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  1. I think I may have a problem.......I have the Viking, BGE, Grill Dome, Char Griller and Primo JR among others.
  2. World Market is having a half off sale on Q stuff from 1-3pm today. If you don't have one by you, use code BBQ50 on checkout. http://www.worldmarket.com/family/in...l&RRID=2479386
  3. Besides smokers and grills, I have been carrying on a love afair with cars the past few years. Here's what I have currently. 80 Ferrari 308 GTSI. (Magnum PI Car) 06 Maserati Spyder (Made by Ferrari) 02 BMW Z3 02 Mercedes SL600 90 Rolls Royce Silver Spur 87 Mercedes 560 SEC 95 Mercedes E320 Cabriolet 86 Mercedes 300 SDL (Converted to run on vegatble oil) 87 Jaguar XJS12 Convertible There are more, I'll post them when I think of them.
  4. I'm still very happy with the Char Griller. However, i'm probably going to use it more as a grill and slow cooker and leave the high heat cooks to the Viking Egg and BGE.
  5. I'm thinking that's the problem. Seemed like the top did the same thing after a recent burnoff, but opened easily after it cooled down.
  6. Yep, i'm aware of that. Tried it and still a no go. Thanks though.
  7. I've done several cooks on the new Akorn and eally like it. Small problem though. I can't remove the ash catcher. I've tapped it with a hammer and jerked and twisted to no avail. Any ideas?
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