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  1. Yeah, the fitness tracker has helped. I'm using an Apple watch, and it's been great. Though my woman, who also has an Apple watch, prefers her Fitbit for fitness. So, she wears both. While I'm not counting calories, I am being very good about what I eat and drink. I pretty much only drink water, and I mostly eat salads along with some lean protein. I guess I am making some progress., Today's weigh-in was 230.2, so I've lost 7 or so pounds in the last 2-3 weeks. I wasn't weighing myself before then, as I didn't want to see what the scale would have to say. My scale also has a body fat reader, though I don't know how much to trust that? I'm guessing I have about 25 or so lbs to lose, at this point... something like that?
  2. I eat the whites, and I give the yolks back to my hens, so they can make more whites. Unless I'm doing a hollandaise sauce... LOL
  3. Funny, I was gunna' make a post almost exactly like yours, so I'll just piggy-backs instead. I'm: - 5yrs younger - Have 1 less kid (4) - Am 2" shorter - Weighed in at 237 (2 weeks into my weight loss program) But otherwise, pretty much the same deal. Though I'm only 5'10", I'm pretty stout. Even when I did have a 6-pack, along with lots of other muscle, I could never get below 210... and that's when I was "big" in a good way. Building muscle has never been a problem for me, I can gain a pound or tow of it just driving by a gym. And I've always had a good metabolism too. I've pretty much spent my life eating however much of anything I want, as well as being joe 6-pack (of beer). Yeah, I'd sometimes get a dash of flab, but my solution to that issue was always the same thing - big-assed salad diet, for a month. I'd spend a month just eating on huge salad a day, in lieu of lunch and pre-dinner snacks, and I'd lose 10 or so lbs... in a couple weeks, without fail. This system has served me well for 15-20yrs, leaving me with a relatively flat stomach and in decent shape. Then, the 40's hit. Early 40s were OK, but the last couple years have been hard. I actually didn't do the big-assed salad diet for the last two years, and it shows. I saw a couple pics of myself, when I wasn't standing in-front of the mirror unconsciously sucking in my gut. And I was shocked... I'm friggin' fat!!!! Yep, I've been in denial. Anyone else in that boat? Funny, but it just got name like a brick, after years of denial. And then I tried to fit into my suits, ones that I bought 4 or so years ago. No way, no how, not happening. So, around Christmas, I started a weight loss program. This time, it was beyond just eating a big salad. I've been doing 30-60mins of exorcise very day (including lots of aerobic). I've even had quite a few days with 2-3 hours of serious exorcise, including today. And I cut out booze/beer/wine, all of it. Sticker, a Margarita is ~600 calories, and the beers I like are probably 250+. While I haven't been counting calories, I've dramatically reduced my intake. I'v pretty much been eating plants & twigs and such, for the last month and a half. Still, after all of this effort (more than I've ever made in my life), I'm barely making a dent. yes, the muscle is packing on (as it usually does), but the fat is still clinging. I tried on one of my suits, yesterday, and I the pants-button pretty much burst supersonic on me... LOL Anyhow, I'll stick with the program. I'll pretty much live with one foot in the program. That celebrated metabolism that all my friends used to marvel at, jealously, it'd dead. And yeah, I'm fat. But I'm working on that.
  4. Not on the roadshow website... March?
  5. I used to work with a guy who was a local vegan. He wouldn't even eat stuff that was grown form more than 50 miles form where he lived. This was, I believe, primarily driven by his wife. Every time we were on the road, he'd tie one on and insist on getting a full rack of ribs. He said always felt like poop the next day, but you just had to see the joy in his face when he devoured this baby backs!
  6. Saw him making crawfish etoufee, in person, once. He started by removing the fat from the tails and sautéing it in butter. Dang, crawfish butter!!!! That certainly upped the game in my own étouffée! The man was a culinary giant. Sorry to see him go...
  7. Ha! Lord knows I've witnessed this phenomenon, quite a few times, while traveling for work. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/vegetarians-eat-meat-drunk-survey_56167f34e4b0e66ad4c69f50 Surprising Number Of Drunk Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat They relapse and go on the lamb. Vegetarians are going to have a cow over this. Oh, wait, they already are. A new survey says more than a third of vegetarians eat meat when they've had too much to drink. What's more, they're sneaky about it, with 69 percent saying they don't fess up. The study of 1,789 British vegetarians by the deal-offering service VoucherCodesPro revealed a few other morsels worth fleshing out: More than a third also revealed they go beast mode every time on a drunk night out. Kebab was the most popular relapse of choice (remember, this is the UK), followed by burgers, bacon, fried chicken and sausages, according to the Telegraph. SMABS SPUTZER/FLICKR "I know a few 'vegetarians' who sometimes crave meat, but it seems that a few are giving into their cravings when drunk," Voucher Codes Pro founder George Charles said in outlets. "I think it's important for friends of these 'vegetarians' to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I'm sure they regret it the next day." Acccording to a study by the Humane Research Council, many American vegetarians are bad to the bone as well: around 84 percent stray from a strict vegetarian diet. Those who would like to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet should adopt it gradually, nutritionist Lisa Young told the New York Daily News. “If you start by eating smaller portions of pork or chicken, then cutting out all meat and dairy for a month, you can get a better feel for it,” she said.
