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    New fire box

    It's aligned it just won't clear the fire ring without lifting it up.
  2. Kate

    New fire box

    Installing new replacement fire box and can't remove the ash tray. Any tricks? Do you see a problem with bending the lip on the ash tray holder flat.. It seems like the lip is making it to high so the tray gets stuck.
  3. Real Men Eat Quiche!! Fantastic Cook!! Your wife must be very happy.
  4. We are looking for an electric slicer Any recommendations on brands? Just looking for occasional home use.Amazon seems to have quite a few just not sure which might be the best.
  5. You are correct I should have clarifed in my post. I usually do boneles skinless breasts at that temp.
  6. It can go from 2 to 4 hours for the breast meat 2 to 5 for the dark meat. Boneless skinless breasts make the best chicken sandwich or added to pasta. I make a pannini from the breast meat that has chipolte mayo tomato pepperjack cheese. I season the meat with smoked paprika and salt.
  7. I cook chicken and turkey breast at 143 it comes out tender and moist. I cook dark meat at 150 .
  8. I have that book and make the pancetta. It is very good. I hope to try some other recipes soon.
  9. I love my Ka mixer! I have the grinder and sausage stuffer and use it alot! Never had any grey ooze! You need to partially freeze the meat and fat and add ice water for the stuffer. Always keep everything very cold! I never use a grinder plate with the stuffer just the little plastic blade that comes with it.
  10. Rosemary and garlic rack of lamb with lentils and brussel sprouts with a fig balsamic reduction A salad of spring greens. That's my menu.
  11. Just the way they should be presented! Beautiful!!
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