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  1. Fireboard has announced/released version 2 of its popular thermometer/controller in three different "trim levels". Anybody considering a Fireboard should take a look - https://www.fireboard.com/two
  2. Probably better to just not read the ingredient list in any food as they're all full of chemicals.
  3. I see today that Primo has been bought by Empire Comfort Systems which also owns Broilmaster Grills. They say, for the moment at least, that manufacturing will remain in the USA. Wondering if BGE might be looking to sell/cash out one of these days.
  4. One of the advantages of owning a KJ is dealing directly with KJ when you need warranty replacements. I've seen too many complaints from BGE owners over the years who have a dealer that is clueless about or just doesn't want to be bothered with dealing with warranty replacements. With KJ, you deal directly with them and they send you the parts directly to you free of charge. With BGE, assuming you have a dealer that will handle warranty replacements, the dealer will order the replacement part from their regional distributor and the part you need will be included with the dealers next order of BGE stuff. That could be weeks or months before you get the part. Top notch BGE dealers will keep a supply of many parts on hand and will be able to give you one the same day but those dealers are not a commonplace. BGE can send replacement parts directly to the customer but they will charge for shipping (which is probably a bit pricey if you are replacing the base of your XL).
  5. Be interesting to see how Kamado Joe responds to seeing another Chinese factory ripping off its design. Intellectual property theft is an ongoing battle for companies that manufacture in China.
  6. There was a company in NC a decade or so ago that was making nickel plated cast iron skillets. The name was Olvida Cookware. They seem to have disappeared. Wonder if Grizzly is Olvida reincarnated. Griswold used to make nickel plated skillets a century ago. No idea why they stopped. Perhaps because of the allergic reaction some folks have to nickel?
  7. I've seen the Joe Pro (local dealer has one) and the price was only $3K. The shape of the Big Joe III is identical to the new Pro Joe - where the Big Joe was short and squat the Pro/Big Joe III is taller and more slender. That's why I was thinking they might have made scaled versions of the Pro. Beats me. I'm sure we'll hear more about them soon. Kinda surprised at the price for the Big Joe III tho. Big Green Egg redesigned their 2XL and lowered the price to $1999, about half what the old XXL was selling for. The BGE 2XL has a 29" grid which is much larger than the Big Joe or Pro.
  8. I'm guessing they decided to rename the new Joe Pro to Big Joe III??? Looks like the Classic III is also a scaled down Pro Joe. This highlights one thing that is a pet peeve of mine - when manufacturers don't keep their websites updated and we see new items on vendor sites first.
  9. Looks nice! One thing you might keep an eye on is that any of those knives that are not stainless steel blades will likely be exposed to more water vapor being right above the stove. Probably want to make sure you keep them lightly oiled to lessen the chances of them developing rust spots.
  10. Programs like Nutrisystem work (at least temporarily) for many people because if you stick to the program rigidly one is eating fixed portions of known caloric amounts. Reducing caloric intake is key to any attempt to lose weight. The vast majority of people cannot exercise their way out of obesity. Certainly exercise is important for all people and folks who are obese will derive great benefit form increased movement (even if their calorie burn is not substantial), however, if one is obese due to overeating most folks are not going to have enough free hours in the day for exercise to have any significant impact on loosing weight. This has been known for some time but far too many people still seem to think that just walking around the block after dinner will burn off that ice cream they had for dessert. A recent article talks about this: https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/04/health/diet-exercise-weight-loss/index.html?sr=twCNN010419diet-exercise-weight-loss0600PMVODtop Very low carb diets may have drawbacks for many people but to say they are necessarily harmful is wrong. Many cultures, such as the Inuit, eat an essentially zero carb diet most months of the year. They have successfully done so for many thousands of years. The average US citizen does consume more than folks in most other countries but to say consume double the amount of an average European is just not what the data shows. In any case, their are many ways to approach what a person should eat and some diets may work better than others for some folks. One just has to find an approach/plan that they can sustain in the long run. Personally, I agree with Michael Pollan - “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
  11. @psych - for folks not looking to gain a more smokey taste from the charcoal itself I suggest you look at Rockwood. It is probably the most neutral "flavor" of charcoal available. It is more neutral (less smokey) because it is fired to a higher degree of carbonization than other brands. That means there are lesser amounts of the volatile organic compounds to burn off while cooking. It used to have somewhat limited regional availability but it is now available nationwide thru Ace Hardware stores. It may also be carried by independent stores and you can check their website for dealers nearby. If there are no Ace Hardware stores in your area you can order it from their website.
  12. That's the sort of question which often leads to fistfights. I'm usually stocked with a few bags each of Royal Oak, Kamado Joe, and Rockwood. Lot's of brands out there and I haven't tried them all so I'm sure other folks will list some others as "the best".
  13. Spatchcocking would probably be too wide but cut into halves you might be able to arrange them to fit.
  14. You might want to buy some of the expandable (pleated) vac seal bags meant for large things like a full brisket or a turkey. Here's a link to the ones FoodSaver sells - https://www.amazon.com/Foodsaver-GameSaver-Expandable-Vacuum-2-Pack/dp/B00AL2AV2O
  15. I don't think I've seen a chamber vac large enough to deal with a full packer brisket. Wonder how much one that size might cost!
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