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  1. A Restaurant Ruined My Life

    Over on the BBQ Brethren forum there is an epic thread following the story of a forum member that decided to open a BBQ joint a few years ago. The fellow was pretty open about all the effort and problems involved in getting started. His restaurant (The Prized Pig) was a success for a few years and he was looking at opening a second location but it all took a toll on his personal life and he closed down suddenly early this year. A recent update from just a few days ago was in a newspaper article mentioning that while he is not opening up another restaurant himself he will be the pitmaster for a joint opening in a few months. I've followed the thread for a few years and was surprised by how emotionally invested I became in his journey and am very glad to hear that he is getting back into the game in some capacity and hope that he has worked some of the other stresses in his life. The thread was an interesting read and anyone thinking they might want to open a restaurant should give it a read. http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=161123&highlight=open+restaurant The new joint - Fat Cap Smoked Meats - https://www.southbendtribune.com/marshallking/new-bbq-joint-fat-cap-to-open-in-roseland/article_5fe108bf-28b0-5949-ac0a-41a6ed6f754d.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share
  2. UUNI Pro Burn-In and First Pizza

    Note that I didn't say you made a real Neapolitan pizza just that you are on track (wood fire and time/temp).
  3. Gourmet pellet choices?

    Many brands of pellets are made from a blend of woods so that, for instance, their "oak" flavor may only be 50% actual oak and the rest some different species such as alder or maple. There are some that claim to make some of their pellets from 100% of the flavor wood they specify. Some pellets also have "flavor oils" added. I don't have enough experience with all the various brands to say which one is clearly "best" as I don't own a pellet pooper but have eaten food cooked by friends that use them and I know they have tried a variety of brands/flavors. I'm inclined to agree with @BURGER MEISTER that unless you are one of those with a "super palate" you likely won't discern much difference between most brands/flavors. At least not in a blind taste test.
  4. UUNI Pro Burn-In and First Pizza

    Very nice. For a proper Neapolitan pizza you want it to be cooked using wood and done in about 90 seconds or less so you are right on track.
  5. Do you like the InstaPot?

    Did you break down the chicken or just keep it whole?
  6. Do you like the InstaPot?

    I've used a stove top pressure cooker for decades and never saw a need to buy an electric version. Last year tho when Amazon had the 6qt Instant Pot model on sale I bought one and must say that it is worth having. They really are more convenient and don't need any attention. Recipes will take a little longer as the electric pots use a slightly lower pressure but that is no big deal as it is usually just a matter of a few extra minutes. Glad I got one.
  7. Nice Inexpensive Cover

    The Ravenna line are really good covers. I've used them for a few years for all my grills and other patio stuff. They will fade a bit if left in the sun all day, every day like mine are but none have cracked or leaked. Better than other covers I've tried at twice the price.
  8. A couple of folks on another forum have already received theirs but are waiting for the weekend to use them. Mine will arrive next Tuesday. I'm sure it will work just fine.
  9. Kamado Joe Jr Rotisserie

    Well done - both your rig and your chicken!
  10. Knives

    I don't have wall space for a magnetic knife bar but I do have counter space so I have a couple of these - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00286VJ3Q/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also use one of these in a drawer - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B014QLR6X2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Very satisfied with both.
  11. The battery life of the Fireboard is fine. From a full charge I have never had it get close to running out but the longest I have had a session was only 10 or 12 hours. My problem is I almost never remember to recharge the Fireboard after I have used it so I usually go ahead and plug it into an external USB battery pack. I have plenty of those and at least a few of them are fully charged as I use them with other devices. I was using my Smoke for a simple cook a few months ago and a line of strong thunderstorms came thru. I wasn't worried since it is supposedly water resistant, however, after the first line of storms rolled thru I noticed one of the probes wasn't reading. When the rain lightened up I went outside to check it and the Smoke unit was fine but I guessed that perhaps I didn't fully seat the probe plug. I dried off the plug and firmly plugged it back into the Smoke and it was reading fine. However, when the next line of storms rolled thru the same thing happened except this time it was both probes not reading correctly. After that line of storms passed went back outside, dried off the plugs, firmly plugged them both back in (they started reading correctly again) and then... put the Smoke in a ziplock bag since there were more bands of storm rolling thru later. While the Smoke may be ok with a bit of a drizzle it certainly wasn't up to the line of kickass storms we had that day/night.
  12. Lava tools Pro duo

    I've had a couple of the Javelins/Pro's for over a year. They are fine thermos. A few of months ago I left my Pro on top of my prep table, where it stayed for a couple of days, during which it rained. Normally I stick the Javelin underneath the top of my stainless prep table - the magnet is plenty strong to hold it in place. When I realized it was still on top of the table I saw that it was sitting in a little bit of water. I knew it was splash resistant and thought it would be ok but once I picked it up I could see moisture behind the faceplate. It did turn on but it wasn't really working properly. I took it and placed it in a container of dry rice for a few days hoping that might dry it out. It didn't. I took off the battery cover and removed the battery (which I probably should have done to begin with) used a bit of paper towel to dry out some visible water and put it back in the rice. A few days later I pulled it out and it still wasn't working properly. Thinking it was completely dead I went ahead and bought a new one - the Duo. The Duo is fine but It has the same water resistance specs as the previous Pro model. I have no doubt that it is splash resistant but I think the battery cover on the bottom is the weak link if it happens to be left on a surface where a bit of water may pool underneath it. I was thinking I might smear a little silicone caulk in the seams of the battery cover or just cover it with some scotch tape so that liquid would be less likely to be sucked into the unit. The story is not over yet. About a month ago I grabbed the "dead" Pro off a shelf so I could pull the battery out of it and then toss the thermo in the trash. Much to my surprise tho the Pro fired right up as if nothing had happened and is working fine still. I guess it just needed more time to dry itself out. So...1) don't leave your Duo sitting in a bit of water for a couple of days and 2) if you do, let it dry out for at least a month.
  13. I also have both a Smoke and Fireboard, got them within the same month last year. Absent a complete teardown/analysis of each unit I'm curious what factors anyone would use to say the overall construction of either unit is superior/inferior to another.
  14. The Smoke uses thermistor probes not thermocouples. Thermocouples are used in their instant read thermos like the Mk 4 due to their speed. Thermistors and RTDs operate similarly but inversely ("With thermistors, resistance decreases with temperature and with RTD's, resistance increases."). RTD's are a higher precision type of probe. I've found that the probes from some of my other, cheaper thermos work in the Smoke but not in the Fireboard so it is again a matter of thermistor vs. RTD. I don't know that either of the types is inherently superior for bbq temp reading needs and think that the quality of construction is far more important. The probes for both the Smoke and Fireboard seem pretty solidly built.
  15. The probes are plug compatible (same size plug) but they are not functionally cross-compatible. Fireboard probes don't work in a Smoke and Smoke probes don't work in a Fireboard. Don't know why.