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  1. Hi mate, it was just a lot easier to trim the steaks as apposed to trimming the whole fillet. Looking forward to seeing your results! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I agree with Pesto, I did both of mine like that and it was very easy! Can't wait to see your results.
  2. Man those look amazing! Gotta get me one of those cooking trays. Well done.
  3. Shrimp, cheese, jalapeno and bacom, what else can you ask for? Oh yes, beer. Man that looks champ!
  4. I also have to agree and that's some nice colour on that chicken Andy!
  5. Looks great man! Well done. What, you didn't lick the plate? lol I have that same pastry mat.
  6. Nice catch! Looks tasty, well done.
  7. Here are my 3 cents. Had the Akorn over 1.5 years. Love it. Been looking at ceramic ones for quite some time (even before buying the Akorn) and I tell myself... Do I REALLY need this? Will it be THAT much better? My answer is no, so for now, I keep the Akorn and have fun with it and when it dies, then I may get a ceramic. I use my Akorn practically every day in from spring to fall. In winter, not as much especially last winter was stupid cold.
  8. Seriously, take the advice from people here... run and don't look back. I don't think I would even give him $300 for that knowing the history and all. Heck, for $600, get an Akorn AND an Akron Jr, or if you absolutely want ceramic, go with the other well know brands Kamado Joe, Green Egg etc and you would get a warranty also! Welcome to the forums BTW!
  9. I'll take some of that, great cook!
  10. I love Saputo mozzarella, one of the best around here on pizza, IMO of course. Haven't seen the Kirkland stuff... I shred then freeze mine without any issues to answer one of the questions..
  11. Wow those are great looking cooks! About that pizza, I would have eaten that no problem!
  12. Looks great and it is quite a shame that you have to eat all the meat.
  13. Beef is not like other meats, if it was in the original vac pack and in the fridge, then I would have a few sniffs (to make sure) and go right ahead and cook it. IMO it got wet aged just a tad longer.
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