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  1. All, The site currently appears to be hosted by Enom (A Tucows subsidiary). If you can provide tangible evidence that their behaviour is fraudulent, you can help get the site removed. https://www.enom.com/help/abusepolicy.aspx I'm sure they will just pop up somewhere else, but if you can make their lives more difficult, it helps.
  2. The site was registered in Panama. The address doesn't exist. The phone number is from California The prices are way below anything that the manufacturers would allow. There's no way this site is legit. It's a well done scam though.
  3. Welcome to the forum! You're going to love using that Vision in the winter. So much easier than using a gas bbq in a Canadian winter. I can't say I enjoy being outside when it's -25 or worse, but some of my best product has come from those temps. The kamado just stays toasty and that cold dry air burns really nicely. Cheers!
  4. For gloves, I would recommend a few pairs of moderately priced welders gloves. Mig welding gloves are better for heat protection, but you do lose some dexterity. I would suggest wood chunks instead of chips. The chips burn up very quickly. I only use them when smoking fish. For large cuts, go with chunks of wood. oak, cherry and hickory and apple are my top choices, but try different things and see what you like best. A thermapen for instant-read temps is an excellent choice and well worth the price. (Pick up an open box or clearance color to save a chunk of money)
  5. Fáilte! Spent 1/2 of last August touring Ireland and loved every minute of it. I'm probably the first generation to set foot on Ireland since my family left in the 1700's. Enjoy the camaraderie and cooks!
  6. Salt and peppered this steak the night before, then a pat of butter and vac sealed it. 3.5 hours sous vide at 137F. Got my Saffire screaming hot and dropped it on for 60 seconds on each side. Sorry, no pre-slice pic. Everyone was shouting to be fed.
  7. You've covered the critial items. For thermometers, I highly recommend the thermapens for instant read. A good wireless thermometer with at least 2 probes ( 1 for the meat, one for the heat) is very helpful too. The Maverick products have treated me well.
  8. That's cool you have the whole set. My mom gave me a stack of the containers, but she didn't have the press any longer.
  9. Honestly, I just use this. Hits every time. I use the small mason jars. https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/sous-vide-ultimate-creme-brulee-with-variations
  10. I love my Anova wifi. That said, I don't use it to replace things that I have always smoked. Brisket & ribs belong on my kamado, not in a bag. My favourites, in no particular order are: - Vegetables. They come out actually tasting like vegetables. - Chicken - Perfectly cooked every time, especially for stir-fry type dishes. - Steak. Wait until you do a reverse sear from the Sous vide bath to the kamado at screaming temps. - Creme Brulee. This one never fails to impress. Enjoy expanding your cooking tools!
  11. Everyone in unison "Hi Mike" There's no cure unfortunately. All you can do is feed the urge to bbq. Enjoy.
  12. If you're getting desperate and can't delay the meal, bring the temp up to about 310 - 325. Not my first choice for cooking brisket as I find the fat doesn't render quite the way I like, but it should still give you a nice tender, juicy cook
  13. If you're looking to server in 3h, keep it wrapped and keep your grill around 275 or you'll never make it.. You're still low in the stall, but extra heat and the foil will help speed things up. If it is by some chance ready early, wrap it real tight in 2x layers of foil, wrap a couple old towels around that. (They will get stained), then drop it in a cooler until you are ready to slice and serve. The towel and cooler combination will keep a whole brisket at serving temperature for a few hours easily.
  14. Personally I never wrap unless I need to push through the stall. It's personal preference though. If you want to wrap, 171's not a bad time, it will help you push through the stall, then back on the grill. If you want to reduce your grill temp, just close your vents almost completely for a bit, then when the temp drops open them slightly to stabilize where you want it.
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