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  1. Looking forward to the food pron. I love Sam's meat too. They usually cut their steaks pretty thick so you don't have to ask for a bigger cut. I think it's usually about $9-$11/lb for angus ribeye. Some of the packs look damn near like prime too! Can't beat it imo. Though i've never shopped at costco and I know their meat is very very good also. Their baby backs are super meaty too... just love me some Sam's meat lol.
  2. Looks incredible! I love me a steak with a nice crust on it. You nailed it.
  3. I have a grinder and grind my own to the size of my liking, depending on what i'm seasoning.
  4. Fired up the Akorn using a chimney starter and placed the coals a few inches from the CI grill grate. Rotated every 8-10 seconds and flipped every 30 seconds. Didn't let it rest long enough and rested it on the plate that's in the pics instead of a wire rack or something similar. It was incredible though!
  5. I did the same thing when I first got my Akorn. Constantly chasing temps and most of the problem was me adjusting too often. You'll get the hang of it as you cook more on it. You can always do what 5698 said too. Sounds like that might help you out alot.
  6. Man, that looks incredible! Nicely done sir. How long did you let it rest while bringing the grill up to 600 for the sear? That's very impressive that you got zero grey band.
  7. Yea Western is also very good imo. That's what I use currently and have nothing but good things to say about it. I tried the B&B mesquite and didn't like it. The coal itself was good but the mesquite flavor I found was too intense for most of my cooks.
  8. Royal oak is very good imo. I've never used the bge coal so I can't comment on that.
  9. +1 to the stir fry. That's what cut of meat I usually use for beef stir frys.
  10. Cool little setup you got there. I got those same speakers lol. What do you do if you don't mind telling? I also work from home but i'm sure its much different than what you do lol.
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