  8. Well, the fact of the matter is that this is a bit of a rebuilding years for the Saints, and I'm not expecting much. Given that Brees is struggling with injury, we have so many rookies on our squad, and the NFC South is no slouch, I don't see us going far this year. But that's a position I'm accustomed to in my 40+ years rooting for the Saints. I've lived in places like SFO and DC, where the bandwagon doesn't even get fired up, until their team is batting .800 or so - that's not how we roll. When you root for a team that occasionally gets 3-4 wins per season, you root for individual games, or even plays, regardless of where they'll sit in the division of conference. You work with what you got. And you celebrate loudly, in the wake of every spec of sucess! Give the history of this franchise, there 'aint no bandwagon on Bourbon St. Now, I don't know how long Brees has, but he'll always be a Saint, in my eyes. Fact is, players get injured and older, and changes eventually get made. Most of the game we saw traces of that, with Brees seemingly limited to throwing 15 or so yards, due to his injury. Heck, most of us expected he'd have to sit another one out. But looking at the last minute and a half of regular play, besides the missed FG, that was the Drew Brees Squad we've come to know and love - Fast, flawless, fearless, brilliant, and deadly! Having yet another taste of that was sweet. So forgive us if we gloat a bit, because we have that nagging feeling in our guts that there won't be many more moments like that for us. Laissez bon temps rouler, while we got 'em!
  9. Nice! I may have to flip mine, as the other side tends to stick. I think I've melted my grates a bit...
  10. Welcome! From CenTex, by way of New Orleans!
  11. This has been a Public Service Announcement...
  12. I'm a bit of a tool guy. 10yrs ago, I would have advocated buying something nice, which I did. But nowadays, with the latest waves of cordless tools, my compressor almost never gets used. My pneumatic mechanic tools have all been rep;aced my Milwaukee stuff. My finish and brad nailers with Ryobi Airstrike. etc, etc. The only two uses I have left are a framing nailer and tires. SO, what was said above. Buy a cheap pancake and forget about it. These newer little pancakes aren't bad. They might not hold up to being lugged around a job site daily, or keep up with two framing nailers, but they're find for the weekend warrior. They're also light and easy to lug around. YMMV.
  13. Looks delicious!!! any air fryer tips you wanna' share? My fries come out OK, just not great...
  14. Outstanding!!!!! Love using Tasso in Jambalaya, dirty rice, and gumbo.
  15. As others have said, use Chrome. Spartan, the native browser in Win 10, is a brand new beast - as in, its first beta was only about 4 month ago! This is meant to be a lean and fast browser, without the baggage lots of other ones have from 10+ years of development. While that's a good aspiration, it's still missing a lot of the details that come with a 10+ years of releases. So, use Chrome. And give Spartan a try again in a few months. I believe your issues are with Spartan, and not with Win 10. FWIW, I'm a loooong time Mac guy. I started working at my first Mac software company in the early 90s, and have pretty much standardized on Macs since then, including some very bad Mac years. We have many iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, etc. in our house. Apple its pretty much our standard. But I also recently bought a Surface Pro 3, for some work projects. And I will say that I'm impressed. Yes, it's still a bit kludgy and needs polish, but this is a very bold move. Dare I say that, today, MS has some big Cahones, much like Apple did several years back. One OS, for all their platforms. Continuum automatically recognizing whether you have a keyboard or not, and changing the UI accordingly. Running full-blown apps, on my phone. Heck, there are even demos out there of people plugging huge displays and keyboards into phones, and using them as desktops. So, don't get to caught up in the old image of vendors like MS and Apple, this industry changes on a dime.
  16. Here's what I use them for: Seasoning meat - Cold smoking for 30-60 mins. This is the Lion's share of my use. Ribs - 2-3 hours. After that, smoke doesn't penetrate much, especially since I tend to foil. Fish - Cold smoke for an hour or so, followed by several hours with heat. I use various cookers to do this, and tubes really only play for the first 2-3 hours. Brisket - I do most packers in my pellet pit, though I do sometimes use the BigJoe. in the pellet pit, I'l sometimes fire up the bigger tube, and augment for the first 5-6 hours. But really, 2-3 hours of tubing would be OK. Tubes won't work for low & slow in the BigJoe, or any kamado. Sous Vide - Now that I've gotten into sous vide, I've found another use for the tubes. I try to cold smoke most meat I get, before I vacuum pack it. Typically, this is less than an hour.
