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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Prowe! Seeing that I have not posted in a while I should have probably looked around that the different threads before posting this here.
  2. Welcome from Ft. Worth( right near the TMS).
  3. Hello all...been a while since I posted. I just wanted to get back in say hello and see how everyone is doing? I have a Saffire Grill 19" and love it! I do a good amount of posting on FB, Instagram and Pinterest. I do have a blog in the works. I hope everyone had a good weekend and did some great grilling! -Rob
  4. Hello all...was just wondering what are you cooking up for the game Sunday? I will be doing a 11lb brisket on my 19". -Rob
  5. Hello All, Looking to do my first brisket on my KJBJ...my plan of attack is keep it 250...once it hits 165, remove it, wrap in butcher paper and place back in the Joe and let it ride till IT of 200. At that point remove it, place in cooler for 2 hrs. I want to try to make burnt ends with the point, but I know not to remove the point before I let it sit for the time, as it might dry out the flat. So I guess the only way is to keep the Joe going for the 2 hrs rest, then slice the point into cubes and add them back on? Do I just place in aluminum pan, add a little rub and some sauce back to the grill....for how long? Do you cover the pan at all? and what IT or consistency do I want the burnt ends to reach? If anyone has a better suggestion as to how they do their brisket and burnt end cook, please post and/or revise how I should do mine...open to all suggestions. It just seems wasteful to have the Joe stoked for 2 additional hrs while the rest takes place only to add burnt ends back....maybe that is the recommended/preferred way to do them. Like I said I am open to any.all suggestions/recommendations. Thanks -Rob
  6. Keeper...thank you for the pics, I appreciate your help. I will have to figure out what will work. Rob
  7. I do have a Big Joe grate extender...I wonder if I use that...drip pan under that, if that will work. This way the ribs will sit higher off the main grate, maybe the heat off the corners of the deflectors plate may not be a factor as I have been running into.
  8. Hello Gary....I do keep it 225-240....but just after the 5 hrs...still get the burnt ends. I'm not a fan of FOTB ribs, just my preference...I'm concerned the foil would create soft ribs. I do appreciate your input and help. Thanks Rob
  9. Keeper, Thanks for the reply....would I have to buy additional racks for this stone? You wouldn't happen to have a pic of your setup when using the stone would you? I'm just trying to visualize it all...thanks! Rob
  10. Hello all.. When I do my ribs on my Big Joe I am experiencing the ends tend to get charred at times or the lower half on the ribs get much darker. If looking at the grill I lay my ribs north to south and the southern parts come out darker or charred. Was thinking about trying a rib rack, thinking this way, the bottom part of the rib wouldn't get exposed to the heat coming up over the end of the deflectors and in turn get well done. Would a rack help evenly cook the ribs? Or is it just the nature of the way a kamado cooks, with the heat coming over edges and that part of the food getting a little well done. Should I be rotating the ribs(top to bottom, bottom to top) on the hour to get even heat? I do foil sometimes, so I would just remove the rack at this point. Just curious on suggestions on a decent rib rack. Or suggestions from others may have experienced the same charred issues with ribs from the heat over the ends of the deflectors on the bottom part of your ribs. Thanks Rob
  11. Hello all, I was just curious on the way you get your kamado prepped for say ribs. I have a KJBJ just to let you know what grill I have. I light the lump with a firestarter... Wait 10 mins till I see it ash...then put in like 8 chunks of wood. I add the deflectors...then add a aluminum water/drip pan(yes I like to use one)feel ribs come out moister. I try to get the temp to 300...knowing the deflectors and water in the pan drop that temp down 50 degrees. I try to stabilize at 225. I just feel that the wood chunks burn off to quickly to give a proper smoke ring and flavor for the entire cook(5ish hrs). So how do you set yours up to get enough smoke flavor, smoke ring for your whole cook? Do you add more chunks than me to begin with? Do you use bigger pieces of wood than chunks, like those in bigger smokers? I'm just trying to get ideas on how others set up their Kamados so they ensure enough smoke flavor and ring. I also have a propane smoker and get to add additional chunks to the wood pan on the hour when I spritz the ribs. It's a two door unit, so my temp doesn't really drop. Maybe I'm just to used to being able to constantly feed wood chunks and looking to replicate this process or alter the way I cook on the KJ to obtain the same end result as I get on the propane. I realize these are 2 entirely different cookers and the cooking methods are different as well. I'm just trying to figure out to get a longer lasting somke presence on my KJBJ while doing low and slow. I'd love to read how you setup your grill and what you do to obtain and ensure enough smoke flavor/ring for your entire cook. Thanks Rob
  12. Great looking cook.... At 275 how long do they take? Rob
  13. Wilbur...do you happen to remember how long it took to create that perfection? I know you mentioned about 5 hours in the beginning.. Was just curious if it went 5 hours or more. Rob
  14. Same here...after 48 hrs from my original warranty email sent...heard reply from KJ....and within a week...got my replacement. Mine is sitting in tbe garage on reserve. I have used my cracked firebox twice since I learned it was cracked...no issues at all.
  15. Any time my friend. ..feel free to ask anytime
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