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  1. You are going to LOVE this grill! I bought a Tip-Top- Temp (TTT) and it's awesome. I've found it to be great when lighting up at the beginning of the cook if you are BUSY and MAY get distracted. Kamado grills can go "nuclear" on you if you leave them unattended. If I have a lot going on, but I am not in a hurry, I'll light the grill (always 1/2 of a Weber starter cube in the top middle of the coals), wait about 10 minutes, close the lid and put my TTT on wide open and go do what I have to do. It'll regulate the temp and keep it from going nuclear IF I take an extra couple of minutes before I get back to the grill. I can quickly bring up temps if I need to go higher. I've never had it over 325 with it on. As far as reloading coals, I have maintained 225-235 for 14 hours (11lb butt), 4 hours rib cooking the next day, and back to back chicken all on the same coals. Still had a little left but decided to fill her back up to the top of the tabs again (recommend topping off every-time but I just wanted to see how much I could do on one filling). I do not trust my thermometer on the grill. I use a maverick as well.
  2. AcuraBob. I've had my Akorn over a year now and I have never used a chimney to start my fire. I simply pour in Lump to the tabs of the diffuser plate, make it into a "volcano" and put 1/2 of a weber starter cube in the middle, slightly buried by new lump. 10 minutes later the fire is out and my coals are visibly red hot. I shut the lid, leave both my vents open and let the temp rise to about 75 degrees of my target temp and then shut down the vents, both top and bottom to my desired opening. Every grill is different and every time you put lump in you will get varying degrees of air flow. I really suggest NOT using a chimney to light the coals. Trying to control all those coals that are burning will be a challenge, especially if you are doing a low and slow. One last suggestion. Buy a Tip Top Temp ( TTT ). Worth every penny for low and slow cooks.
  3. He shipped the plate hanger with mine as well. I will post info as soon as I have the opportunity to play with it.
  4. Lol Bosco! It's only been a month, but dammit Boy, it feels like a disease! Can't cook enough! CC, details are as follows. Started the grill at 1:00. Volcano method with half of a weber starter. It burned for about 5 minutes before it went out. Finally found some Royal Oak Lump and several pieces were lit right on top. Brought temp up to about 175, put on Akorn diffuser plate and shut her down to about 1 and 1. Temp up to 225 dropped bottom to. 75 and top to .75. I let temp level out at 275 for about 30 min. Put 5 ribs in rack and one on top warmer rack bone down. I was able to keep temp between 168 and 182 for 4 hours. The reason for the fluctuations was because the wind changed direction and brought temp up. I made extremely small adjustments from the time I put the ribs on at 2:20 until I took them off at 6:25. After 3 hours and 50 minutes, I rubbed bar b que sauce all over them and left it on for 15-20 minutes. Needless to say, they turned out great. Now, a small catch that they could not believe. During this time, my buddy put on some chicken halves on his webber. He grilled them up nice! Another friend came over with some chicken of his own and they were wondering how we could cook it too. I told him. To just wait 10 min and I'd be ready. Opened her up, and locked her down at 385 and cooked his chicken and sausage too. They were all impressed to say the least. After it was all over, I showed them how little fuel it burned and they could not believe it. Sorry so long, but I'm pumped!
  5. Well, there were a lot of people over. Nobody wanted to fess up. I guess the winner would be the first plate of ribs gone. That would be mine! Lol! And yo answer your question, my ribs were good enough that I think three of the men are going to buy one soon. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for all the help!
  6. Well, a couple of you are already aware of the challenge, but after a couple of cold ones, a buddy challenged my Akorn against his crock pot ribs. I've never grilled ribs as I've only had my Akorn a month. However, I've been on here and felt confident that I had a great chance. Here are my results.
  7. Good deal!! I've only had my Akorn a month and I have been raving about it. Kamado's are awesome. Going to have about 6 families with Kids and etc around the pool. After a couple of adult beverages Sat night, I jumped all over this challenge. Never even grilled a rib and they know it. Could really make a statement with a Kamado for a few buddies! I have watched several of y'alls video's and thanks for the link Modern. I'm not far from you down here in S. GA. You know the deal!!! LOL!!!!
  8. Did you put a pan of water under them? Going to do my first baby back ribs tomorrow. A buddy is doing crock pot ribs, I'm going with the Akorn
  9. Hey all. Man do I enjoy reading about y'alls cooking! Anyway, I'm still a newbie, but I have completed several cooks. Couple of steaks, several types of chicken etc. So tonight I did a quick boneless pork chops grill. They turned out just fine. But the reason I'm posting is the biscuits! When I took the chops inside, my wife had some "red lobster" biscuits ready to go in the oven. She had just added the milk and I said, Hey, let me throw them on the grill. It's sitting at 425. What does it recommend for the biscuits? She said 425. Anyway, 11 minutes later we have biscuits! Attached are the chops and biscuits. No diffuser plate either.
  10. This one is the kids. No jalapeƱos.
  11. CC, Thanks. I was just browsing around the site and noticed the showcase. Will post this stuff on there for future references.
  12. Ok. I don't know how many of these are appropriate, but I read somewhere that without pictures it didn't happen. Anyway, chicken breast, stuffed with cheese and jalapeƱos and wrapped in bacon. Turned out good. Very moist and tender. Direct heat around 400. Look ok to you guys?
  13. Yes, we did find it juicier. When I was taking them up, juice slung out of the skin as I was putting them in the dish. Both of my boys (9 and 12) told me they were very juicy. I didn't get a great sear on my steaks, and one was a little over cooked for me. However, they were tender and several were spot on with the Medium Rareness that we prefer. These were cooked over direct heat. I'm loving this site. The learning curve is big, but you guys have made it possible to get there quicker. Thanks!!!
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