  17. I have lots of oak on the property, and that's mostly what I use for smoking. The seasoned stuff, cut 6mos ago or more, burns hotter/quicker and produces less smoke The green stuff, cut in the last month or two, borns slower and puts out more smoke. The smoke on the green stuff worries me a bit, as it's thick to the point of being almost noxious. But it's not bad, after 30mins or so. But really, I think either would be OK. I just prefer the stuff that's been sitting a bit longer. Still, a few mins ago I threw a couple green chunks (~2mos old) own my pork chop and meatball fire, because chunks were 5ft from my KJ, vs 100ft away, which is where the seasoned stuff is. But the meat isn't going on for a while, and the smoke will have calmed down by then. So, I guess it;s not a huge difference. Then again, all my wood is at least two months old.
  18. Ouch!!! Sorry to hear that. It make my morning struggle with a slightly-leaking washer seem easy. Mine was just 1/4 inch in the utility room. But you caught it early, so there's probably not much damage. Get lots of air moving in there, right-away, and you won't have mold issues. Shop vacs, blowers, heaters, and you'll get out of it somewhat OK. Would be a lot worse if you hadn't caught it for a day or two.
  19. I have two of the tubes: 6in and 18 inch (at least I think these are the sizes?). I originally bough them when I was mostly on pellet poppers, but still use them often. A few things: 1. Smallest is my most often-used, because I now primarily cold smoke for a bit, before cooking in another way. 2. None of them will work for low & slow, on a Kamado. There's just not enough oxygen to keep them burning. 3. Both of them will work to supplement higher-temp cooks on the Kamado, though I tend to use the smaller one, for real-estate. 4. Smaller one probably smokes for ~3 hours... bigger one somewhere around 5-8? 5. Only use my bigger tube gets, nowadays, is for brisket on the pellet-pooper. OK, I'll also use it when smoking fish, again on the pellet-pooper. Smaller one is used for everything else. Smaller is just easier to deal with, cheaper to run, uses less space, and lasts long enough for most cooks. Smoke output on them is about the same, but the longer one run for more time. But for most of what I use it for, ~3 hours is more than enough. This is really the period of the cook when smoke flavor is transferred. And it's long enough for most of my needs. Though I use the longer one for pellet-packer and fish, I think the smaller one would be OK for that as well. Now, if you're looking at really long-term cold smokes, than the bigger one might be better. YMMV. One more thing - I don't think Kamadoes are ideal pits for cold-smoke, for a couple reasons: Vertical Heat - If you place a tube under meat, it'll heat that meat. They don't produce much heat, but they do generate enough to begin to cook whatever you want to cold smoke. Vertical works well with smokers that have deflectors over the heat source, but again with kamadoes this can lead to them smoldering out. Tubes like lots of oxygen. Now, this might work in something like a KK, where there seems to be enough space between the lowest grate or coal bucket, and the meat you're smoking? I only have KJs, and know that they're not ideal. Capacity - Much of the time I cold smoke, I want real estate to spread things out. Kamadoes aren't ideal for that, though extenders and such help. No low & slow - If you want to transition from cold to low heat, a Kamado won't keep the tubes lit (see above) Mostly, I find myself cold smoking on a pellet-pooper or stick burner. I usually place a towel or similar stuff over the top gap in the doors as the smoke wants to go vertical, and this helps much of it go diagonally, out the side chimney. But if I had a Komodo kamado, I'd certainly give that a shot. Looks like it might have enough vertical space to cold smoke well, with tubes? Another thing you could try, with another Kamado, is to place the tube way down at the bottom, where the coal sits. With a wide-open bottom vent, that might work. Problem is that I'll sometimes find myself relighting or refilling tubes, during a cook. And it'd be a PITA to move all those grates out of the way to do so. Or, just sit the tube on the same grate as the meat, with some distance between them. That works OK. I just find that my other pits work a bit better. You'll likely need both vents just about wide-open to keep the tube lit. On a Kamado, this means the smoke will go completely vertical, though you'll still get some good smoke on whatever you're cooking... just not as good as if the tube was somehow below the meat.
  20. Here's the best way to tack this: Step 1: Buy this accessory, for your Junior - http://www.bbqguys.com/item_item_2878262.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=shopping-campaign&utm_term=2878262&kpid=2878262&gclid=CjwKEAjw1riwBRD61db6xtWTvTESJACoQ04Q-MMs6XAKjvV-yJD3_J7rXD5u7gMCuCNMpV1DABQ8RRoCWHHw_wcB Or somewhere like that. Maybe wait for a roadshow? Step 2: Enjoy your new accessory!
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