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  1. I didn't want to "hillbilly engineer" it but that seems like the best plan. Thanks everyone! Just a little but of pressure. It doesn't need much.
  2. A long bungee cord from the front handle to the lower tray mounted between the legs can help too. Just enough tension to seal.
  3. I use a large/jumbo cotton ball that I keep in a jar with Heet in it. Heet is really just alcohol. One ball is all that is needed. I use the volcano method to arrange the lump and just drop it in the hole. Presto done.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a peel?
  5. This may be the wrong place to post this. Sorry if it is. I thought it was funny and interesting! https://www.facebook.com/geology.page/videos/842468369139974/
  6. Mine turned out great! 250° for 6 hours. Used hickory chunks soaked in water for smoke. Used rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper for the rub. Used 10 inch wooden skewers to hold it all together. Shorter toothpicks helped with the bacon. I have a TTT to control the temp. Works great. Had enough for 6 people, nothing left. The tenderloin was more than plenty. Have enough left over for a couple of meals for my wife and I. All of the above was complimented with grilled bi-color sweet corn, baked sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and baked beans. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream or salted caramel gelato. Can I get an amen!!!!
  7. I also bought a brand-new fully assembled (unused) Akorn on Craigslist for $200 with a cover! Love love love it!
  8. This was a hit. 2 SwineApples and a Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.
  9. Getting excited. Going to do my first swineApple this weekend. Last weekend I did my first low/slow pork butt. Rave reviews from all who tried it.
  10. I love mine. Just takes some getting used to. Here is a picture of how I attached mine. A piece of cheap electro galvanized chain wrapped around the base of the chimney and secured with a piece of picture hanging wire. Secure a piece of the same type of wire to a link in the chain. Bring it across the top of the TTT and wrap it around the top once and secure it to another link on the other side. Move over 5-6 links and over the TTT again and secure to the chain close to where you started. Very secure, does not move at all.
  11. With the grill hot take an onion that you cut in half. Rub the grill with it. You grill will be non stick. No oil-pam etc. Try it.
  12. And you never know when you are going to meet the A-hole! Personally I am not going to take the chance and give them a wide berth.
  13. Headlines in Chicago this last weekend. Pitbull mauls and kills 5 year old boy! Two teenagers tried to help the boy when they saw what was happening and beat the dog off with bricks, stones and boards. The boy died and the dog. Personally I would contact the renters first. Tell them of your concerns. Nothing happens contact the owner. Nothing happens, the authorities. I agree the poster above. Unless apbts and their owners are professionally trained there is a danger. Don't be passive about this. Get it dealt with asap.
  14. Welcome to the addiction!
  15. Usually most comments are 1/4" some experimenting is involved. Usually about 1/2" to start and backing off to 1/4"
  16. I wasn't too happy with the system I tried for attaching the TTT to my AKORN. I thought of using a cheap length of #16 electro galvanized chain to wrap around the base of the Akorn chimney. Secured the links with some picture frame hanging wire. I then placed in position the TTT and secured a length of picture frame wire through a link and placed it across the TTT to a link on the other side. Moved to several links and pulled the wire through and back over the TTT back to where I started and secured it. It is very stable and secure. It will not move even with opening and closing the dome.
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