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  1. @CeramicChef -- you should post your tutorial as a sticky. It has lots of VALUABLE information. I applaud you. Keep Kookin' Kewl Kats LawnGnomeKiller
  2. I have a corned beef just waiting to become delicious. What are the recommendations for the smoker? Keep on Kookin' Kewl Kats LawnGnomeKiller
  3. Kewl, BSA - Be sure to wave as you pass the house. I'm the first one on the left after the bridge out of Start-Up. Keep kookin' kewl kats LawnGnomeKiller
  4. I recently bought a new car and needed a clean email address for only important stuff like car insurance. I thought to myself ... Self, what is the last thing that GEICO would want to see in a customer ... Hmmm, someone that backs over lawn gnomes with their car. I checked gmail and found that lawngnomekiller was available, so there you have it. Great image have I to share once placement here is figured out and yoda-speak clears up. Keep kookin kewl kats LawnGnomeKiller
  5. Just sayin', joining this forum was the best idea I've had all year. Keep on Kookin' Kewl Kats LawnGnomeKiller
  6. Thanks CeramicChef - That's the info I need. I will be trying that out as soon as I get back from a run into town. Keep on Kookin' Kewl Kats LawnGnomeKiller
  7. Thanks for the greetings. I am thinking about doing a cleansing burn this afternoon. How hot for how long, and do I leave the smoking stone in? Thanks again LawnGnomeKiller
  8. Greetings fellow Fire Fiends, Recently aquired my new Akorn. Couldn't resist the sale price. So far I have tried Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, and (Yesterday) my first Brisket. Thanks to the low and slow thread I finally have better control of my temps. Keep on Cookin', Kewl Kats! LawnGnomeKiller
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