blaming Google because people use it to find a movie to download. All the problems come from the people making "Kodi Boxes" with 3rd party programs. Kodi itself is perfectly legal.
  8. Been using Kodi about 1 1/2 years now. It's WAY better than the cable I was paying $247/month for.
  9. I do go to much higher temp usually about 650-700 when I very rarely do a thin crust or Neopolitan style pizza. Thin crust, very little toppings, no or very little sauce. and I use the Antimo Caputo 00 flour, no honey. I might do one of these maybe once a year.
  10. I do have about a Tablespoon of honey in the crust and a couple of olive oil. I am sure that helps with the browning. But you still have to have it close to the dome to get the good browning on everything, all the toppings, etc.
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