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  1. The probes are plug compatible (same size plug) but they are not functionally cross-compatible. Fireboard probes don't work in a Smoke and Smoke probes don't work in a Fireboard. Don't know why.
  2. 24 inch carbon steel griddle!!!

    Looks to me like there is plenty of area for air flow. I use one of these on my KJ Jr.: It is 12.5" diameter which leave a bit more than 1/4" all around the griddle. Here is a thermal pix I took and posted in another thread here a year or so ago: The center hot spot was about 550°F. The bright ring around the circumference of the griddle was a constant stream of very hot air. It was so hot I need to wear a long bbq glove to prevent my arm from getting scalded when flipping burgers. On the Big Joe I'm guesstimating that even with a 24" steel plate the surface area available for airflow around the circumference of the plate is greater than the surface area of the hole in the top of the dome.
  3. Becoming Frustrated With Joe Jr....

    The one on my now two year old Jr. cracked in the first month and is still in one piece. Haven't even bothered to get a warranty replacement yet.
  4. American made PK grill / smoker

    I'm not sure why some folks think the PK360 is overpriced when many pay about the same price for a large clay flowerpot.
  5. American made PK grill / smoker

    Get a Tip Top Temp controller for $30 and use that on your Weber. It will hold a steady enough temp for smoking quite easily.
  6. Smobot

    The servo is weatherproof so it doesn't really need protection from the rain. Some rain might get into the cooker if there are periods where the damper is mostly open. I've used a cheap metal roof vent cap on my kamados many years ago as a rain guard for the top vent. I bought another one for use with the SmoBot because to fit over the SmoBot you have to break out your tin snips and do some cutting. This is the one I got from Amazon - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085UZMTG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You may be able to find one cheaper at your local hardware store. You need to cut out about an inch or so from one side and then cut a little off of each side of the cut in order to fit around the damper/servo and to allow the damper arm to move unhindered. Attached is a crappy pic of mine (hey it's 0300 and it is drizzling!) but I think you get the picture (so to speak).
  7. Ken onion worksharp $40

    Don't bother trying to order - it was a pricing error and they have already canceled any orders made.
  8. Akorn Jr. "Tandoor"

    Interesting idea. I picked up one of the Akorn Jr.'s - the last thing I needed was another grill but at that sale price I just had to check one out. My first burn off fire I let it get hot enough to almost completely peg the dome thermo. Didn't seem to cause any damage, nor would I have expected it too. I also have a KJ Jr. It's a lot easier to remove/replace the top vent on that. I might have to give your tandoori idea a go on that first. If the skewers I have are long enough. In my KJ Jr. I'm using a Kick Ash Basket. It might be better to find the OEM grate and use that as it is a flat plate and the skewers would easily stand on that rather than a wire grid sort of grate.
  9. Galvanization is only a problem when it gets about 600°F-ish and then the zinc will start emitting nasties you'd want to avoid. So I'd agree that brush=fine, grates=bad.
  10. Where? Link? Nevermind - first post top of the thread - found it.
  11. Internal rechargeable battery but I always keep an external battery pack plugged in "just in case".
  12. If I am using more than a couple probes I just scribble a note on a scrap of paper so I can remember what went where and then name them on the graph on the website
  13. "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    Exactly. Yes, the old stuff is smoother (and lighter) from the factory than most stuff produced today. For most of the things that most people are going to cook in a cast iron skillet or dutch oven that smoothness is mostly irrelevant. I can appreciate the revival of interest in cast iron cookware (tho I think it is also a bit of a fad that will likely fade in a few years) but our grandparents didn't have/use cast iron because it was excellent all purpose cookware. They used it because it was cheap and durable. Many of our grandparents were glad to replace at least some of their cast iron cookware when some other types of pots/materials became more widely available at reasonable prices.
  14. "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    I don't find that my Finex is superior in actual cooking to any of my other cast iron. But I didn't really expect it to. As mentioned, I bought mainly for it's visual appearance. A lot of cast iron fanboys will talk about how the old stuff (pre - 1950's) is far superior to the newer stuff but for most of us a readily available Lodge will work just as well. It will take a bit longer for it to get seasoned well enough that it's rougher factory finish get's smoothed. Some folks will take the time to sand out the surface of their Lodge to get it smooth but I've never bothered to do that with any of mine (helped a couple of friends do that - what a mess!).
  15. "Finex" High End cast iron cookware

    I got a Finex 10" with lid late last year. It is a neat skillet. I bought it more for its looks tho - it makes for a neat table side presentation. While the handle looks cool, and is supposed to stay cool the coil spring could be longer. I don't have particularly large hands but every time I pick up the skillet enough of my hand extends past that coil spring and touches the brass end piece of the handle which gets quite hot. Ouch! There are quite a few new cast iron cookware makers popping up in the last few years. You should take a look at the Stargazer and Field skillets. They're very nice and quite a bit less expensive than the Finex. I prefer my Stargazer and Field skillets over the Finex but I certainly do like the aesthetic of the Finex stuff.