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  1. I was about to say the same thing. I put the last of the bag in mine last night and WON'T be buying anymore.
  2. Thanks for all the good comments and advice. I am tempted to get my hands on a TTT and try my luck at a 225 degree cook. What's the harm right?
  3. So I have a question for anyone willing to answer. I have seen posts on here stating that they had a butt on for 16 hours before taking it off. My question is, what temp are you taking the butt to in a 16 hour period? I reach 195 in about 7-8 hours so are you allowing the butt to continue to cook past that point, or are you trying to reduce the temp of the pit to maintain it? I am a fan of bark, and would love to be able to go that long for the extra bark it would produce, but didn't know if I was just doing something wrong?
  4. Spent a Sunday playing with the dial. That gave me my readings. Logged what temp each dial setting gave me. Magician, Would you post your findings on the TTT so that I have a baseline of what to go with? I am about to order mine after reading this thread.
  5. I have the cart version and love it. The biggest reason for loving it is when you are prepping your cook, you aren't making a complete mess of the kitchen.
  6. I did see smoke coming out of the chimney, so next time I will lose the water pan and keep the stone. Coming from my Big Drum smoker that puts a good smoke ring on anything I have ever cooked, I am just trying to figure out where I went wrong. Thanks for all your thoughts so far!
  7. They had a good flavor profile, but they didn't taste smoked at all. Will check the coals and wood when I get home. I was also wondering if others use the smoking stone, or if you forgo a heat deflector as I do on my Big Drum Smoker.
  8. So I set out yesterday to create some fantastic ribs for the family, and was a bit disappointed with the results. There was NO smoke ring at all on the ribs. Below is the setup that I used. Royal Oak lump 3 Hickory and 2 Pecan chunks Char Griller smoking stone 9X13 pan with 1/2 inch of water Cast iron grate Rib rack and ribs of course I am not sure if the smoking stone is blocking the smoke from getting to the meat or what, but the temp was always around 250. Any suggestions for a frustrated smoker?
  9. Last night was straight up pulled pork plain and the flavor was great. Tonight is pulled pork sandwiches. I can't wait!
  10. well thanks to my love of this site, I had to try my hand at butts today
  11. That look great! I am glad to see another breakfast post has hit the forum.
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