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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I guess after 3 years of using the Akorn, I’m still just AMAZED at how efficient the darn thing works. I mean - a turkey done in 2 hours - crazy! I just figured there was no WAY it would cook that quickly. There was no way my meat thermocouple and thermompop were measuring in the correct locations. It really didn’t turn out that badly - I used a couple small blocks of cherry wood, and the flavor is amazing - just too dry for my liking. I might give it another go for New Years!
  2. I thought I would share my epic holiday fail on the Akorn and see what you guys think went wrong. The hubby got a free turkey from work, so I suggested we try to smoke it as our first attempt at a whole turkey. It was just small 12 lb. turkey dinner for the two of us, so low risk. I’ve been smoking ribs, chicken, sausage, pork loin, and even turkey legs for 3 years on the Akron, but I’ve never tried a whole turkey. I thought it would be a good experiment. I have low and slow down pat, and have been using a tiptoptemp for a while to hold temp - How hard could it be?! Bwa-ha-ha!!! Well, I’m a fan of the amazing ribs.com website, so I did a little homework between that website and kamadoguru- im sure most here would agree that both are excellent resources - and decided in simple Simon & Garfunkel wet rub at 325 degrees. This was a factory-salined turkey, so we opted to not brine. First mistake - cooking at the recommended 325 deg F instead of what I’m more accustomed to low temp smoking at 225 degrees. At 12 lbs, estimated cook time is 3 hours, and supposedly double that for true low and slow. Both my Maverick and Thermapop indicated i hit 160 deg in the breast in 2 hours. Is it possible it was really done in 2 hours?! I took the turkey out at 3 hours because I didn’t believe it cooked be fully cooked safely that quickly. Mistake #2 - not trusting my thermometers and insertion points. I would have pulled the turkey before 3 hours and hopefully before it was as dry as drywall. Honestly, I reinserted the meat probe and thermampop 6 times thinking I was at the wrong depth in the breast and leg. At any rate, the turkey was as dry as cardboard when we cut into it after 3 hours and a 30 minute rest! I am so disappointed, but hey- that’s how we learn. I’ll try again at a lower temp. I just find it hard to believe the turkey was done in 2 hours at 325 deg., but 3 hours was way over cooked. Does this surprise anyone?
  3. TipTopTemp posted a 14% discount on its Facebook page. - “ With the beautiful weather and July 4th approaching- lets have a sale! Save 14% when you enter "Independence Day Sale" at checkout. Limited time of course.” i just ordered my first one for my Akorn, so can’t wait to start using it!
  4. I saw yesterday on Slickdeals that SkyMall has the Ivation on sale for $40 and is supposed to be the ET-733 rebadged. If you read through the thread, there are a couple smokers that confirm, but the probes seem to be more temperamental. I have a 732 and was thinking about getting just to have a backup. http://slickdeals.net/?pno=186374&lno=1&trd=Ivation%2BExtended%2BRange%2BWireless%2B&afsrc=1&mon=1&ref=1
  5. Welcome - nice to hear from another new Pacific Northwesterner!
  6. Howdy from the Emerald City. I'm actually from Texas (Austin), but had a couple job transfers over the last 9 years that have forced me to takin smokin into my own hands out of desperation for some good BBQ. I just bought an Akorn a month ago after having played around with an offset for the past couple years in addition to a Weber Q. I didn't want to invest in a ceramic just yet, so thought I'd give the Akorn a try. Huge difference in temp control - the Akorn is amazing! I got the smokin' stone a couple of weeks ago, so very happy with how the ribs, trout, and chicken have turned out. This website has been an I valuable tutorial. No mods planned, as the Akorn is fantastic right out of the box. Low and slow is pretty easy thanks to this site. Happy grilling!
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