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  1. I fixed mine by grinding the shoulders where the screw go to secure the moving parts. I reassembled it with longer screws and used springs for tension. Works great.
  2. The vendor that was here last month sold the demo to a guy that knew about the added accessories. He was giving away a dutch oven and a cast iron grill. That is a great deal if you were going to buy a KJ anyways.
  3. Meghan asked for pictures of my broken divider and all I had to do was hit reply, attach and send. She updated my case later that day, so she got my attachment. Hope this helped.
  4. Well i had a few minutes to look through your thread. I think we have nearly the same issue in addition too some of my other problems. I wonder if KJ got a bad batch or something because there seems to be a lot of issues with big joes lately. Im sure they will get us both fixed up! What else is wrong with this batch? I'm in the market for a big kamado and would like to know what to watch out for. I bought mine at a Costco roadshow as a impulse buy and really like the way it cooks and has most accessories included. KJ have the best warranty that I have experienced. Fortunately mine has no leaks, but with Costco's return policy and KJ's warranty, you can't go wrong.
  5. I had the same issues with the way claims are communicated. I thought they were ignoring me, but after looking at the email sent with the case numbers and priority, I clicked on the blue box and saw correspondence that I had not seen or answered. When in doubt, give them a call and they will help.
  6. Just an update on the broken divider. They sent this one in a huge box with no packing material. Needless to say that this one is broken too. Rex from KJ apologized and said the shipping manager will pack it personally. I can't say enough good things about their warranty and customer service. My patched up one works fine, so I'm not in a hurry for the part.
  7. Looks like this is a winner. Drilled holes as suggested and ran bolts through expanded metal to hold it all together. Check it out.
  8. OK, so that was an epic failure. By putting cement in the joint, it changed the dimension ever so slight that the divider no longer fit. Also,the cement could not adhere to the smooth surface of the divider, so the chunk of expanded metal with cement fell off. Back to the drawing board to see how else to fix this. Now I have to rebreak and grind the cement from the joint to make it fit, not sure if this piece is worth my time.
  9. I'm moving on to un boxing everything since the big joe got put together and i find this. so I make the call and not stressing anymore about their warranty...it is gold. Anyways I got to thinking how to save this while I wait for parts. So I did this: We'll see if this works. Will update when it is dry. Happy grilling.
  10. I would like to apologize to you all for unjustly slamming KJ about their warranty. The parts just arrived, so I was wrong to accuse them of being a shady company. The misunderstanding developed because most communications were done through their NetSuite software when you make a warranty claim. They are a reputable company and I will no longer doubt their integrity. Thanks everyone for dealing with my unwarranted rant. Great service and warranty from KJ. Best prices to get one is at Costco's roadshow, as you all know. Happy grilling everyone.
  11. The moderator locked my "worthless" thread, so this is what was sent. I asked for a tracking number and KJ provided me a tracking number that matches this package. I will take it up with them tomorrow and update you all. I hope this is only a misunderstanding.
  12. I've been corresponding with Kris in the warranty department to get this new Big Joe parts. I purchased this Big Joe from a Costco roadshow and noticed the hinge had been damage due to inferior packaging and rough handling. Meghan referred me to Kris since he handles Costco's warranty issues. Early on, when I first noticed the damage, they were eager to listen and promised me parts. I was to get a new hinge and screws because some of the screws on the band were cross threaded. Kris reassured me the package was on it's way, so I was stoked to get the grill back together so I can fire it up for the first time. I got the package yesterday and this large box only contained two screws and acorn nuts. I fired off an email yesterday and they no longer respond. So, my experience tells me if I had a bigger issue, such as a cracked ceramic part, I would be SOL. I purchased the grill because of raving reviews about their service and lifetime warranty. Sounds like my lifetime warranty has already expired from day one. I know not all of you feel the same or have been treated this way, so you guys are fortunate. Needless to say, this item will be put back together with those shiny new screws and nuts and make it's way back to Costco. What shame for KJ to lose my business vs making it right. Thanks everyone for listening to my rant, but buyers beware.
  13. The roadshow has gone, so I would return for money back. I'm a little anal about my equipment and feel that if it is something new, then there should not be any blemishes. I was thinking of painting, but I did pay over a grand for this. Anyways I opened a warranty case online with KJ, so we will see what happens. Thanks for the replies. I will keep you posted.
  14. This is a brand new Big joe purchased at a Costco roadshow. The picture shows a bare spot through the powder coating on the hinge. Would you guys live with it or contact Kamado Joe for parts or return to Costco? Thanks.
  15. I ended up calling the customer support and they were great. The reason the nut would not tighten or loosen is because the bolt was cross threaded to begin with. They are sending two new screws and acorn nuts to complete this project. I have some pictures, hoping this will help someone else.
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