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  1. Jack Daniels sounds good to me. Need it around here.
  2. Relax everyone it was a comment. And yes I heard it from a friend. Nice to see that even grown ups still try to bully and put people down. I'll stick with the keg forum where your not scrutinized over a comment.
  3. Maybe he is but considering the post I thought I would mention. You don't like it fine but might be a little more incentive to lay off the pop.
  4. I personally don't drink them but a friend of mine was telling me his dad went in for a brain tumor and the doc asked if he drank diet pop. And he did. Doc said over 90% of his patience drink diet pop or some form of aspartame sweetened drink. Kinda crazy but another reason to give it up.
  5. Looks amazing I never knew Costco in Ontario had them. How much per lb? So I can compare to my usual spot.
  6. I've been wondering the same thing. Even tried on the computer last night thinking it was my phone.
  7. That is a tough decision violet. I think there might be the odd sick day this summer.
  8. Thanks violet it will be a fun learning experience the next while. Or should I say a tasty one. With all the help around here I should be able to figure it out fairly quick.
  9. Not sure why the pics came out sideways but at least they worked.
  10. Hello all new here and new to bkk cooking but I do have the 5000. So far it's awesome. I've had a chance to cook some chicken legs and tonight pork chops and potatoes. Both turned out amazing. Hopefully next weekend I'll try a low and slow.
  11. Thanks everyone your all very welcoming.
  12. I will as soon as I get a chance. I'm new to it so I'm sure it will take time to hit 225.
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